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[Ellen Crosby] Ê The Champagne Conspiracy (Wine Country Mysteries, #7) [young-adult-romance PDF] Read Online ☆ This series is set in a small town in Virginia outside of D.
C and centers around a small family run vineyard Lucie has taken her family business that her father almost ran into the ground and turned it around Her vineyard manager Quinn has been with her throughout the process They work well together in the business but their personal relationship is anything but smooth.
This book centers around an event that happened in the 1920 s All of the primary players are dead but their descendants find themselves trying to sort out what really happened and how it is affecting their lives today Lucie s great aunt, Quinn s great grandparents, and Mac s aunt all have a history together Throw in an older women s death, with her friend swe I don t care what Ellen Crosby is writing if it s one of her Sophie Medina mysteries or one of her Wine Country mysteries I can count on her for fast paced, exciting stories, fascinating historical tidbits, well developed characters, and all around intelligent writing After reading two Sophie novels and two Wine Country mysteries, Crosby has become one of my favorite authors.
In The Champagne Conspiracy, I learned about Prohibition Era Washington, DC why all champagne is French and had a little refresher course on President Warren Harding In addition, some of the information Lucie learns is about her own family history, and very true to life it is not always pleasant.
Lucie is the strong heart of this series Due to an automobile accident, she must use a cane to walk, but even though she may be a bit hampered by physical infirmity, her quick mind than makes u Winter Has Come To The Montgomery Estate Vineyard In Atoka, Virginia Lucie Montgomery And Winemaker Quinn Santori Have Decided To Make Champagne, A First For The VineyardBut Then Gino Tomassi, Quinn S Uncle, Turns Up On Their Doorstep One Afternoon, Demanding Help In Solving The Mystery Of What Happened To Zara Tomassi, The First Wife Of His Grandfather, Who Died In A San Francisco Hotel In Under Suspicious Circumstances And It Seems There S No Coincidence That Her Death Came The Day After President Warren Harding Passed Away In That Same Hotel Gino Needs Answers Before His Blackmailer Takes Him For All He S Worth Or Exposes An Explosive Family SecretLucie Searches For What Happened Almost A Hundred Years Ago As She Delves Into Prohibition Era Washington, DC A Town Of Bootlegging And Duplicity, Jazz Clubs And Speakeasies But Then The Investigation Turns Deadly, Threatening Lucie, Her Relationship With Quinn, And The Vineyard, As They Realize Someone Is Still Out There Nearly A Century Later Who Will Go To Any Lengths To Keep The Truth About Zara S Death A Buried Secret I love this series Unfortunately, I didn t read it in the proper order, but it didn t make any difference As with all of Ms Crosby s novels that I ve read, the plot and characters are intriguing and interesting And the plot was one that grabbed me from the start and didn t let me go until the very end.
I highly recommend this series The combination of mystery and history has caught me again Thank you to NetGalley and St Martin s Press Minotaur books for the opportunity to read and review this book My apologies that it took so long The Champagne Conspiracy, set in Atoka, Virginia, took the quirky small town charm of Rita Mae Brown s Crozet setting for the Sneaky Pie Brown mysteries and made it claustrophobically stifling I strongly suspect that where Crozet or even the Gil Girls Star s Hollow worked and for me Atoka and its residents were vastly less successful is that the story s heroine, vineyard owner Lucie Montgomery, is utterly unable to enforce any sort of boundaries between herself and her intrusive neighbors, self involved brother, and hot headed and not in a good way boyfriend The action involves long buried family scandal, philandering politicians, and a last minute changed will of a recently departed and possibly murdered resident of an assisted living facility.
I had hoped to learn a good bi Confusing family tree but otherwise a winner The Champagne Conspiracy by Ellen Crosby is book 7 of the Wine Country mystery series set in contemporary Virginia I was first drawn to the series because I didn t realize Virginia had a wine making region I continue the series because I enjoy the sympathetic character of the protagonist, Lucie Montgomery For full enjoyment of this book, read the prior books in the series Otherwise the many relationships and eccentric personalities that are key to the solution would be confusing.
When Lucie discovers a beautiful 1930s flapper style dress in an old trunk in the attic, her business manager Francesca urges her to wear it to the Valentine s Day gala the winery plans to benefit a local homeless shelter Soon after, Lucie sees a photo of her great grandmother Lucy wearing the dress Lucie s joy in the dress is soon marred by discovery of a long concealed scan Never having read this series before, I was curious to see if this book would work on its own, and whether information would be presented in a way to keep the major players in the story identifiable The relationship with Lucie and Quinn did take some adjustment to understand their dynamic, but the characterizations are so present that it wasn t long before that dynamic was presented Plenty of other secondary characters, sure to be familiar with those who have read the series, presented themselves, and understanding everyone s roles and relationships to the plot and one another did take much if not all of the book, and unfolded in ways that made sense The villain in this story was wonderfully complex with his fingers in many different subplots, all coming clear at the very end Intermixing history and the politics of the Harding era was a nice touch that helped to se

Consistently well written entertaining series set in the wine country of Virginia.
My review from USA Today The cozy mystery often gets tagged as lightweight, when in fact the best cozies are frequently about the redemption we find in community and friendship, a serious subject indeed In The Champagne Conspiracy, her charming, funny seventh novel set in Virginia s wine country I didn t know it was there either Ellen Crosby has written a superior cozy, narrated by winemaker Lucie Montgomery She has two mysteries to solve, when she s not contemplating tannins a death, potentially a murder, in a family friend s retirement community, and the murky history of one of her employee s grandparents Coming deep in the series, The Champagne Conspiracy can feel a bit crowded for newcomers, and it s guilty here and there of the Stepford sunniness of its genre But it

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