Trailer ½ Rogue Bear (Bluff Bears, #1) PDF by ¹ Amelia Jade

Trailer ½ Rogue Bear (Bluff Bears, #1) PDF by ¹ Amelia Jade Calan Winters Wants A Woman A Mate He S Tired Of Skinny, Platinum Blonde Girls With Fake Tits He S Looking For Someone With Shape, Who Is All Curves And All Woman He Intends To Make Her All His In Search Of His Mate, He S Returning To To Bear Bluffs After Being Gone For Fifteen Years He S Back To Reclaim His Old Family Land, Find His Mate, And To Settle Down And Have Some Cubs With Her He Swears Up And Down His Wandering, Rogue Like Past Is Behind Him But Can He Convince Himself That It S The Truth Harley Hammond Is New To Town She Fled An Untenable Situation Several Years Earlier, Coming To Find The Only Family She Has Left Her Dad She S Just Started To Feel Comfortable In Town, When In Walks A Mysterious Bear Shifter, Who Has An Instantaneous Effect Upon Her In Fear Of Betrayal And Pain Than Her Still Broken Heart Can Handle, Harley Does Her Best To Keep Him At A Distance As It Turns Out Though, Calan May Be The Only One Who Can Save Her From Trouble Of Her Own Making Will His Efforts Be Enough To Convince Her That He S For Real This Is A , Word STANDALONE Novella With NO CLIFFHANGER Note This Book Was Edited And Re Formatted Nov , But The Story Has Not Changed This had the potential to be a really good book, but they re were places in the book that were inconsistent Like one paragraph they re chosing sheets for there bed and being playful about wanting to get back home Then the next paragraph it jumps to then having dinner, like I feel like they re are gaps in the book Someone didn t edit this well The story line is good though just the book has some small issues.
I could hardly get through half of the book It was terrible The errors are bad I didn t like Harleyshe is so unlikable She goes on and on how she can take care of herself However, put to the test she fails I stopped at that point Its hard to hate a characterdon t hate her but just disliked her a lot Not a huge fan of Terra Wolf but decided to give her a chance again but I was disappointed Seems to me she doesn t listen to her readers or doesn t care because her writing just hasn t improved and by now it should have Seems a few like this story and that just saddens me that they think this is good or excellent This is a 3 star at best I don t know what it isher editor if she has one or her publisher allowing her to put this out with all these errors I know a lot of au If you want a good story, with a yummy shifter bear, and some sex sprinkled on top, then here you go I can t wait to read about shifter bears like Calan and Harley The book is a stand alone story, no cliffhanger, but the author does have bear shifter stories to read if you like this one.
It s also a quick read, but that doesn t make it any less enjoyable.
Side note, from what I read in other reviews, I just want to make clear that as far as I m aware of, there are no inconsistency Everything appears consistent if you pay attention, perhaps a few things aren t overly explained at times until later, if at all, but when something is important to the story it is made clear I m usually quick to pick up on mistakes and aside from the occasional typo, which I haven t read a bo Great series so far I love a great story line with lots of hot sex in it too Great book Cutesy novella Just lacked a little something, the characters were a bit flat, so I just never really cared what happened.
Eh, nothing spectacular.
GreatA very wonderful quick read They deal with teams from there lives to find there happy ever after They have steam and love Too many inconsistencies I wasn t a fan of this book at all There were too many inconsistencies One minute Calan doesn t know that the bartender is a shifter, the next, he calls him a bear Harley acted like a complete B the whole time She treated Calan like crap I can understand her being jaded after her last relationship, but she was just plain rude The dialogue also didn t ring true and I didn t feel they had any chemistry at all, but that could be the fact that I wasn t fond of Harley.
The only redeeming part of the book was that Calan genuinely seemed like a nice guy who d just had a rough life.
Calan Winters has been running for 15 long lonely years After the death of his parents he had to get away Now 15 years later he finds himself headed back to Bear Bluffs to settle down and find a mate Sure he could have any woman he wanted He was sick of all the one night stands with the barbie type of woman No, in a mate he wanted a real woman One with curves and one that had some meat that he could hold on to He did not believe in Fated Mates They were something you found in fairy tales, at least that was what he thought until he meet Harley Harley Hammond had not lived in Bear Bluffs for very long She had suffered so much pain and decided to go to Bear Bluffs to find her dad and settle down For 2 years she sta

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