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[ Read Online Hopscotch ✓ southern-africa PDF ] by Brian Garfield ↠´ A classic novel about the world s intelligence services racing to prevent a CIA officer from publishing his memoirs The film adaptation lowered the stakes considerably and can t compare to the source material Mere hours after starting this reread I learned the author has passed away, now I m compelled to readof his work.
The movie was much better This book is missing the fun involvement of Glenda Jackson s character.
I saw this book, and remembered seeing the movie with Walter Matthau I thought the movie was funny I found the book even better Yes, it s a suspense story, but on top of that, it s a black comedy What does a retired CIA agent who feels he was put out to pasture too early do to put a spark back into his life He writes a tell all book, not just about the CIA, but the KGB and MI 6 too Then, he sends one chapter at a time to publishers, daring all those agencies to catch him before he can send in the final chapter It had some edge of seat moments, and some laugh out loud moments The story may not be for everyone If you like pure suspense like Ludlum, this may not be heavy enough for you If you like out and out slapstick, this won t do it for you, either But I think Brian Garfield masterfully blended suspe I ve not read Garfield before, but will now pick up whatever I can find This is not what most would call literary fiction Fine That said, I have a real soft spot for seventies thrillers like this one which was about as charming and suspenseful and fast as William Goldman s classic MARATHON MAN Apparently Garfield also wrote DEATH WISH, which sounds perfect for a tough airplane ride Which is exactly where I read Hopscotch, on the way to see the in laws for Thanksgiving Barry Hannah and Dostoyevsky were in the bag too, but Hopscotch was exactly what I needed to get me through Not bad for a dollar find at Goodwill.
I m writing in March, 2019, and I only recently learned that Brian Garfield had passed away at the end of December, 2018 The news has left a sharp, cold splinter in my heart that I ve been having a difficult time plucking out Garfield wrote a famous book called Death Wish and quite a fewequally excellent novels in a variety of genres Seek out Relentless or The Last Hard Men if you like chase stories in the vein of Follett s Eye of the Needle Seek out Sliphammer if you re willing to give an intelligent western a chance I ve never been disappointed by anything I ve read by the author so far and now I can include Hopscotch on the list It s been a couple of weeks since I finished reading the novel and it s only gotten better in my mind Great story, wonderful main character, sharply observed supporting players As a bonus, it

Book was interesting Loved, loved, loved the movie version But the book was different and yet still intriguing.
I had seen the Walter Matthau movie based on this book and that made me want to read the original story Like the film, it s about an old secret agent who wants to prove to himself and his former bosses that he isn t over the hill He writes a book full of secrets he learned as a spy and sends it one chapter at a time to publishers around the world, leaving out key pages that would prove the assertions in the book The CIA and the KGB have to catch him before he sends out the complete text.
Pretty good, and should appeal to readers of a certain age who find themselves competing with younger and less expensive people at their own places of work.
Fans of the espionage thriller This is a fine book So well written You can feel the sure hands of the author within the first few pages Garfield was a well known screenplay guy for many years, after hitting pay dirt with Death Wish Bronson s breakout film in America His main character Miles Kendig is fun to follow because he provides us with a well balanced mix of spycraft, interior monologue, and rebellion against the machine A bit Bond ish in his inability to never be harmed caught but it s all somehow believable.
This was a great spy novel Miles Kendig, a career CIA agent, has reached the end of his rope The world is changing too fast for him, and, in his eyes, so is the agency And, like all of us, he soon gets a boss that tends to believe that he is the end all be all of the universe, and knowsabout Kendig s job, in a few months, than Kendig has for over three decades So, in plan english, he informs Kendig that he s too old to continue he s offered a desk job SoKending destroys his files and quits the CIA.
Along the way a cat and mouse game is played, as Kendig decides to raise the stakes by writing his memoirs But, instead of mailing the chapters of his book to publishers, he starts mailing them to all the agency offices all over the world the British, Chinese, Russian, East Germans, and the like Deep Top Secret details about certain thing Since Being Forced Into Retirement By The CIA, Miles Kendig Had Tried Everything In An Effort To Satisfy His Hunger For Excitement But He Could Not Recreate The Ultimate Conflict Of Life Or Death With No Rules, The Experience Of Pitting Himself Against The Enemy With No Holds BarredDespite His Bitterness At Being Shelved By The CIA, Miles Was Still Scrupulously American So When He Found Himself Tempted By An Offer From The Russians, He Realized The Time Had Come For Him To Put Up Or Give UpMiles Has Been Waiting, Carefully Planning, For Years And, Finally, He S Ready By Threatening To Expose The Espionage Secrets Of The Major Powers, He Set Himself Up As The Quarry Of An International Manhunt Now He Would Either Prove To Himself That After Twenty Five Years Of Playing The Game He Was Still A Winner, Or He Would Meet His Death At The Hands Of Younger Men

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[ Read Online Hopscotch ✓ southern-africa PDF ] by Brian Garfield ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Brian Francis Wynne Garfield was an American novelist and screenwriter He wrote his first published book at the age of eighteen and wrote several novels under such pen names as Frank Wynne and Brian Wynne before gaining prominence when his book Hopscotch 1975 won the 1976 Edgar Award for Best Novel He is best known for his 1972 novel Death Wish, which was adapted for the 1974 film of the