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↠´ Read Ú The Opposite of Hollywood by Margo Perin æ I ve just finished The Opposite of Hollywood It s 12 39 a.
, the earliest moments of my Thursday morning.
I ll admit I was a little lost at the beginning of the book In the virtuous perspective of the young Tosca, I was slightly unamused with the first vacations, as to me, they felt very play pretend You must know that I put down my commitment, my thick, brick of a book Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace for this I think it is understandable that my perception was all twisted when I exchanged the voice of Wallace, a seasoned master of mind and life, for Tosca, trying to master and understand the imbalance of her life.
But as Tosca grew older, so did my understanding, and I began to realize that my Tosca s own innocence had become mine I was just as confused about the vacations as she was And along w I received a copy of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway I wasn t able to put it down once it arrived I got sucked in to the story of the character Tosca, based on the author s own childhood I laughed with her, got scared with her, cried with her, and struggled with the unknowns faced ahead I ll give away no spoilers in this review, but this was a great read Looking forward to by Margo Perin.
An Honest ReflectionSome of the most interesting people are the product of upbringing and circumstance The lives of people we ve never met can be full of gripping stories, complete with the daily drama that unfolds in background Ms Perin s latest autobiographical novel is an honest and courageous presentation of a search for truth within one s own life For me, the genre itself is interesting because it differs from a memoir in that the author chose not to claim the story as a 100% accurate presentation of events That in itself lends credibility to the story as I find most memoirs to be the author s ideal perception of self In Perin s novel, names may have been changed, some details of locales and maybe even of events may have been slightly altered, but I d venture to guess that most of what the author s main character, Tosca experienced throughout the stor Margo Perin s new novel is the opposite of dull If you enjoy razor sharp writing and psychological thrillers, this is for you If you enjoy novels about multi layered family relationships, stories of sibling rivalry and brutal, zany parenting, you ll love this If tales of runaways from the FBI tweak your interest, this is for you Tosca and her brothers and sisters are named after operatic and showbiz characters All gifted, and courageous in dealing with one shock after another, their story resembles the heightened narrative of an opera, complete with comedy and tragedy I don t want to give anything away, but I found the journey of this feisty protagonist deeply moving and satisfying.

Perin has a riveting story to tell and she does so with suspense and a sensory flair As the family careens from one setting to another, from New York to Mexico to Nassau to Florida to Glasgow to London, each location comes vividly alive She builds almost unbearable suspense as we wait for each of the children, especially Tosca, to discover a way to survive and escape their clueless parents This is an important book for anyone who values a good story and the triumph of the human spirit I particularly like thinking of it in the hands of teachers and therapists because small acts of kindness from professionals and other caring adults shine out like brilliant beacons from these pages.
Compelling, beautiful, sad, triumphant Lovely writing, full, believable characters Thank you Margo for sharing your stories with us Tolstoy wrote that every happy family is the same, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way he might have been writing about the family of Tosca Rung In Margo Perin s poignant autobiographical novel, we hear the powerful voice of this bold little girl as she grows up in a family dominated by a father who is not only brutal to his seven children, but a crook of such enormous proportions that Tosca has moved many times in the middle of the night from New York, to Mexico, the Bahamas, Florida, Scotland and England before she reaches puberty Perin captures the child s voice perfectly, describing what s important to her from stealing candy from the corner store to a moment s kindness from a friend s mo When Tosca Ring Is Seven Years Old, She Abruptly Goes On Vacation From Her Home In New York City To Cuernavaca, Mexico With Her Parents And Six Siblings During An FBI Investigation Into Her Father S Mafia Dealings From There, She Is Catapulted Into A Nomadic Life Marked By Secrecy And False Identities Her Father S Criminality Continues, And The Family Continues To Go On Vacation, Often In The Middle Of The Night, Always Without Warning, Through Five Countries And Two Continents As They Move, So, Too, Do Tosca S Internal Landscapes Her Life Becomes A Chain Of Shifting Realities, Linked By Secrets And Shaped By Growing Violence And Deceptions As Tosca Grows Into Young Adulthood, She Fights Back To Discover Her True Identity The Opposite of Hollywood Is Based On Author Margo Perin S Childhood

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