î Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe That Ended the Outlaws' Bloody Reign Ñ Download by ☆ Stephan Talty

î Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe That Ended the Outlaws' Bloody Reign Ñ Download by ☆ Stephan Talty He Challenged The Greatest Empire On Earth With A Ragtag Bunch Of Renegades And Brought It To Its Knees Empire Of Blue Water Is The Real Story Of The Pirates Of The CaribbeanHenry Morgan, A Twenty Year Old Welshman, Crossed The Atlantic In , Hell Bent On Making His Fortune Over The Next Three Decades, His Exploits In The Caribbean In The Service Of The English Became Legendary His Daring Attacks On The Mighty Spanish Empire On Land And At Sea Determined The Fates Of Kings And Queens, And His Victories Helped Shape The Destiny Of The New WorldMorgan Gathered Disaffected European Sailors And Soldiers, Hard Bitten Adventurers, Runaway Slaves, And Vicious Cutthroats, And Turned Them Into The Most Feared Army In The Western Hemisphere Sailing Out From The English Stronghold Of Port Royal, Jamaica, The Wickedest City In The New World, Morgan And His Men Terrorized Spanish Merchant Ships And Devastated The Cities Where Great Riches In Silver, Gold, And Gems Lay Waiting His Last Raid, A Daring Assault On The Fabled City Of Panama, Helped Break Spain S Hold On The Americas Forever Awash With Bloody Battles, Political Intrigues, Natural Disaster, And A Cast Of Characters Compelling, Bizarre, And Memorable Than Any Found In A Hollywood Swashbuckler Including The Notorious Pirate L Ollonais, The Soul Tortured King Philip IV Of Spain, And Thomas Modyford, The Crafty English Governor Of Jamaica Empire Of Blue Water Brilliantly Re Creates The Passions And The Violence Of The Age Of Exploration And Empire I would definitely recommend this book I was surprised how much I didn t know about pirates, or at least how little is accurately described in popular culture It really is kind of a war book, mostly full of descriptions of battles and stuff, but they are interesting battles, and it s really impressive to see some of the tactics the pirates used against properly trained armies to defeat them And I can t get over how political it all was, much than criminal.
Did you know that many of the pirates worked for the British government Yep they were commissioned to help take down the Spanish crown And they paid a percentage of their booty to the king.
Also, they were really well organized They had insurance going into every battle that provided compensation for any big injury you might come out with If you lost a leg, you got a certain amount, an arm, another, etc And wooden legs were worth as Having recently reviewed Colin Woodard s excellent history of Caribbean piracy, The Republic of Pirates, and realizing that I had name checked this book in that review, I thought it necessary to dust off an older review that I had in the can for Stephan Talty s Empire of Blue Water It s certainly a worthwhile exercise to pick up this book if, like me, you are spending some of your winter months dreaming of beaches and sand and things of a nautical nature Which reminds me, I really need to start planning this summer s trip to the coast Empire of Blue Water is a worthy addition to the canon of privateering and buccaneer histories More of a narrative account than a dry recitation of historical documentation, it maintains its momentum all the Pirates or privateers always make sensational subjects, so author Stephan Talty didn t need much embellishment to make the tale of Henry Morgan into a fast paced and thrilling book I ve read a handful of other accounts of Morgan and other privateers and found this one of the most successful renderings And while Morgan cuts a definite dash, Talty doesn t shy from making it clear that it was ruthlessness as well as leadership skills, strategic thinking, and inventiveness that led to his success Interestingly, Morgan was best operating on land, not sea, as one might assume It was his epic land based raids that assured his fame, not pitched sea battles though there is one wonderful episode involving the brilliant use of a fire ship that is the exception What I found especially interesting, however, was the how Spanish inflexibility and bureaucracy in the New This book will challenge everything you ve learned about pirates from the movies Real pirates were brutal, less well dressed, and drunker than in any movie They were also utterly profligate, which attributed to their demise as much as the iron fist of any government.
One of the most enlightening aspects of Blue Water has to be the analysis of shocking level of ineptitude with which Spain administered her colonies Without the non contribution of the Spanish, the pirates would have had a much harder time of achieving the successes that they did in the Caribbean Satisfying read for this history buff.
Pirates and Henry Morgan as one of the better known ones, are seldom a boring read, and this fast paced biography is no exception Pirates or privateers , military strategy, the silver train , the shear brutality of the pirate life all make fascinating reading with a background of the dominant Spanish, and the English, French, Dutch and Portuguese largely playing second fiddle to them certainly in the Caribbean and the New World of Central and South America This book does well to keep up the pace, in outlining the political setting, concurrent with Morgan s life There are plenty of exciting battles, hard times, pirate loot and plenty of Morgan mocking the Spanish, who he certainly tormented for the whole of his adult life Well researched, this certainly didn t read as if it was embellished there is a large bibliography and page af It is rare to find a history book which utilizes a narrative style that so immediate and engrossing as well as inclusive of satisfactory historical and cultural background to make sense of the topic Talty s prose has the cinematic quality of a good novel that does not hesitate to inform as it entertains A book worthy of its subject the lost era of the real pirates of the Caribbean and the formerly shadowy figure of Sir Henry Morgan is this the rum s namesake I cannot recommend this enough as biography, history, and sheer escapism at its best The final chapter on the Port Royal earthquake of 1692 reads as an almost Homeric coda and was worth reading as much as the entire book itself.
Such a fantastic historical account of the truth behind Captain Morgan and his bloody pirates Not for the faint of heart Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars Wow I feel like I ve got to take a week off after reading this one A lot happens, man This is one of those books that proves reality is far incredible than fiction I can say nothing than that this must be the epitome of pirate literature it may not be pirate Bible, but it s pirate Shakespeare at the very least Loved it Henry Morgan is a colossal figure in history, and this book gives him his due I read Cup of Gold by John Steinbeck about a thousand years ago also about Henry Morgan and loved it at the time, but this book blows that one right out of the water, yes, with a nice broadside My thanks to Bettie whose site I found this on.
There is a tv commercial in which an elaborately dressed Henry Morgan is drinking among friends at a fancy party a serving girl spills a glass of wine and cringes, thinking she will be whipped But in an act of mercy and perhaps even democratic flair, Morgan pushes over his glass and encourages all his guests to do the same thing Not knowing anything about Morgan except seeing his name on the Captain Morgan rum billboards, I wanted to discover about him I didn t realize he was a real person hired as a privateer by the English in Jamaica to steal from and harass the Spanish as they shipped silver, gold, and jewels from their South American colonies back to Spain He never considered himself a pirate, but an employee of the English government On his first voyage, he wasn t ruthless enough, and it came back to bite him So he then indulged

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î Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe That Ended the Outlaws' Bloody Reign Ñ Download by ☆ Stephan Talty Stephan Talty is the New York Times bestselling author of six acclaimed books of narrative nonfiction, as well as the Abbie Kearney crime novels Originally from Buffalo, he now lives outside New York City.Talty began as a widely published journalist who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine, GQ, Men s Journal, Time Out New York, Details, and many other publications He is the author of t