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[Soraya Naomi] ☆ Sins of a Bad Boy [rus PDF] Read Online ☆ Received this as an ARC from the author Another amazing book Absolutely loved it Can t wait for her next book So well written If you want the sexy, hot and heavy then this is it You won t be disappointed.
I received an ARC from the Author is exchange for an honest review I give this book 5 stars I did not want to put this book down and got frustrated when I did have too This is my favorite book by Soraya Naomi to date This book has it all Lies, Drama, Suspense, Violence and HOT Steamy scences I loved William he is cocky and sure of himself, but is that who he really is or is a fascade He has had a rough childhood, things did not come easy for him at all.
Ivy is a feisty one, who is she really I dont want to give any of the story away, but this is a must read book, for those 18 William Kade Is A Ruthless Businessman Who Plays Dirty He Titillates All Women And Is Rejected By None An Orphan Who Comes From Nothing, William Has Built An Empire From A Gaming Club And An Illegal Fight Club With His Best Friend And Mentor, Charles However, When Profits Decline, Charles And William Decide To Open The First Hardcore Sex Club In The USWith Plans In The Works To Expand That Business, They Re Forced To Take Drastic Measures To Secure Enough Cash To Pay The Gaming Club Debts Drastic Measures That Involve Ivy, A Woman William Already Has Unfinished Business With A Woman Who Might Be The Only Female That Equally Annoys And Intrigues HimBut When William And Ivy Start Playing A Dangerous Game, The Stakes Become Higher With Each Passing Day Until No One Can Find A Sane Way OutA Dark Erotic, Historical ThrillerFrom Soraya Naomi, International Bestselling Author Of The Chicago Syndicate SeriesThis Book Is Exclusively Available On Radish I received an ARC COPY of this book Sins of a Bad Boy by the author Soraya Naomi for an honest review I loved it I enjoyed it very much Great story I had to stop towards the end of the book to get a box of Kleenex to wipe away the tears from my eyes I won t say any I highly recommend this book for a great read.
I received an ARC via Give Me books in exchange for an honest review Thank you I have mixed feelings about this one The story, itself, was interesting and intriguing.
But, the writing in the beginning was really rough, and, I just could not connect with either of the protagonists.
In an entirety, the vibe I got while reading was misplaced Things just didn t click, everything seemed a little rift raft and over dramatic or over the top, and I can t believe I m going to say this, but there wasway too much sex for my tasteUgh Made me at times, skip, or skim over from period to period.
I wanted development and progression within this story, as well as, a tint of realism embedded in the plot and characters.
Maybe it s just me, but, I could not picture a character such as William during 1900 and the language way of speaking he and the rest of the cast used It just didn t match the time period Soraya s done it again I ve loved all the books in her Chicago Syndicate series For Fallon, For Luca, and For Adriano about the sexy alpha men in the present day Chicago Mafia, but she s done something a little different this time and written about bad boy William Kade from 1900 s Chicago, who not so coincidentally, owns the club that would one day become Club 7, which plays a big part in her Chicago Syndicate series And although Sins of a Bad Boy is technically a historical romance which I don t normally read a lot of , she manages to put a modern spin on it by focusing on the characters and letting 1900 s Chicago simply act as the perfect backdrop.
Playboy William Kade grew up as an orphan until he was rescued by Charles Lindon, his mentor, father figure and friend Charles owns a high rise in the Chicago Loop where Williams lives, owns I was gifted a copy of this book f o r an honest review.
I was skeptical about reading this book, it said Historical Romance, not my favorite type of book But I dove in and I am so glad I did What a beautiful love story Yes there was a lot of violence, but also many moments that brought me to tears William and Ivy s story was troubled but so worth reading It was written beautifully and just keep me reading It is a definite must read book

Oh wow I loved this book so much I m not a fan of historical books but I received an ARC in return for an honest review I m so glad I read it Soraya never disappoints She has an amazing talent Her books and characters draw you in from the start It s a pretty dark story at times with a lot of amazing sex scenes that puts 50 shades, and others, to shame So if that s what you like to read, then look no further Highly recommend this book Cried like a baby too THREE STARSARC Kindly provided by author My first historical romance, yay I must thank the author for turning me into this genre, because there s something to be said about a romance set in the 1900 s The sex seemed almost forbidden and even, a million times enticing Also the hero in this story always trying to play by the rules of a rich society, but his raw and Alpha male nature would always shine through, setting him apart and making him my favorite character in this story William was an orphan and had a pretty rough childhood, he learned to fight to survive and that violence only grew with time helping him become a very successful fighter in the underground world William and his partner, the man who became his mentor after helping him get out of a life of poverty, own a gambling club and their next venture is a sex club th This was a 2.
5 stars for me, and I really think that it might have been the case that I just couldn t get into it I had a hard time feeling a connection with the hero or the heroine I found that the heroine s personality wasn t consistant through out the book and that became very distracting to me.
Another issue I had was that during the first half of the book the story was overly descriptive at times and it became somewhat too much I would not want my opinion to sway someone from giving this story a try though I feel that there will be a lot of readers who enjoy this story very much Sins of a Bad Boy has a lot of the things that we enjoy in a great romance book William is a fighter, as well as an owner of a sex club gambling club He ends up g

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