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✓ Read Þ Lories Heart (Wells Landing #3) by Amy Lillard ↠´ A wonderful amish book about Lorie and her family After her father dies suddenly, Lorie finds out several things that makes her curious about her background She is soon torn between the English world and life as she knows it With Zach she discovers both of her grandmothers, shares her artistic ability with a Senior center, and decides whether to stay in the Amish world or cross over to the English world There is a happy ending.
MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKWhen Lorie Kauffman s father passed away, she was having enough trouble dealing with his death, much less finding out about all of his secrets Lorie find s a tattoo her dad has when she goes to identify his body, which her step mother will tell her nothing about Then she finds a drivers license and an address, with a name Lorie doesn t recognize, in the box of things the funeral home of her dads Lorie has Luke take her to the address she found to see what she could find out, and they ended up at a retirement home Would Lorie find answers to all of her questions here Book three in this series is just as exciting as Book s one and two With Lorie finding out about the secrets her father has been keeping from her, the tensions are a bit intense, and there are many twists and turns And of course this was great because I couldn t put the book down, Welcome Back To Wells Landing, Oklahoma, The Tranquil Amish Community Where Still Waters Run Deep And A Brave Young Woman Sets Out To Discover Her Faith, Her Family, And HerselfLorie Kauffman Is Grief Stricken When Her Father Passes Away Unexpectedly But Her Heartache Quickly Turns To Bewilderment When She Discovers He D Been Leading Two Lives One Of Simplicity And Hard Work In Wells Landing, And One Fraught With Painful Ordeals In Tulsa As She Starts Digging Into Her Family S Past, Lorie Finds Herself Torn Between The Amish World And The Englisch World And She S No Longer Certain Where She Belongs Lorie Knows That If She Leaves Wells Landing, She May Never Be Able To Return But What If Her Destiny Lies In The Outside World The World Her Father Knew So Well Change Is Never Easy, But With A Bit Of Courage And The Help Of A Handsome And Kind Hearted Englischer, She Just May Find The Peace, Acceptance, And Love She S Been Longing For Lorie s Heart is one of the best Amish books I have ever read I was hooked from the beginning Lorie Kauffman learns a secret about her father upon his death he had a tattoo This is very unusual for an Amish man When did her father get the tattoo and why As Lorie uncovers and about her father s life she begins to question her own Amy Lillard always creates unique storylines so refreshing in Amish fiction Her characters are very well developed and you won t find authentic Amish details anywhere else Lorie s Heart is the 3rd book in the Wells Landing series It can be read alone but I highly recommend reading the first two books also I give Lorie s Heart 5 stars Wow What a fabulous book After Lorie Kauffman s father passed away, she found secrets that could change her life Who is she and where does she belong the Amish or the Englisch world So many questions unanswered The author wrote with extraordinary emotions that touched my heart and made me feel torn in Lorie s dilemma I was completely fascinated by this book and could never figure out what Lorie s final decision would be There were so many other people who would be affected in her decision and the author wrote each character with great details and each had their own unique personality When you find the secret, sometimes it has good consequences and sometimes bad It s a risk Lorie had to decide and whether it would be worth it Author Amy Lillard wrote a fabulous book in Lorie s Heart and I highly recommend reading it Lorie s Heart Amy Lillard has penned a wonderful book about secrets, family, love and finding your place in the world With genuine characters and a well developed plot, this book was easy to read.
I was immediately drawn into Lorie s story Her character was authentic and genuine It was easy to relate to her and feel her emotions as she struggled with the choices she needed to make The other characters in the book were just as authentic and easy to relate to I felt like I knew these people and had an interest in what happened to them.
This story has a fantastic plot and had a really good flow to it It was so easy to get involved in the story and stay involved in it The descriptions of the various settings in the book were well written and easy to imagine while reading I m sure fans of Amish fiction will truly enjoy th I have read all of author Amy Lillard s Amish fiction I ve loved each and every story Once again I was not disappointed I enjoyed this story very much.
When secrets are kept, hearts are broken Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that your Father isn t who he said he was Imagine that you had relatives that you didn t know you had In this story searching for answers took time and caused further confusion I loved that this story went back and forth between two worlds, Amish and English.
There weren t any surprises in this book for me, however, I enjoyed it immensely If you want a good Amish fiction read, this book is for you.

As I turned the last page of this wonderful book, I knew I was going to miss these characters new found friends I rode the emotional roller coaster along with Lorie as she began unraveling her father s past Lorie not only has to grieve in the Amish way, but she also feels compelled to learn of her father s life away from the community Will her desire to know the truth about her father draw her closer to the Amish community or the Englischer world Amy Lillard brought these characters to life in believable situations and real life problems I look forward to reading the other books in this series Caroline s Secret and Courting Emily.
When Lorie s father dies suddenly her world is turned upside down, he had been living a double life Did the Dad she knew even exist How could her father have done this, and why Was her father even Amish, the only faith she has ever known She then discovers a family she never even knew existed, and once she opens the box her life is changed forever Where will she go from here She loves her family, but she also wants to be part of her father s past life.
I wondered how her father was able to pass as an Amish man You would think the secret would have been out a long time ago, how could his new wife not know There are answers here, and you will not know how this book finishes until the very end, found myself rooting for one way and then changed my mind.
A really thoughtful read, and one that makes you think, and I loved the characters, from her Amish family to her Englis I read this book in less than 24 hours I couldn t put it down Thank you, thank you Amy Lillard and Net Galley for allowing me to read this advanced e reader I LOVED IT SO MUCH the Wells Landing series just keeps getting better and better It wonderfully well written as are all of Amy s books and again, I love that its a fresh and new idea to Amish Christian fiction I loved Lorie and her family and my heart ached for her at the loss of her father and the confusion and turmoil that came with it I won t go into too much because I am afraid my excitement will give way to spoilers So to summarize, this book is unique and amazing and I am so happy I was privileged enough to read it

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