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[Isaiah Berlin] ☆ Liberty: Incorporating Four Essays on Liberty [china PDF] Read Online ↠´ I rate the book a 3 because it is going to be hard for many to get through it The book spends a good deal of time on the philosophical issue of determinism Science at least up to Quantum Mechanics assumed that everything just happened and that WHEN science discovered all the laws of nature including biology, we would discover that everything was fully determined at the point of the Big Bang, including me writing this blog I m not going to go into the arguments for determinism only to agree with Berlin that nobody actually lives as if determinism is a fact As he says on p17 Unless men as held to posess some attribute over and above those which they have in common with other natural objects animals, plants, things wether the difference is itself called natural or not , the moral command not to treat men as animals or things has to rational foundation Much discussion is about positive vs S th t s gi i ph ng b n y l s th t H y t gi i ph ng m nh.
There are some interesting things in here, but his style is very high flown in a way which gets obnoxious, and he has a tendency to discuss broad ranges of ideas at once, often leading to vague conclusions, blatant misinterpretations of other authors in the service of a narrative, or poetic wanking with no apparent end in sight I didn t find this very informative Why not just read the authors he s talking about rather than his endlessly repetitious monologue about them 3 stars i didn t hate it, and two concepts of liberty is good albeit over simple , but i was disappointed.
While reading Four Essays on Liberty not the expanded version , I felt sure I would criticize Berlin s verbosity and repetitiveness But finally I m reminded that an essay is, by definition, an exploration of a subject, not the author s final thoughts There is in these essays a sense of Berlin advancing ideas he is not necessarily totally convinced of And from the introduction, which is a reply to his critics, and several footnotes, it s clear Berlin is eager to receive, ponder and learn from criticism.
I still think, however, the book too long for the amount of solid intellectual substance it provides The first three essays center around three basic ideas, respectively 1 The decreasing acknowledgment in the twentieth century of the importance and efficacy of ideas,2 The unexamined determinism of many h Berlin is one of my favorite political philosophers I think he s absolutely brilliant and very relevant to today s political debates, particularly in the field of bioethics, which is of particular interest to me.

A terrific book that inspired me and made me want to study philosophy at university in the first place Reading my rather grubby copy at least I didn t make notes on it so many years later tells me that I made the right choice and inspires me again What is freedom what do we mean by that word Do we mean the total freedom of anarchy although even Proudhon makes it clear that our duties temper our rights , or freedom from oppression Can we, in fact, make any choices at all, if we are determined by our situations, our personalities, or perhaps by something greater than ourselves Berlin s writing is as fresh and accessible and the questions that he addresses as relevant as they always were His analysis of pol

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[Isaiah Berlin] ☆ Liberty: Incorporating Four Essays on Liberty [china PDF] Read Online ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Sir Isaiah Berlin was a philosopher and historian of ideas, regarded as one of the leading liberal thinkers of the twentieth century He excelled as an essayist, lecturer and conversationalist and as a brilliant speaker who delivered, rapidly and spontaneously, richly allusive and coherently structured material, whether for a lecture series at Oxford University or as a broadcaster on the BBC Thir