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[ Pdf She's So Money í lapidary PDF ] by Cherry Cheva · 4 starsJust a small note, this review is geared toward my tween advisory project, so it will written a bit differently than my normal reviews If you are a friend and would like to see the tween advisory blog, please pm me Thanks Maya is a top notch honor student at her high school and works diligently at maintaining her GPA in order to earn a scholarship to Stanford Her schoolwork and job pretty much keep Maya on a very busy schedule Maya also works with her younger brother after school in her parent s Thai restaurant When her parents go out of town, they leave Maya in charge of the restaurant After a complaint from some incredibly rude customers and a rookie mistake, Maya finds her parents restaurant slapped with a 10,000 fineThey say when you re about to die, your entire life flashes before your eyes Well, now I know that when you re about to kill som Maya has always been a good girl I wish I had her drive Not only does she work every night at her parent s restaurant, and tutor students at her school, she also has an unbelievable GPA All Maya wants to do is make it through the rest of her year with her GPA in tact and run away to Stanford in the fall And everything seems to be heading in that direction, well everything was headed in that direction until she hit a huge detour When her parents leave town for a wedding, they leave Maya in charge of the restaurant Everything goes as smoothly as possible except for a couple of crabby customers, but hey it happens What Maya wasn t expecting was a visit from the health department that ends in a 10,000 fine Fortunately for Maya her current tutor student happens to be none other than Camden King, the mega popular super hottie of her school When he mentions to Maya that he ll pay her a h 3.
5 Stars I was in a mood for something different and this was a bit different than what I normally read And I liked it As an asian, I can identify with the Asian family dynamics like the super strict parents who doesn t trust you as far as they can throw you not very much How school and grades were the most important things Maya was smart and sometimes really funny I liked her It was a bit hard though to read about her spiral into doing all the wrong things she did It was like watching a train wreck to me because never in my straights laced high school years would I have ever had the nerve to pull off what she did But honestly I thought the reckoning for all she did was going to be much worse And of course my romance loving self liked that the boy in the end didn t turn out to be a royal ass I liked the ending It was an interesting read Thanks Feifei

She s so Money was such an amazing read I loved the humor, the witty comebacks, and the creative outbursts a prostitute, a rice patty farmer, shipping you off to Thailand s boarding school My friend had asked me to read this book for fun but at times I just had to stop to grab some sticky notes to save that page or quotes because they made me laughed out loud so much Here s a small sample of some that I absolutely adore The girl is fourteen and has a rack as big as my head Or, I guess, two of my heads If you want to get technical And another one, I smiled back with an expression that I hoped said, I understand, and not, Your husband s a douche, There s a lot but you ll have to buy your copy for that PThere was also this one part where Maya s mother had told her a story about this family they knew in Ohio that I loved It was something that my parents would do exactly if I were in h Maya gets straight A s in every classes After school she tutors for money and help out at her family Thai Restaurant to earn money not like small rich popular snob in her high school who sit back, relax and tease all the geeky and ugly people Well, Maya is about to get a help from the king of the snobs Camden With the brain of Maya and the looks of Camden they are gonna pull up a scheme that will help both Maya and Camden Maya used to be Ms Goody Two Shoe until Camden the hottie interrupted her geeky life From the day her teacher assign Maya to tutor stupid hottie Camden But the first day of tutor didnt turn out the way you think it seem since that day on Maya s life had various of vistor coming in and out Mostly, LOVE, SCHOOL WORK the difference between the good and bad Maya s parents was out of town but Camden a This book is hilarious I laughed so much when I was reading this.
Maya s problems start when her parents leave her and her brother in charge of their family owned Thai restaurant for the weekend When Maya is worn out and tired by Sunday, she decides to delay the clean up until the next day, after school When she arrives, a health inspector is there with a 10,000 fine In order to pay for that fine, she masterminds along with Camden a multi thousand dollar cheating ring and risks jeopardizing her scholarship to Stanford University.
The characters were hilarious Maya was my favorite She always had a comeback ready to shoot back whenever she was with Camden I loved all the characters I was able to see them through Maya s eyes and saw what she th Blog Twitter Instagram Full review potential spoilers alert to my sopho year of high school, aka the first year I began to write book reviews One day I decided to ask for donations of books for my school, as I went to an alternative school and the head teacher there is an absolute angel Through the years, it was obvious the bookshelf in one of our classrooms wasn t growing, so I figured I d surprise my teacher and classmates with some new books.
Cherry Cheva was one of the first authors to offer a book to donate and thus began my lovefest with She s So Money After a week or two of it sitting on the shelf in our classroom, unread simply because no one was doing reading assignments until the end of the semester, I picked it up and began reading it on my breaks between classes and lunch First, I fell in love w Question What Do You Get When You Take Overachieving Girl Insanely Cute Guy Massive Fine Scheme Involving A Little Dishonesty And A Whole Lot Of CashI Ve Always Been The Good Girl Working Seriously Long Hours At My Family S Restaurant And Getting Straight As And Camden King Was Always Just That Hot, Popular Guy I D Pass In The Halls, Whose Ego Was Probably Much Bigger Than His Brain I Didn T Think There D Ever Be A Reason For Us To Actually, Like, InteractThen Again, I Never Thought I D Mess Up So Badly That My Family Might Lose Our Entire Restaurant If I Didn T Come Up With A Ton Of Money, And Fast So That S Where Camden Comes In He And His Evil Genius Plan To Do Kids Homework For CashI Know Cheating S Wrong, But It S Better Than Being Dead, Right Which Is What I D Be If My Parents Knew About What Happened I Never Expected Things To Spin So Far Out Of Control Or That I D Be Such A Sucker For Camden S Lopsided Grin Or That Falling Apart Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Answer The Time Of My Life I really liked it It kept my attention for the whole 5 hours it took me to read it I would also like to beat my friend over the head who made me read it Awesome book though, so I guess at least she didn t steer me wrong Did I mention I love Camden I liked it Definately a girl book Good but not great.

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[ Pdf She's So Money í lapidary PDF ] by Cherry Cheva · pamyatnik.pro Cherry Chevapravatdumrong Cherry Cheva was born in Columbus, OH, and raised in Ann Arbor, MI She majored in psychology at Yale and earned a J.D from NYU Law School While in school, Cherry spent her summers working at law firms and her winter breaks waiting tables at her parents restaurant, Lotus Thai She then moved to LA to pursue a career in writing, and is now the only female writer on