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Ü Stealing Heaven Ä Download by Ü Elizabeth Scott Danielle only knows one way to live She s never been to school, she s never had a legitimate job, no friends, and no boyfriend What she does have is her mother, and what they do, is criminal They steal Basically they move from town to town, targeting the houses that contain their drug of choice, silver Her mother does it, her father did it It s the only thing she knows how to do, but is what she wants to do.
Their next hit is a small sleepy beach town called, Heaven Everything is going as planned they have the house in sights and they are gathering intel They ll breeze in and out and no one will notice or miss them That is until Dani meets Allison and is tempted with the taste of friendship But Allison isn t the only one who has Dani questioning her ways, there is Greg, the co I stand in the shower and cry for what I ve never had and never will A real home Things I can truly call my own and keep forever Friends I am in the place where you cry and mean it Dani has never had the chance to settle down in one place, make connections with people or call a place her own This is because from a young age all has learnt to rob places with her mom and then move to another town However things change when Dani arrives at Heaven, she finds it strange that people actually want to get to know her and ask questions about her life She soon find herself taking a step backwards, instead of finding out information about the houses they re meant to rob, she finds herself being drawn closer to a friend that she never had in Allison and cop Greg.
Greg sighs is so patient, sweet and funny, and I especially loved My Name Is Danielle I M Eighteen I Ve Been Stealing Things For As Long As I Can RememberDani Has Been Trained As A Thief By The Best Her Mother Together, They Move From Town To Town, Targeting Wealthy Homes And Making A Living By Stealing Antique Silver They Never Stay In One Place Long Enough To Make Real Connections, Real Friends A Real LifeIn The Beach Town Of Heaven, Though, Everything Changes For The First Time, Dani Starts To Feel At Home She S Making Friends And Has Even Met A Guy But These People Can Never Know The Real Dani Because Of Who She Is When It Turns Out That Her New Friend Lives In The House They Ve Targeted For Their Next Job And The Cute Guy Is A Cop, Dani Must Question Where Her Loyalties Lie With The Life She S Always Known Or The One She S Always Wanted I really enjoyed this, a quick fast paced contemporary about a girl who steals with her mother for a living, and what happens when she moves to a town called Heaven, and makes friends and falls for a local young cop Although the premise sounds cutesy, it s actual pretty heavy in theme content, would recommend to fans of Sarah Dessen.
I just love everything about Stealing Heaven I love Danielle, who is a professional thief And Greg, who is the grinning cop with crazy hair I love reading about older characters in YA 18 and 20years and the uniqueness of the story This is the book I wish I had written The premise of a thief liking a cop is achingly done I got a little emotional in this one Probably just me I ve re read this one and it s still a fave I think maybe my favourite out of Elizabeth Scott s books so far 4.
5 stars FOR SURE This book was awesome Completely different premise than anything I d ever read before Dani Danielle grew up studying the family business which is stealing silver from rich people s homes She never went to high school, because she was learning important things She and her mom essentially live on the road, going from one town to the next, picking a home, devising a plan to steal from it, stealing the silver, and then moving on to a new town.
Until they get to Heaven, a seaside town with a TON of rich houses and she accidentally makes friends, when she s just supposed to be scoping things out.
I really liked Allison how open, honest, kind, and friendly she was She reminded me of me And I m totally in love with Greg Sign me up for some of him, please I loved the concept and some parts were really interesting, but overall I wasn t impressed It took me awhile to finish because I kept losing interest I didn t feel any emotional connection with the characters.
Does this qualify as NA If so, NA is my new YA Stealing Heaven reminds me of Pretty Woman Only instead of a handsome suave business man type there s, get this, a young cop The pairing seemed so unlikely that it verged on being corny I was positive I would to mock them after Later though I caught on to what they felt for each other a wanting, a tentative one, for someone they knew not at all but completely all at once Guess who read a lot of paperback romances when she was younger Her HEA, was a bitter sweet one Getting to it was not easy, but is definitely well worth the read Most of Dani s miseries IMO came up because she couldn t say no For girl in her business, she was surprisingly trusting and oblivious when it cam

While I was reading this book I was really expecting to give it four stars and if the ending was really good maybe even five, but the ending just didn t seem like enough.
Quick Overveiw Danielle has been stealing stuff silver to specific for as long as she can remember She and her mother are partners in crime, literally Her father isn t in her life so it s just her and her mom But everything starts change when they go to the town of Heaven She breaks the number one rule of telling someone her real name And a cop of all people She does another thing wrong by actually making a friend and finds herself getting unusually comfortable in Heaven But everything gets even complicated when she finds out that the house her and her mother are planning as their next steal is the home of her new friend The book kept me interested and the plot isn t predictable e Stealing Heaven is about a young girl that is going through life and just letting things happen In the begining it is Dani, her mother, and her father After some difficult obsticles they go through, which they think are normal, Dani is separated from her father for the rest of her life She grew up knowing all the things she had weren t hers She didn t know better, afterall that is what she had been taught Later Dani s father was put in jail for stealing and was left with her mother She loved her mom dearly and knew she could never hurt her After having to move around so many times after breaking into homes, Dani never had the chance to attend high school They came to a place called Heaven where for the first time many good things would happen Also there were a few disappointments Stealing Heaven was one o

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