↠´ All Murders Final! (Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #3) Î Download by Ú Sherry Harris

↠´ All Murders Final! (Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #3) Î Download by Ú Sherry Harris A fantastic installment in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries I have loved this series since book one, TAGGED FOR DEATH I enjoy yard sales Okay, I enjoy the thought of yard sales, but I don t enjoy the early Saturday morning involved So, author Sherry Harris and her exciting books fill the need in the yard sale lover wannabe in me I ve had great fun reading about the adventures of Sarah Winston She s a wonderful character Ms Harris has brought this protagonist to life in such a way, I feel like I know her personally I m already looking forward to the next book so I can spend time with Sarah again ALL MURDERS FINAL is a thrilling mystery that started the action in its first sentence and didn t slow down until the exciting conclusion Brilliantly written, each chapter drew me in deeper and deeper, my anticipation mounting with every turn of the page B I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review This was a great book The characters were written well enough that it felt they could jump off the page I appreciated that she had one of the characters come back from active duty different than when he had left This is a subject that people typically don t want to talk about, and I think it was important in this book since the series is set near a military base The mystery felt a little busy to me, but it was tied up nicely in the end.
As Sarah Winston prepares for another snowy winter in Ellington, Massachusetts she has set up a virtual garage sale to increase her business base Customers ask to join and are vetted and then they can post their sale goods When Sarah arrives at a seller s home to pick up some goods, she discovers the woman sitting in her car with a tablecloth shoved in her mouth As Sarah waits for the police to arrive, she receives a photo of her standing at the murder victim s car As Sarah works to keep her virtual garage sale going, she becomes involved when her apartment is robbed, she and another woman are assaulted and the other woman ends of dead later on Did I mention she has also acquired a stalker who seems bent on scaring her to death or killing her A rousing read that will keep you turning the pages Sarah and all the characters are well def

Sherry Harris never disappoints Her books are a thrift finders delight This book took us to a new idea for yardsaling by showing us how online yardsales work Mix in Sarah s confusion between two men, the fact that her online sight brings some unwanted and dangerous attection and of course all the wonderful details about thrifty bargains this book was another winner Now if only we didn t have to wait so long til the next one.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Kensington and Netgalley All opinions stated in this review are explicitly my own Sherry Harris has been one of the best new cozy mystery authors to come out in the recent years Her first book was dynamite, the second not quite as good, but it was still high quality work, and the third I can now say was excellent, also.
Sarah Winston is a little bit different than most cozy MCs Yes, she follows the typical stereotype of being divorced when the series starts, but unlike many other MCs, her ex is still very much in the picture Though I don t necessarily care for the ex, it s a nice change and it adds a bit tension to the entire plotline of the story.
The secondary characters are also wonderful they all are solid and well developed, without taking center stage too often I absolutely love Elling As winter approaches, Sarah Winston needs to find a way to make money and keep her name out there in order to keep her garage sale business afloat Setting up and administering a virtual garage sale website sounds like a great way to do it When one of her members ends up dead, with Sarah finding the body, the website might not be all it was cracked up to be.
I am enjoying this series and I love that this one takes place during the winter months because it shows Sarah can get creative to keep her business growing The air force base continues to be part of the setting as Sarah has friends on and off the base allowing her to be part of both worlds There is a bit of a love triangle in the story with Sarah dealing with her ex, CJ Hooker, the local police chief, and the Assistant D.
A rich and handsome Seth Her friends have their opinions on who she should be with leaving Sarah ev Sarah and CJ are having dinner together, he brings up the topic of her virtual garage sales CJ warms her they can cause problems as predators use false names to find victims Sarah explains that her garage sale is limited to people living in the area and should not be a problem Sarah learns that CJ is correct when there are several problems connected to the virtual garage sale There are two deaths, but the most serious one is that she has a acquire a stalker While CJ and Stan believe her, the state police do not They feel she is a person of interest in the murders There are many changes and turns that you expect in a Garage Sale series The ending is a surprise and I like it This series can be read as a stand alone, however reading in order is better.
Disclosure I received a free copy Her Next SaleWhen Sarah Winston Started The Virtual Garage Sale, It Seemed Like A Keystroke Of Genius And The Next Logical Step In Her Business No Collapsing Card Tables And Rainy Day Washouts But What Began As A Fun Way To Run Garage Sales During The Long New England Winter Has Become A Nightmare Of Managing People And Putting Out Fires Online, She Can Avoid The Crowds But Not The Crazies May Be Her LastShe Certainly Never Bargained On Dealing With Frightening Threats And When A Client Is Murdered, It S Time For Sarah To Swallow Her Pride And Seek The Help Of Her Ex CJ Hooker, Chief Of Police Forging A Tense Alliance, They Search Online And Off For The Killer But Solving This Crime Before Someone Else Gets Tagged Seems Virtually Impossible Praise For Tagged For Death Full Of Garage Sale Tips Amusing A Solid Choice For Fans Of Jane K Cleland S Josie Prescott Antique Mystery Series Library Journal Skillfully Rendered Sarah Is The Type Of Intelligent, Resourceful, And Appealing Person We Would All Like To Get To Know Better Mystery Scene This series keeps getting better and better and even better than that Nice mysteries about Sarah and her garage sale business, her relationships, and the murder she inevitably solves in every book All Murders Final , the third book in the series, is very cozy, very well written, and a nice progression in the storyline Highly recommended by this cozy lover A Savin my money and I m hella happy that s a bargain Thrift Shop by MackleSherry Harris, an Air Force spouse, set the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery series in the fictional town of Ellington, Massachusetts, near the fictional Finch Air Force Base These locales are based on Bedford, Massachusetts, and Hanscom AFB Sherry s spouse was assigned to this small base in the cradle of the American Revolution and Hanscom AFB was my first assignment Sarah Winston is a capable military spouse herself Actually, she s divorced from her husband, CJ Hooker, the former commander of the Security Forces military police Their divorce, his retirement, and her move off base played out in TAGGED FOR DEATH, Book 1 in the series Once a military spouse, always a military spouse Military spouses learn to be thrifty, flexible, and diplomatic In ALL MURDERS FINAL , Book 3 in the series, Sarah draws upon thos

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↠´ All Murders Final! (Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #3) Î Download by Ú Sherry Harris Sherry Harris started bargain hunting in second grade at her best friend s yard sale She honed her bartering skills as she moved around the country while her husband served in the Air Force Sherry uses her love of garage sales, her life as a military spouse, and her time living in Massachusetts as inspiration for the Sarah Winston Garage Sale series Tagged for Death, first in the series, will b