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☆ Jasper and the Riddle of Rileys Mine î Download by ç Caroline Starr Rose Jasper and his brother Mel are well developed characters that are easy to cheer on as they tackle extreme challenges In my opinion, the pacing of the story was off Sometimes a story needs a slow pace but, this was not one I think this story would have been great with a little editing and focus The riddle felt thrown in to the story at random times and then wrapped itself up rather quickly in the last few pages Since the riddle made the title, I expected it.
I am lucky enough to have received an Advance Readers Copy of Jasper and the Riddle of Riley s Mine I loved it I look forward to talking about this book with my middle schoolers and getting it into their hands This historical fiction is driven by an endearing character, Jasper, who has a can do, don t give up attitude that I want my tweens and young teens introduced to The history of the Klondike gold rush is fascinating and bizarre enough that kids will wonder.
did that really happen And, author Caroline Starr Rose give a short sweet author s note at the end of the book to answer those questions The relationship between brothers Jasper and Mel Johnson rings true and adds depth to the urgency of the story and.
solving the riddle of course One of the best things about this story is the potential.
in finding out what h Hoping To Strike It Rich, Two Brothers Escape An Abusive Father And Set Out On A Treacherous Journey To Alaska During The Klondike Gold RushDesperate To Get Away From Their Drunkard Of A Father, Eleven Year Old Jasper And His Older Brother Melvin Often Talk Of Running Away, Of Heading North To Alaska To Chase Riches Beyond Their Wildest Dreams The Klondike Gold Rush Is Calling, And Melvin Has Finally Decided The Time To Go Is Now Even If That Means Leaving Jasper Behind But Jasper Has Other Plans, And Follows His Brother Aboard A Steamer As A StowawayOnboard The Ship, Jasper Overhears A Rumor About One Eyed Riley, An Old Coot Who S Long Since Gone, But Is Said To Have Left Clues To The Location Of His Stake, Which Still Has Plenty Of Gold Left The First Person To Unravel The Clues And Find The Mine Can Stake The Claim And Become Filthy Rich Jasper Is Quick To Catch Gold Fever And Knows He And Melvin Can Find The Mine All They Have To Do Is Survive The Rough Alaskan Terrain, Along With The Steep Competition From The Unscrupulous And Dangerous People They Encounter Along The WayIn An Endearing, Funny, Pitch Perfect Middle Grade Voice, Caroline Starr Rose Tells Another Stellar Historical Adventure Young Readers Will Long Remember Full of mystery and adventure, this is a fast paced historical fiction story that keeps you on the edge of your seat With tons of information about the Klondike gold rush, it shares the story of Jasper and his brother Melvin who end up following the rush in their search for gold One of the best aspects of this book is the relationship between Jasper and Mel Through all their adventure and troubles, they stick together and trust each other like only brothers can It amazed me at all the hardships they endured Without giving anything away, the ending was a surprise too, and I love when book endings surprise me I enjoyed this story and think middle graders will especially love reading Jasper s tale.
I received an ARC from the author for my honest opinion All thoughts are my own.
Things have been hard since Jasper s mother died His father has taken to drinking and is angry all of the time When word comes that gold has been discovered in the Yukon, Jasper s older brother Melvin sets off in search of it without him Jasper is both hurt and angry, since they had promised to escape their father together Jasper takes his few belongings and follows his brother, including stowing away on the steamship Once they get to Alaska, however, nothing is as they expected It will take all of their wits and working together to survive, let alone strike it rich.
First Nations people are mentioned in passing, in neither a positive or negative way during the story There is a reference to the Tlinglit Packers being hired to help the Stampeders carry gear There is a longer paragraph about the effects of the miners on the native populations in the author s note at Wonderful MG adventure A few summers ago I had the chance to visit Skagway, Alaska and learn all about the gold rush Now having a picture in my head of this part of the past, one of my favorite things is to read historical fiction that expands and deepens my understanding of that moment in history Jasper and the Riddle of Riley s Mine is especially delightful to read because on top of the rich history, there are strong relationships between the main characters and interesting relationships with the supporting characters They bring another level to an already compelling story Then to top it all off, Caroline Starr Rose adds in a mystery that will keep young readers highly engaged Already a fan of Rose, this book highlights why she s on my must read list.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Jasper s tale and I thoroughly enjoyed it When the book arrived I quickly started reading it that night And the next night And the next When I get a book that is captivating I tend to lose sleep and there were several sleepless nights until I finished Japer s story Jasper is a spunky character with an independence and recklessness that any child and adult will fall in love with at once As a librarian, this is a book I would recommend to my 4th and 5th grade reluctant readers boys and girls alike There is adventure, riddles, and some history added in a way that will not be intimidating for those kids that tend to shy away from historical fiction This would be a great read aloud for the classroom and I already passed it on to several teachers I have some ideas of things you can do with your students at my blog, bakinglibrarian.
Copy provided by publisherJasper and his brother Melvin are living with their father, who has become increasingly cruel after their mother left Mel decides to go to the Klondike after reading in the newspaper about the gold being found Jasper decides he won t be left behind, so steals his father s gold pocket watch and stows away on a boat heading north He manages to find Melvin in Skagway, butthe boys manage to run into every problem imaginable on their journey Their gear and money are stolen before they even set out, and they run afoul of some bad men They are eventually allowed to join a team run by a know it all named Theroux, but they can see through the man s bluster After one of Theroux s hare brained schemes endangers the crew, the boys decide to set out by themselves Without proper gear or rations, they are in very bad shape Nuns come to their aid, and while it would be a much I really enjoyed Caroline Starr Rose s May B.
written in free verse, so I wanted to try this book, which is written in first person Jasper is set in the late 1800s during the Klondike Gold Rush It was interesting to read about this part of history and how it affected a great amount of people There is an Author s Note at the end, which supplies readers with interesting facts It took me awhile to adjust to Jasper s way of talking bad grammar basically , but once I got over that, I had a good time reading this I recommend to readers who like adventurous stories and historical fiction.

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☆ Jasper and the Riddle of Rileys Mine î Download by ç Caroline Starr Rose Caroline Starr Rose is the author of MAY B 2012 , OVER IN THE WETLANDS 2015 , and BLUE BIRDS 2015.