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[Sofie Ryan] Ñ Telling Tails (Second Chance Cat Mystery, #4) [railway-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í The New York Times Bestselling Author Of A Whisker Of Trouble Returns As Secondhand Shop Owner Sarah Grayson And Her Rescue Cat, Elvis, Get Caught Up In A Case Of She Said, She Said When Sarah Grayson Opened A Secondhand Shop In The Quaint Town Of North Harbor, Maine, She Was Expecting Peace And Quiet Then She Was Adopted By A Rescue Cat Named Elvis And A Kooky Trio Of Senior Sleuths Known As Charlotte S Angels Now She Has Nine Lives Worth Of Excitement Sarah S Friend And Employee Rose Is Delivering A Customer S Purchase When The Quick Errand Becomes A Deadly Escapade Rose Arrives Just In Time To See The Customer Murdered By His Wife, But Before She Can Call The Police, She Is Knocked Out Cold When She Wakes Up, No One Believes Her, Especially After The Woman Claims Her Husband Is Very Much Alive And Has Left Her For Someone Else And Has A Text Message And Empty Bank Account To Prove It Despite Her Convincing Story, Sarah Is Sure Something Is Fishy And It S Not Elvis S Kitty Treats Sarah, Elvis, And The Angels Are Determined To Unravel This Mysterious Yarn, Before The Feral Killer Pounces Again I love this series, looking forward to the next book in the series.
There is something very fun about a series where the supporting cast are as interesting and important as the main character Sophie Ryan s new January 3rd release Telling Tails was a intriguing read I was guessing until the very end and loved the wit, humor and classy banter of Sarah, Elvis and the gang of older sleuths Some memorable one liners in this one for sure

Telling Tales is a fun mystery about the owner of a repurpose shop, her cat named Elvis, and her honorary aunts and one aunt s boyfriend who have a detective agency When the sale of a pair of silver candlesticks for 450 can only be completed by agreeing to deliver the candlesticks, a determined Rose one of the honorary aunts who is well past 60 sneaks out to deliver them What she gets for her trouble is the glimpse of a body and a knock on the head When she wakes up down the street she is being administered first aid by a licking black lab named Casey Thanks to him, the police get called and Rose gets taken to the hospital for treatment From there the rest of the cast and crew get involved little by little until they are all trying to figure out what Rosie saw and who hit her over the head.
Meanwhile it is business as usual bu I seriously love Sofie Ryan Sofie Kelly and her two mystery series which feature very smart and lovable felines as the heroine s companion I don t care who got murdered or who did the murdering I read these for the characters interaction in this type of cozy And, of course, the often amusing antics of the cat s This series features a 30 something Sarah proprietor of a second hand shop in Maine I enjoy reading about the items she picks up and restores for sale in her store I love going to antique stores and poking around so it only follows that reading about them interests me as well Also, several of the regular cast are senior citizens who are friends of Sarah s grandmother They are quite the sprightly group of butinkski s and have formed a little detective agency of their own The cat in this series, Elvis, seems to have a gift for

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