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Trailer ç Fire In The Stars PDF by Î Isabella Rogge I won this book through a goodreads giveaway This story draws you in right away The idea of kids as criminals on a island prison is an interesting concept It was interesting to watch the stories of Harper and Clint and their respective groups of friends intersect get entangled then bounce off each other like rubber balls throughout the course of the story from the very beginning to the very end I really liked with the character of Harper She s smart resourceful and resilient This story has a kind of Maze Runner feel to it.
A Thief A Killer Two Separate Stories One Doomed IslandSeventeen Year Old Harper, Incurable Kleptomaniac, Never Expected To End Up On A Place Like Penance Yet, Here She Is, Imprisoned On The Secluded Island Full Of Delinquent Teenagers At First Glance, The Place Is Everything They Want Freedom No Laws, No Authorities, Just Pure, Unadulterated Liberty With That Freedom, However, Comes Danger At The Center Of The Chaos And Brutality That Rocks The Island Is Clint, A Seasoned Murderer Working Under The Elusive, Self Proclaimed Queen Of Penance, Esme Cold And Brutal, Clint S Reputation Has Managed To Keep The Islanders In Line Until NowAs Harper Unwillingly Becomes Entrapped In The Island S Politics, And A Tragedy Leaves Clint Hunting For Revenge, Penance S Unstable Order Begins To Crumble As Their Fates Draw Closer, Both Harper And Clint Must Survive Against Bloodthirsty Criminals, Unnatural Weather, And Their Own Inner Demons Before Their Blood Too Is Spilled In The SandWELCOME TO PENANCE ISLAND,THE PLACE WHERE YOU DIE Fire In The Stars is a book about survival, redemption, hope, and freedom also, lots of murder.
Harper, a seventeen year old kleptomaniac, is sent to Penance Island, just one of hundreds of delinquent teenagers dropped onto the island with a backpack and a promise they ll never get back home.
it s similar to lord of the flies, with less cannibalism and straight up murder.
in contrast with Harper, there s Clint, who s been on Penance for a while and knows how to survive he does a lot of the murdering in the book, thanks to orders from the Queen of Penance , Esme As far as first kiss stories went, mine was especially awful It really didn t deserve to be called Seven Minutes in Heaven when your lip ended up getting snagged on their braces The remaining four minutes in the closet consisted of me yelling at him Make sure to stop by my blog I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways None of the characters are perfect they were sent to a prison island after all , but they re multidimensional and you grow to care for some of them And get mad at them Why couldn t they just all talk it out It was a well written story, and I did not see the end coming.
5 stars I m about to toss a lot of shade and mixed feelings at this book It s pretty much The Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games Catching Fire Maybe some Death Cure from The Maze Runner series too, just a Frankenstein of those concepts and ideas It makes the action in this pretty nonstop and fast paced I can see where time was spent putting this together Though even with that care, I still can t say that I liked it It felt a bit like a rough draft If a beta or just a little editing went into it, I might have enjoyed it But three stars isn t bad on my scale It s just a disclaimer on that you might like it, but it s not so much my cup of tea.
When I first picked this up, I didn t fully realize that it was self published In terms of rating, that hardly matters But as I was reading it 3.
5 stars

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I don t know exactly what I was expecting when I picked up Fire in the Stars, but this was not it I guess I thought this book would be something along the lines of girl meets asshole boy and instantly feels a connection they eventually fall in love and the boy becomes less of an asshole with a dystopian backdrop NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE Fire In The Stars opens up with one of our main characters, Harper Jones, en route to a prison island full of criminals called Penance as punishment for stabbing someone From the beginning we can tell that this isn t going to go well we all know what happened in Lord of the Flies, after all And we re right Penance is not a place you want to go Rogge and Kazajian did a pretty good job with Penance, making it seem as gritty, dark, I just finished this book late last night, and I m still trying to put my thoughts together, trying to piece together what I just read My thoughts may be a little scrambled but here we go As I read The Fire In the Stars, I kept on imagining how it could be adapted to screen as a T.
V show Fire In The Stars has one of those plots that s so intriguing, and makes me want to know every single detail about the island, and the mysteries surrounding it From the minute, we are introduced to Harper as she is dropped off onto the island, I began to wonder who in their right mind would think that an island full of criminals is a good idea Within the 9 months that Penance Island was put in place, a war started and ended, causing a rupture between various members of the islands I m honestly just surprised that mass homicide didn t occur within the first week of the establishment of this Islan

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Trailer ç Fire In The Stars PDF by Î Isabella Rogge

Isabella Rogge began writing when she was eight years old For a while she spent her time composing poetry, moving onto prose in her early teens In the summer of 13 she wrote Sanguine Moon, her first novel, and edited it in the months afterwards She self published it in December of 2013 Her novella, Exhaled, came out in November 14

Born in California but raised in Colorado, Isabella currentl