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[ Read Online The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz à fire-services PDF ] by Mordecai Richler ô This was a reread, slowly, over the last month or so I am not sure what to say about it I can t say it s my absolutely favourite Mordecai Richler Solomon Gursky Was Here is probably that However, it s certainly up there as an accomplishment, if not exactly a pleasure Duddy is one of Richler s great anti heroes, and because he is so thoroughly that, it makes him difficult to write about.
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In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Richler, oramai l abbiamo capito, scrive sempre lo stesso libro E per fortuna, aggiungerei io.
Non ho idea di cosa renda tanto riconoscibile la sua voce, ma ogni volta che mi trovo a leggere un suo nuovo libro fin dalla prima pagina mi fermo e mi dico ecco, questo proprio il mio amico Mordecai Deve essere la sua spietata ironia, unita al rendere protagonisti dei suoi libri personaggi fra i pi scorretti della letteratura contemporanea Scorretti, ma sempre capaci di far breccia nei cuori dei lettori.
Un po come Barney Panofsky, leggendario protagonista deLa versione di Barney, il giovanissimo Duddy Kravitz la persona pi scorretta, infida, imbrogliona che il quartiere ebraico di Montreal possa aver conosciuto Spinto dalla smania di diventare ricco e possedere, cos come il saggio nonno gli ha sempre suggerito, quel po di terra che dovrebbe renderlo qualcuno , appena finite le sc Duddy Kravitz is a self centered sneak, a thief, a con artist, a scheister and thoroughly detestable character but I love him A Jewish kid growing up in Montreal during world war two, in a motherless family and mostly left to his own devices, Duddy Kravitz is basically a decent human being, deep down inside, somewhere I m sure there s a modicum of decency Duddy s grandfather once tells him that a man without land is nobody , Duddy takes this to heart and when he finds the property of his dreams in the Laurentian Mountains this becomes Duddy s sole mission in life In order to gain possession of this land, Duddy first tries working legitimately then begs, cheats, steals and screws over just about everyone in his life, even those that should have left him long ago Duddy also comes up with several, perhaps not entirely legitimate schemes, somesuccessful than others but all with a certain l Duddy Kravitz era un ragazzo di quindici anni, piccolo di statura, con le spalle strette e il viso affilato Gli occhi neri erano cerchiati di occhiaie scure e le guance pallide e ossute erano coperte di graffi, dato che si radeva due volte al giorno per stimolare la crescita della barba .
Il primo libro che ho letto di Richler stato La versione di Barney e l ho adorato Leggendo del giovane Duddy ritrovo il seme di quel Barney che poi crescer Ironico, pieno di energia, pronto a tutto, forse un po acerbo ma piacevole Duddy si adatta a tutto, vende francobolli, saponi, fumetti porno, arrotola cinture in fabbrica, fa il cameriere perch ha un sogno e con un sogno si va lontano Un uomo senza la terra non nessuno, ricordatelo, Duddy gli dir l amato nonno Simcha E lui se lo ricorder a tal punto da fare del denaro l unica ragione della sua vita per perseguire quel meraviglios My favourite thing about Richler is that he expands my practical vocabulary thanks to him, I can exhort friends to Be a mensch , I can call my girlfriend a shiksa , I can refer to anyone other than myself as you white people It s great And I m not even Jewish Another thing that s fun about Richler, which I think is also the reason why his books can be found on my parents shelves Canadian Jewish society seems pretty Easterneuropean The meddling, the gossiping, the intellectuocultural ambitionizing these all strike me as perfectly Polish traits Yet another thing that endears me to Richler is that his characters are hilariously politically incorrect, displaying an equal opportunity combination of antisemitism and antigoyism what s the word for that

L apprendistato di Duddy Kravitz ambientato a Montreal ed in particolare nel quartiere ebraico, dove Richler stesso nacque e visse per un certo numero di anni Protagonista indiscusso della storia ovviamente Duddy, quindicenne irrequieto, la cui vita l autore ci da il piacere di seguire per qualche anno Moderno picaro, Duddy , come dire, rimasto folgorato da una frase pronunciata dal vecchio nonno Un uomo senza la terra non nessuno Da quel momento in poi far qualsiasi cosa per diventare proprietario di una serie terreni scoperti per caso e disposti attorno ad un lago.
In realt , Duddy non dovrebbe esserci per niente simpatico Sin dal suo primo apparire sulla scena, ci viene mostrato come uno sbruffoncello saccente che, troppo spesso, prima agisce e poi pensa Non per nulla politically correct , Duddy Per reali The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz is a kind of bildungsroman for an anti hero We first meet Duddy through his Scottish history teacher, the tired and broken Mr MacPherson, who earns Duddy s enmity when he insults Duddy s father and quickly finds out that he has crossed the wrong boy From the first, Mordecai Richler establishes that Duddy is a bully and prone to holding a grudge Indeed, Duddy s long memory figures prominently in a novel that is, as its title implies, his personal journey into adulthood.
One of the best tricks that Richler pulls off is managing to make a short span of time feel like over a decade has passed The story takes place before Duddy reaches twenty one then the age of majority in Quebec , with the bulk of it happening when he is around eighteen or nineteen years old Owing to the speed with which Duddy wheels and dea 4.
5 Gros coup de coeur Quelle histoire Le pauvre Duddy, n pour un ptit pain dans une famille peu duqu e et peu fortun e, d cid de changer son destin L ambition, la m galomanie, l espoir incarn s par Duddy sont men s d une main de ma tre par Richler pour d peindre une poque, une condition sociale, et critiquer le milieu juif montr alais Richler est d finitivement un auteur que je vais continuer lire Richler writes about Montreal the way Dickens writes about London as if the city was a character He loved Montreal and he is preaching to the choir with me, because I am crazy about my city as well, and I wish I could have seen it at the time The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz takes place, the post WWII era when hockey players didn t wear helmets but everyone wore hats I love getting lost in a story taking place in the city my grandparents knew and lived in I love descriptions of the streets before the skyscrapers were built, and I love the occasional mention of a landmark that I see regularly on my walks.
Duddy is bascially a loveable rascal, with a flexible moral barometer and a single minded ambition to acquire a piece of land in the Laurentians, as he is haunted by a statement made by his grandfather A man without land is nobody His interpretation of From Mordecai Richler, One Of The Greatest Satirists, Comes One Of Literature S Most Delightful Characters, Duddy Kravitz In A Novel That Belongs In The Pantheon Of Seminal Twentieth Century booksDuddy The Third Generation Of A Jewish Immigrant Family In Montreal Is Combative, Amoral, Scheming, A Liar, And Totally Hilarious From His Street Days Tormenting Teachers At The Jewish Academy To His Time Hustling Four Jobs At Once In A Grand Plan To Be Somebody, Duddy Learns About Living And The Lesson Is An Outrageous Roller Coaster Ride Through The Human Comedy As Richler Turns His Blistering Commentary On Love, Money, And Politics, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Becomes A Lesson For Us Allin Laughter And In Life

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[ Read Online The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz à fire-services PDF ] by Mordecai Richler ô pamyatnik.pro Mordecai Richler was a Canadian author, screenwriter and essayist His best known works are The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz 1959 and Barney s Version 1997 his 1989 novel Solomon Gursky Was Here was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 1990 He was also well known for the Jacob Two Two children s storiesThe son of a Jewish scrap yard dealer, Richler was born in 1931 and raised on St.