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¹ Specials ☆ Download by Ø Scott Westerfeld Special Circumstances The Words Have Sent Chills Down Tally S Spine Since Her Days As A Repellent, Rebellious Ugly Back Then Specials Were A Sinister Rumor Frighteningly Beautiful, Dangerously Strong, Breathtakingly Fast Ordinary Pretties Might Live Their Whole Lives Without Meeting A Special But Tally S Never Been OrdinaryAnd Now She S Been Turned Into One Of Them A Superamped Fighting Machine, Engineered To Keep The Uglies Down And The Pretties StupidThe Strength, The Speed, And The Clarity And Focus Of Her Thinking Feel Better Than Anything Tally Can Remember Most Of The Time One Tiny Corner Of Her Heart Still Remembers SomethingStill, It S Easy To Tune That Out Until Tally S Offered A Chance To Stamp Out The Rebels Of The New Smoke Permanently It All Comes Down To One Last Choice Listen To That Tiny, Faint Heartbeat, Or Carry Out The Mission She S Programmed To Complete Either Way, Tally S World Will Never Be The Same One thing I ve noticed about Westerfeld s novels is how bittersweet the endings are Although there is still a rainbow or fireworks to brighten the blow, there is still death, failure, destruction Westerfeld knows life will never have a happy ending, just a bittersweet one.
Specials is no exception Although the novel starts off slow, it quickly builds up speed, carrying you along Tally s final journey She s now a Cutter, a Special Circumstances pet project Cutters are stronger andobnoxious than anyone, built to bring an end to the New Smoke Despite her new rank, though, Tally still feels amiss, and is determined to make Zane a cutter too One of things I really enjoyed is how different Tally becomes in each book From Ugly to Pretty to Spec So I didn t like Tally as much in this book Her personality has been altered by the special surgery, so she looks down on anyone who isn t special themselves Part of the plot line is that she is supposed to overcome this, but I didn t feel she completely did.
Other things that marred my enjoyment of this storyI hated the cutting aspect Several times they talk about cutting, and how Icy it makes them feel Eventually Tally quit, but only because it was repugnant to Zane, then because she told him she wouldn t Am I wrong to feel a responsible writer of books for teenage girls would include a discussion of how harmful cutting can be This book is also accepting of behaviors I don t think are acceptable like underage drinking, and in t I can t seem to write about this without giving away some plot elements from the first two books So, warning spoilers may arise.
Well, Specials the final volume in the Uglies trilogy finally came up on my hold list at the library After finishing the novel I was in the middle of, I picked up Specials to wrap up all the loose ends I d been wondering about since Pretties had ended How would Tally fight her way out of being special What new insights into our my own existence would I find And, most importantly I am such a girl , who would she end up with David or Zane lol I started reading with zeal, but my pace soon turned to a plodding Tally, the heroine from the first two novels, truly was the bad guy in this book, and it was suddenly really hard to identify with her Nathan starte What happened It wasn t the greatest series I d ever read but c mon Did they give him time It was worse the the third movie sequel that shouldn t have had a second Where do I begin with this train wreck There wasn t one storyline that was wrapped up The plot was thrown together so hastily and it leftholes and was as deep as an 80 s John Hughes film The ONE character I thought was interesting barely featured and fizzled out pathetically so much potential Also, the ending was the WORST I mean, it didn t have to be happy dystopia and all I would have settled for a suicide in hopeless despair or a reconditioning to the status quo, but no I think it was supposed to leave the reader hopeful but it was just stupid and wrong on all levels and did not make sense to the purpose of th Oh Scott I am so so proud of you Only 2 purchases in the whole book Such an improvement like you can think for yourself, like youre curing yourself of bogus making writing Bravo.
Ok, as far as the series is concerned, this is where I m abandoning ship I held on this long in hope that somehow you would bring me around and show me how to like Tally, but it kind of went the opposite direction, you know Anyway, I m stopping here because youve given me no reason to continue The fourth book, though an afterthought, is where you could have rectified yourself, but instead you came up with a whole new story like a lame, sure to fail spinoff show, with special guest appearances from the former cast who are contractually obliged to lend their star power to improve ratings Also, I don t want this to be a repeat of Breaking Dawn or Mockingjay, where, as another revie I have ambivalent feelings about this book It s fatally flawed in my opinion, both in tone and content The tone is adolescent hyper drama which is okay I suppose since it s written for a teen audience But, as an example of literature, it falls flat and since my interest in YA lit is exclusively how it might be used in the classroom or whether I can suggest the book for outside reading, I have to say, it s a problem Soaking in a gossipy, soap opera loop of teenage angst and action adventure takes time away from the substance of the novel I almost get the feeling that the writer was channeling its cgi potential and planning out some Dawson Creek Buffy dialogue while writing it None of this would keep me from wanting to use the book in a classroom, however What is a deal breaker is in the content itself The Special Specials or mean girl p Finally I have finished this series I have politely deleted the adjectives that I considered adding to describe series And even though I only spent about two hours on this one, skipping entire pages and frequently entire chapters, part of me still thinks that it was an hour too long If you are interested in this series, simply use the formula below and insert the suggested words into the blanks for each different book 1 Tally doesn t like or feels out of place being .
2 Tally gets roped into being a mole to uncover .
3 Tally betrays .
4 Tally realizes she was really stupid and tries to fix it.
5 Tally gets capture usually and gets turned into aFor Uglies, insert ugly, The Smoke, David, and pretty For Pretties, insert pretty, The Smoke, David and Zane, and special For Specials, insert special, The New Smoke, everyone, and environmentalist It s a bit of an oversimpli This disappointed me so much I really loved Uglies and there was a lot to admire about Pretties, but I found this to be a highly unsatisfactory conclusion I m still trying to figure out why it so completely failed to work for me I think mostly it s a case of character development Tally goes through a lot of mental and emotional changes in these books, which makes sense, because her brain is being fucked with In the first two books, Westerfeld took the time to explore these transitions, and Tally s growth was really interesting However, by the time we get to book three and Tally s brain has been reset AGAIN, it s becoming frustrating and it doesn t help that in this final book Westerfeld doesn t take the time I have only commented on Goodreads on a couple of books I ve read, but this one really bothered me I still liked it enough to not stop reading, hence the three stars By the time I finished all three, I felt I had been lectured to and virtually yelled at about how awful a people we currently are and how horrifying our lifestyle is Even though I amthan twice the age of the target audience , I think the target audience is well equipped to understand anuanced approach to the obvious message I also think that even though the cutters eventually realized they didn t need to do that, there are many readers out there who will be intrigued enough about the concept to experiment and I find it irresponsible for a book aimed a teenagers to make this horrible and real even in our day practice look so enticing and power gran

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¹ Specials ☆ Download by Ø Scott Westerfeld Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.He is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book, IMPOSTORS, returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September 11, 2018.