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[Alex Pendragon] ✓ Jock Auction [comics-manga PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì Because the idea was an original one and because i think that the author has potential.
Craig, an emo nerdy guy, has a crush on Kyle and he buys him at an auction.
When he reveals his feelings, Kyle is surprised at first, then flattered and then they begin a big make out session.
And from this moment on, the sex begins.
And let me tell you there is A LOT OF IT.
Now, this is not a problem and believe me i am a perv who wants sex on page.
But i never felt a connection between the characters other than the sexual one.
I didn t feel the love if you know what i mean.
Every discussion or fight led to just sex.
Another HUGE issue was the totally unsafe sex.
I won t throw a lecture here but the lack of condom use made me feel really uncomfortable, especially since Kyle had sexual intercourse with another person Condoms weren t even mentioned, Kyle and Sexy High School Footballer Kyle Has Two Big Blind Spots First, He Assumes He S Straight, And Second, He Doesn T Know Quite How Much His Shy, Geeky Classmate Craig Lusts After Him When The Two Are Thrown Together After A Charity Slave Auction, However, How Incredible The Sex Is Turns Out To Be Hard To Miss Problem Is, Kyle S Awakened Sexuality Is On A Collision Course With His Hot Teammates, And Not Everyone In His Conservative Midwestern Town Is Quite So Open MindedWhen Kyle Unexpectedly Gets Up Close And Personal With Another Closeted Jock, And Realizes In The Process That There S Than Just Teenage Hormones Between Himself And Craig, He S Faced With A Choice Walk Away, Or Fight For What Until Now He Didn T Know He Wanted Meanwhile, Craig Is Learning That There S To His Appetite For Athletic Guys Than Playing The Meek Submissive, And Kyle S Mea Culpa Arrives Right On Time For Him To Explore Some Of The Kinks He Never Knew He HadHard Bodies Meet Even Harder Truths As Two Very Different Guys Discover That, While You Can Buy Someone S Time, You Still Have To Win Their Heart This book could probably be described using only cheesy gay porn video titles Football Jock Bones Hung Emo Twink Barely Legal Bros Bang in the Kitchen You, Me and Your Brother Makes ThreeOh, My This books gets intense Fast It was just underwear moistening and pornographic which is oh so much fun, but there s not much to this book than that Attempts at a story feel half hearted almost like the story and character building parts are thrown in to give the reader a break from the sex scenes when really it should be the other way round And that s a bit of a shame, because Craig is adorable I adored Craig and a couple of the other support characters, but found Kyle to be a bitblah.
If you re going to like this book you ll have to be willing to over look rather glaring points of plot confl This book was not what I expected, but that does not mean that I did not enjoy it.
The story is told from Kyle s point of view It was interesting to read his thoughts, but sometimes I would have liked to read what Craig thought about things I have the idea that I got to know Kyle better than Craig.
I think this story is erotica with a touch of romance The story went from one sex scene to the other with now and then a few pages to help the story along Because of this I felt that almost only the intimate side of the relationship was developing on the pages, and that I missed some of the emotional development by talking I would have liked to have a bit story, but wow, were those sex scenes hot I expected to get bored because there were so many, but Craig and Kyle really had some chemistry together I liked how the theme prejudices was handled in this book and Ok wow, so this was HOT HEAVY, I mean seriously kinky shit, in a good way Despite liking Kyle a lot and thinking Craig was real fun their sex was scorching hot there was A LOT missing, especially feelings and sigh honestly the sex was just too much Every chapter had at least two sex scenes or I lost count after Kyle and Craig did it like four or six times then Kyle and Louis and Kyle went back to Craig for some make up session And that was even before I reached half the book Phew The book started out fun, and shit got real after only a few pages AND the writing totally got me hooked But I was starting to miss something when I realized after 30% there was still only a lot of sex and nothing else happening I really enjoyed their sexy times even if I thought the kinkiness was a bit over the top and like I said the characters were all likable and stuff, but Kyle and Craig did I m not sure why this one isn t rated higher, especially seeing that it s a perfect way to scratch an M M itch without an overly complex plot to get in the way image error

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads When Kyle is forced into an auction that will support his football team, he is surprised who ends up with the winning bid Most guys will be doing odd jobs around the house, cleaning gutters, raking leaves What will Kyle end up doing for Craig, the gay emo in his senior class Craig has always lusted after Kyle When he found out about the auction he knew it was his chance to spend time with Kyle They never quite hung out in the same social circles Kyle doesn t know what to expect when he gets to Craig s house for his slave weekend Craig kissing him is the last thing he thought would happen.
When push comes to shove Kyle is thoroughly e Taking a risk on a new author is always a gamble and when a book is so new that you are one of the first to read it, it almost feels like a responsibility to other readers to let them know a few things up front This is listed as YA but there is A LOT of sex in every which way with than one person in this book The sex is dirty and intense I know some folks don t like to read that with boys in high school, even if they are seniors so I am tossing that warning out early.
Now then.
This is total high school PWP and for me, that was okay PWP has its place and when you are strung out after an emotional read, books like these are exactly what you need Now having admitted that I have no issues with PWP, this book left me a bit confused 99.
9% of the time Stay with me on that percentage and it being so damn close to that of condoms and their preventability of spreading STD s More sex per square inch here than I ve ever read Great witticisms The sex between these 18 year old guys is much advanced than I m having at 25 Almost Anyway, I enjoyed this story and made my boyfriend help me practice some of their moves Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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[Alex Pendragon] ✓ Jock Auction [comics-manga PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì pamyatnik.pro Born in the UK, and now living in California, I m a gay writer with a love of coming of age stories and high heat levels I ve always had an overactive imagination, and have been a contributor to free online archives of m m stories for some years In 2015 my first published novel, Jock Auction, was released with Loose Id.When I m not writing about guys exploring their sexual identities, I m a food