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Trailer Á The Viscount's Addiction PDF by Á Scottie Barrett Gw pertama download mikir ini ero loh, tp ternyata bukan dan jalan ceritanya tu baguuuss banget sampe gak bisa berenti gw bacanya hehehe Ryder Braddock, view spoiler 5th dalam penjara untuk sebuah pembunuhan yang tidak die lakukan, digebukin penjaga hampir setiap hari, dan die masih beringas sampe teriak teriak merasa gak bersalah gitu, sampai suatu hari die ditusuk trs harus ketergantungan sama opium biar berusaha waras Satu hari, tiba tiba die dibebaskan karena ada saksi misterius yang mengatakan kalau Ryder bukan pembunuhnya Lontang lantung di London gak karu karuan, dari rumah judi satu ke rumah judi laen, hidup cuma buat opium, sampai suatu hari die liat Lewis, sepupunya yg akan mewarisi semua gelar dan kekayaan die kl die mati lg judi, dan kalah.
dan yg dijudikan itu harta keluarganya Ryder, kesel dong masnya.
balik deh ke estate nya yg kaget bukan main disam Oh this one crept up and surprised me A nice straight forward story of deception Ryder has been falsely accused of a murder and to ensure his assets are not seized by crown married off to Jesse his uncles step daughter without him knowing Fortunately for Ryder he receieves a pardon given by legitimate means and returns home to find his estate in wrack and ruin and wife he knows nothing about Assuming that his wife is part of the deception he decides to seduce then dump her as damaged goods.
however as the relationship develops he starts to fall in love with her and vice versa However until the truth surrounding the deception is revealed Ryder keeps his cards close to his chest leaving Jesse to worry about finding a life away from him.
The whole story is laced with hot erotic sex, there are stories to be told, a hot carriage ride and sex outsi Murderer, Convict, Opium EaterJessie Braddock S Husband Has Come HomeJessie S Stepfather, Wanting To Exploit The Estate, Had Brutalized Her Into Marrying His Nephew By Proxy She Soon Realizes Ryder Braddock, The Wickedly Handsome Viscount Blackwood, Is Far From The Criminal She D Imagined, But His Prison Years Have Left Him With A Hardened Edge And A Ravenous Appetite For Sexual Pleasures Now The Only Thing In Danger Is Her Heart I really quite enjoyed this story After being falsely imprisoned Ryder Braddock Viscount Blackwood finally gets released after five years of pure hell He returns to his home only to find his house falling apart, his uncle and cousin residing in it and his household materials have been sold off on account of his cousins gambling addiction, but the biggest surprise is that his uncles step daughter is residing at his home too He finds she is the most captivating women he has ever encountered After thinking this woman is somehow married to his cousin it comes out that she is really married to him He wonders how this illegal marriage came about while he was in prison and he feels that he cannot trust Jessie for that she must be a gold digging liar, but he cannot resist the pull his body has to her and he cannot resist the temptation of consuming everything about her R Deliciously WickedThe h in this is innocent but wicked in her love for her man I loved the story She was such a great heroine and I adored her The H was so tortured and wonderful and bad and I wish I could find me one of those He had violet eyes and he sounded beautiful I could picture him very clearly Her too Author was very good in describing them Very unconventional book with an H who is struggling with opium addiction and wrongful conviction heroine was mistreated by her StepFather but she was so strong and unusual I really liked the book if you couldn t tell already Just wish it wasn t over Lol.
My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookEdited February 2017 I reread this story It still was an uneven read, not as good as some of the author s other books that I recently read so my rating remains the same Well, this was by no means a great book but erotica wise not bad Sex scenes were steamy but overall, a very uneven read Not much was happening I liked some of it while the other bleh Although it started out quite well, kinda fell flat after sometimes I wanted to try a new author and reading Charlotte Featherstone s Addicted the hero being an opium addict a 5 star from me , I was very interested in this one Sadly, it didn t live up to my expectations.
We don t really get a lot of background on what happened to Ryder Even though a Viscount, he was imprisoned as a convicted murderer of a tavern wench and a prostitute near his countr Loved this book Ryder starts off as an ass but a yummy one you can t help but be attracted to He s a rough and tumble kind of guy with his share of demons He kicks them to the curb and falls in love By the end of the book I was totally in love him read the whole book in 2 hours because it was so good, I couldn t put it down even for a potty break I m not sure what to make of this I thought I was reading a historical romance and someone I got sidewinded into a historical erotica It was confusing for me It was also an interesting premise, with both a compelling heroine and hero, but it lacked in both length and level of in loveness of the two main characters There was a lot of hanky panky but not a lot of relationship building.

Falsely accused of murder and left to rot in prison for 5 years, Ryder Braddock, Viscount Blackwood, is finally proven innocent He returns to his estate a changed, embittered man with a craving for opium to learn he is married by proxy Ryder has no memory of signing the contract as it was done when he was high or a forgery Im not sure Determined to see this complete stranger pay for her trickery no matter how beautiful she is, he threatens her with arrest after he enjoys his conjugal rights Ryder finds his Uncle, cousin and his wife living on his once great estate, an estate that has since been stripped and left in ruin But first he must kick his opium addiction.
Jessies husband has come home Brutalized by her stepfather Ryders uncle into marrying the dangerous convict and opium Great story with an h who isn t your typical historical h She was a littledaring than you usually encounter in HR The H was tortured by opium addiction after 5 years in prison for something he didn t do I loved reading the parts where they each are battling their demons and supporting each other The story got a bit bogged down by misunderstanding and the MCs took too long to trust Also dare I say it too much sex.
All in all, a fun, sexy read.
Safety view spoiler the h is an era appropriate virgin The H used to be a womanizing rake before his imprisonment When he is released from prison he wakes up the next day coming down from his opium high in bed with 2 whores He mentions that he doesn t know if anything happened because his a

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