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Download Epub Format ↠´ Shy (Once Bitten, Twice Shy, #2) PDF by å Noelle Marie If Katherine Thought That Her Life Would Get Any Easier In The Months Following Her Realization That Bastian Was Her Mate, She Was Wrong But Dealing With The Man S Hot And Cold Behavior It Was Like He Had Two Times Of The Month And Surviving The Recruiting Rites Were Pieces Of Cake Compared To The Fierce Emotional Storm That Envelops Her When A Secret A Lie Is Revealed That Turns Everything Katherine Thought She Knew On Its Head Once Betrayed, It S Hard To Bring Herself To Trust Again Once Bitten, It S Hard Not To Be Shy This small brunette cannot stand listening to another second of this book I read the first and was truly disappointing but as it ended on a cliff hanger I thought I would listen to the second audiobook and it ended up completely ignoring the main issues you would expect the protagonist deal with after the ending of the first novel spoiler i.
e her friend setting her up to die and her would be love interest s uncle attacking her she basically wakes up and is immediately preoccupied by her lack of sex life rather than by the betrayal she underwent, the leap in her and the now head of all the werewolves relationship and the fact she has not tried to look up what happened to her family this novel is absurd, lacking in plot, a worthwhile protagonist, and most of all in good writing, or so thinks this brunette I didn t even want to read the second book to this series but then I just gave in to temptation and well I don t regret it Story was interesting and moved alone at a nice pace Picked up where the last one left off.
Skipped over embarrassing parts.
Narrator Sarah Mollo Christensen does a fairly nice job.
Really like her male voice for Bastian.
Not Clean, Foul Language.
The editing issues were even worse in this book than in the last There were a lot of annoying things the mc did, constantly proving what a petulant child she can bebut the story had its shining moments, in regards to family, friendship, parenting, and relationships Overall, it was a quick read and for the most part, I enjoyed the adventure.
One of the best book series I ve read in a very long time Love this author and her work She knows exactly how to capture her readers in her books with great romance, drama, action and best of all awesome views of werewolves Made a promise to myself that I will read every book Noelle Marie publishes and I have All I can say is that she does not disappoint, quite the opposite It only gets better and better I didn t like this as much as book 1 I found that, again, Katherine jumps to conclusions and acts dramatic for the sake of the author trying to create pointless drama If I found out my parents were still alive and I was being lied to, yes of course I would be mad, but if I actually loved or deeply cared for the guy, I think I would hear him out I suppose his selfish reason wouldn t have been good enough, but still to give it a chance Maybe she was still in danger and he was waiting for it to pass She didn t know because she took off And for weeks too The man she loves, the pack she s part of, the werewolf world she s now a part ofgone just like that Goes back to thinkingwhat She can get back to her human life But when there, complains that she s there again and her parents are being too overbearing I actually don t know why the author cr This book pretty much picks up where the first leaves off, and as Katherine starts to get acquainted in her new life with the pack, learning their ways, enrolled in their school and survives her first transformation things get a bit interesting as she continually manages to get herself in trouble, by either escaping, lying, going against the rules and defying her alpha The girl has a penchant for trouble and getting herself almost killed She finds out Bastian has lied about her parents being dead, and this causes her to retaliate by running off, without money or shoes to go back to her parents smh.
I think the story is good, the characters are strong and well developed, but Katherine our main character is just well if she were a real person is whiny, alw Well let s begin Our dear Katherine is recovering from her 2nd or maybe 3rd kidnapping that ended book one Bastian is now the alpha, even though he is eighteen I wouldn t let an eighteen year old run anything, but since this is ya I guess it will fly Katherine s birthday comes and her pack gives her a surprise party Most people would be happy about that, but this is the moment Katherine realizes that she will never spend another birthday with her parents So naturally she runs away and cry and makes nice people feel like crap Way to go Katherine Katherine later overhears the news I ve been waiting for her to learn since book one Her parents survived the attack at her initial kidnapping Bastian and his pack lied to her Katherine has an appropriate reactionLet me go I don t need This book, the sequel to Bitten, was a disappointment on so many levels Katherine and Zane are very immature Their relationship isn t all that convincing and the drama which constantly unfolds seems stilted and contrived The plot is lackluster and while I don t mind a book where you can guess what s going to happen next, it still should be enjoyable or what s the point The world building and rules, created by the arthur, seem to be thrown out the window when it comes to Katherine, which makes the book even ridiculous It s also hard to overlook all the fights the leading lady gets into and yet finds herself helpless even though at least half of the book 1 was about her learning to fight I found Katherine to be selfish, inconsiderate, self absorb

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Download Epub Format ↠´ Shy (Once Bitten, Twice Shy, #2) PDF by å Noelle Marie Noelle Marie is a full time stay at home mom and a part time writer When not being driven wonderfully mad by her three adorable read deranged children aged 3, 19 months, and 1 month respectively or staring woefully at her keyboard, she can be found curled up in a comfy chair reading a book or attempting to bake in the kitchen Occasionally she might be pestered into golfing with her husband,