Trailer á Mairelon the Magician PDF by Ü Patricia C. Wrede

Trailer á Mairelon the Magician PDF by Ü Patricia C. Wrede I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised After the good reviews I thought I might go into it expecting a little much, but it delivered.
The protagonist was sympathetic and developed well during the story The antagonists were quite dislikable, in a likable sort of way for an antagonist That may sound strange, but I ve read way too many books where the bad guys were just bad and that was all There was some development here, and I appreciated it.
Not exactly what I was expecting, but well done and a very pleasant diversion.
I was quite disappointed with this book, mostly because I loved PCW s Enchanted Forest Chronicles and this book wasn t nearly as good It had loads of potential, with Kim going from gutter thief to a crime solving magician But it didn t deliver.
1st, it was third person, and I feel the story would have been stronger from inside Kim s head Do much of the story is about the old guy Mairelon anyway, and I wish the story was actually about the main character instead.
2nd, Mairelon seems like a girl s name, and it bothered me throughout the book that he was a guy, although it would have been okay if Kim called him by his real name, Richard.
3rd, Kim s street slang was over the top distracting.
4th, Kim does almost NOTHING Kim Doesn T Hesitate When A Stranger Offers Her A Small Fortune To Break Into The Travelling Magician S Wagon In Search Of A Silver Bowl Kim Isn T Above A Bit Of Breaking And Entering Having Grown Up A Waif In The Dirty Streets Of London Disguised As A Boy Has Schooled Her In One Hard Lesson Steal From Them Before They Steal From You But There Is Something Odd About This Magician He Isn T Like The Other Hucksters And Swindlers That Kim Is Used To When He Catches Her In The Act, Kim Thinks She S Done ForUntil He Suggests She Become His Apprentice Kim Wonders How Tough It Could Be Faking A Bit Of Hocus PocusBut Mairelon Isn T An Act His Magic Is Real I wish I had a ton of good things to say about Mairelon the Magician, but I don t In fact, I did something with this book that I have NEVER done with a book before I gave up on it in the middle of the climax If you aren t interested in scathing reviews, stop here I had just slogged through a cliched gather all the usual suspects into one room scene that was loooooong, boring, and confusing, with a good dozen characters many of them called bythan one name running around in the dark, when the main character was asked to explain what s going on, and what does he say Sure, but it s a long story I just about lost it.
My favorite character was Kim, the POV character But she turned out to be littlethan the POV charact This was a fun story and yet, if you are familiar with Patricia C Wrede, it feels a bit likeevery other Patricia C Wrede book you ve read Especially Sorcery and Cecelia Lots of convoluted thieving cant, ridiculous characters, and an improbable climax all designed to heighten the absurdity of the situation I think if I read this book years ago I would have enjoyed itAs it is, I saw some traces of Georgette Heyer and some elements of fun but never quite fell in love with it.
I do like Kim and Mairelon, though, and I immensely enjoyed the sequel This is worth reading for that.
When Kim is caught snooping in the wagon of a traveling illusionist, she s shocked that her target reacts by offering her a job Helping Mairelon on stage sounds like the perfect way of getting out of town for a bit, but it soon becomes clear that the man she s joined up with is no ordinary performer.
This one got off to a promising start with Kim s introduction to Mairelon and her encounters on the streets of a fantasy world London It s a little coincidence heavy and I feel like I ve read one too many girl who dresses as a boy stories, but I try to give YAof a pass on those kinds of things.
Unfortunately, the book starts to get off track once the characters start traveling Based on the setup, I was really expecting Kim to spend at least a little time playing magician s assistant, but after finishing the novel that whole idea felt like an excuse to I desperately wanted to give this four stars, but the ending happened By Jove, that was tedious.
The protagonist FABULOUS Kim was interesting and fun and didn t take any crap Mairelon was enjoyable and his character complemented Kim s adorably I ship it.
The problem was that their relationship was often pushed aside for a wordy, often confusing, and slightly boring mystery plot that culminated in one of the most boring couple of chapters I ve ever had the displeasure of reading For the first time in a while, I was actually skimming the pages instead of chewing over the words in my mind I couldn t take it.
I was also frustrated with how Kim was sidelined through a lot of the book A lot of her action was overhearing long conversations from characters she generally had no connection with.
Despite the ending, I did enjoy most of the book, and Kim and Mairelon were definitely worth it

Wow, I haven t disliked a book this much in a really long time There were too many characters and I just had no desire to keep track of them The dialog was horrible and page after page was filled with what could have been said in less than one I broke down and decided to skim read and then just started skipping whole pages I would pick a page and read a few lines here and there to try and catch on what was happening and it was the same for about 50 pages You have the platter No.
I have the platter.
haha Think again it was a fake I know where the platter is E s goin to get the platter No No E s not because I have snuck up on him and now I will get the platter instead The mystery of the magic platter was just NOT that interesting to me and I was bor This book felt so thoroughly mediocre Which is unusual, I think Most books have something that make them stand outin good or bad ways , but this felt like just a collection of things that I like well enough, but that never becamethan that.
Like, Regency era with magic Orphan girl falls in with mysterious magician But it never really sparked for me There was stuff that was supposed to be all farce like, butit s not even that it felt flat It was just THERE Mediocre.
Oh well I ll still read the next.
Regency heist capers This book is amazing magic and manners all wrapped up into an amazing package filled with thieves cant and not a single person who is what they seem.
I love this book It s a perfect winter reread.

Patricia C. Wrede

Trailer á Mairelon the Magician PDF by Ü Patricia C. Wrede Patricia Collins Wrede was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five children She started writing in seventh grade She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, where she majored in Biology and managed to avoid taking any English courses at all She began work on her first novel, Shadow Magic, just after graduating from college in 1974 She finished it five years later and started her se