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[ Pdf The Hidden Oracle » yaoi PDF ] by Rick Riordan ç Suffice to say, Apollo, you are awesome This book made me literally LOL multiple times and brought a smile to my face seeing old characters I love again YAY Ill be uploading my review to my youtube channel this week Is anything sadder than the sound of a god hitting a pile of garbage bagsOr to paraphrase, is there anything sadder than your favorite author becoming a sellout It s blatantly obvious Riordan isn t even trying any He knows he can put out a steaming heap of crap and Percy fangirls and Solangelo diehards would still be clawing over each other for a copy, sending This Hidden Disappointment to the top of the NYT bestseller s list.
I don t understand Solangelo Will and Nico They never had chemistry They were slapped together in The Blood of Olympus for the sole purpose of Nico getting over Percy Yeah, it was sweet then and I was drunk on the magic of the finale, but their relationship is never fleshed out They re presented as this oh so cute couple and we re automatically supposed to be on board because they

5 I LOVED THIS A review will be up on my channel on Friday NOOOOOO OMG That final chapter killed me and brought me to life at the same time Apollo s team in this trials will be THE DREAM TEAM I m so excited to read the adventures of these three Also, everytime Percy appeared I couldn t stop SMILING OH And Apollo was FANTASTIC He made me laugh out loud every two paragraphs Humor on point I really loved this book.
UPDATE 05 10 2015 WE HAVE THE SYNOPSIS AND THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN I EXPECTED I ve always loved the way uncle Rick writes Apollo and all the gods, tbh This is gonna be so epic and hilarious And I can t wait to see of my babies at Camp Half Blood Nico, Will, Jason, Piper, Leo And hopefully also Percy and Annabeth and Hazel and Frank YES PLEASEEEEEE.
First impressions, September 2015 OMFG Things can turn out differently, Apollo That s the nice thing about being human We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it s going to beDammit, Rick Riordan This book was actually really good WHAT THE HELL When I first heard about Trials of Apollo, I had very mixed feelings On one hand I felt like, Jeez Rick, please don t turn into a huge sell out On the other hand, I was like, I GET TO BE REUNITED WITH ALL THE PJO HOO CHARACTERS YET AGAIN YESSSS Honestly, the premise which is that Apollo turns mortal a punishment from Zeus and has to attend Camp Half Blood sounds like someone s fanfiction idea or something So I was a little like, Oh boy, how is this going to last for an entire book an en 3.
5 stars Yesterday, he was the mighty and melodious Apollo, son of Zeus Today, he is Lester Papadopoulos, a mere, ungifted mortal.
There s only one thing for him to do now join the demigods at Camp Half Blood.
What makes The Hidden Oracle incredibly interesting is Apollo himself Yes, he is one narcissistic personage with high standards and a peculiar appreciation for poetry.
And, yes, he is tremendously flawed, there is no denying that But funnily enough, that s what makes him so likeable.
Plus, there is nothing endearing than seeing a god care for his half human offspring Apollo is very protective when it comes to his children and friends.
No one can say that he only cares about himself.
As usual with any Rick Riordan book, The Hidden Oracle is filled with adventure, action, danger, mythology, monstrous creatures, originality, friendshi 1 5 stars A Tired Spin on the Same Old Formula I ll be perfectly blunt you don t look to Riordan for originality We all know this to be true Hell, the very first Percy Jackson books rode the Harry Potter ripoff wave to C List stardom and even then he just rewrote ancient myths in a modern format Now he s going back to his roots and just ripping off his previous stories under that hypnotic guise of nostalgia We return to Camp Half Blood Prince and meet some familiar characters like Percy and Nico, only to go on the same old adventures.
The main difference here is that Apollo has been stripped of his godly powers and must face a road to redemption instead of just being a godly offspring This theme, again, is heavily borrowed from pre existing mythology Per This was tons of fun The perspective of a god is great to read from, especially since Apollo made for a hilarious narrator While I didn t enjoy it quite as much as his other books, it was still great My Name Is Apollo I Used To Be A GodBut That Was Before I Was Cast Down From Olympus A Terrible Misunderstanding And Woke Up In A New York Dumpster I Persuaded Percy Jackson To Give Me A Lift To Camp Half Blood But The Place Is In Chaos Demigods Are Going Missing And The All Seeing Oracles Have Fallen To A Mysterious Enemy Known Only As The BeastI Figured That Regaining Zeus S Favour Would Involve A Series Of Harrowing Trials, And I Was Right I Usually Am My First Task Protect The Final Oracle, Hidden Away For Millennia If I Fail, The Beast Will Control The Future, But Worse I Ll Be Stuck As A Teenage Boy Forever 10 08 2015I have two reactions right now 1 Apollo 2 And yes, this means we ll get to know what s going on with fan favorite characters Leo and Nico And, of course, Percabeth.
That s it, I died PERCABETH, GUYS 09 17 15HOLY FREAKING SHIT Brb peeing my pants in excitement Although I hope it s like the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series rather than Heroes of Olympus.

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