È Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander Ý Download by Í David Cordingly

È Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander Ý Download by Í David Cordingly A solid, overall enjoyable biography of an astounding man.
Having read Patrick O Brian s Aubrey Maturin series, it s strange to see that all the things and events that made Lucky Jack Aubrey a great fictional character, are simply biographical for Thomas Cochrane.
I give it 4 5 stars because I think the author spoils as much as a historical record can be the naturally building drama of many of the events by telling you how it turns out before describing the action I also felt his retelling of the Gamo action was a bit rushed and underplayed considering the brilliance of it.
There were also some typo issues in the last 1 3 of the book Nothing too bad, just noticeable.
If you know anything about Cochrane, you ll enjoy this book If you ve never heard of him, all the reason to read it Kindle Version Outstanding book, read it.
Best books, Cochrane The Real Master And Commander Author David Cordingly This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Cochrane The Real Master And Commander, Essay By David Cordingly Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You An interesting and well written exploration of a relatively unknown figure, who nevertheless took part in or witnessed some major events of the 19th century Cordingly, well known for writing about pirates, reveals a polarising naval officer whose pride and unpopular political beliefs led him from command of his own ship and a position in Westminster to financial ruin and self imposed exile in South America The author carefully avoids taking sides in some of the controversial elements of Cochrane s story, while presenting the sea battles and political manoeuvering with skill and vigor.
Cochrane was a Scot who had led a quite remarkable life He had fought highly dramatic battles in Napoleonic times, becoming much celebrated, but had also been accused of conspiracy and fraud He had recovered to have a whole new and highly celebrated naval career in South America His life was so exciting that he was the inspiration for much naval fiction, including the work of Captain Marryat who served under him, C.
Forester s Horatio Hornblower, and recently Patrick O Brian s Jack Aubrey The Government of Chile was still so grateful to Cochrane that they held an annual memorial service to him in Westminster Abbey Yet Cochrane was little known to most Scots, and little celebrated in Scotland.
The initial discussion centred on the reasons for Cochrane s As per usual, just copypasta from what I wrote in my LJ when I was reading it Why yes, I am a Patrick O Brian fan, why do you ask I m trying to figure out just how much Jack and Cochrane s pre commander careers overlapped Both were lieutenants on the Resolution The Reso, the good old Reso Only for Jack it was at least his second time aboard her And I love the little anecdote about the first lieutenant sawing his sea chest in half because it was too big to fit AHAHA Pwned Cochrane meets Nelson From the Cochrane biographyIt was never my good fortune to serve under his Lordship, either at that or any subsequent period During our stay at Palermo, I had, however, opportunities of personal conversation with him, and from one of his frequent injuctions, Never mind the manoeuvres, always go at them, I subsequently had I wanted to read this book to learn about the remarkable man whose life provided the raw material for the tales of Jack Aubrey and Horatio Hornblower Cordingly s excellent historical biography deserves to be read on its own merits Lord Thomas Cochrane executed such stunningly audacious feats successfully attacking much larger ships with his small sloop Speedy, leading an attack of fireships on the French fleet at Basque Roads, and helping Chile and Brazil establish their independence that one might think it was Hollywood myth, but it really happened Cochrane was a flawed man who could not restrain himself from reckless attacks on powerful forces in the navy and the government generally Additionally, he also fought for reform causes as a member of parliament His intemperate tactics and language did him little good Of course, he was quite right in insisting that either the electoral An interesting biography of a British Sea Captain during the Napoleonic era Cochrane was the eldest son of a Scottish Earl who engaged in many dramatic single ship actions and raids and was much admired However, he appeared to have a persecution complex and always blamed impediments to his career on plotting by others He was not helped by his Radical views during a repressive time in the UK due to the threat from Napoleon He was ultimately imprisoned for stock fraud, and after release departed for Chile and Brazil, leading both Navies in their successful fight against Spanish rule.
His effort to clear his name in the Stock Exchange Fraud trial was ultimately successful, although historians continue to debate his guilt The author believes he was guilty at most of being an accessory after the fact, but that

Le Loup des Mers deserves a better bioI picked this book up on a whim, having recently become interested in the Napoleonic Wars but finding little else on the subject that I could check out from my county s e library Further, I have the first of Patrick O Brian Aubrey Maturin books on hold, so it seemed the perfect time to read about the man whom O Brian s stalwart fictional hero is modelled on, or as the subtitle tantalizes, The Real Master and Commander Alas, Cordingly is no O Brian and from the first pages I found this book a bit of a slog, for multiple reasons Before I say why, let me first commend the author for having thoroughly mined so many sources and having maintained such an even handed and impartial attitude toward his subjec A biography of a naval figure overshadowed by better known contemporaries such as Nelson and Collingwood, at least here in the UK, but who was reputedly one of the inspirations for Hornblower and Aubrey It reads as well as a Hornblower story and reveals a complex character who was both bold in battle and unusually careful for the lives of those under his command, despite a seemingly haughty demeanour He was also somewhat paranoid though perhaps with some cause and had an obsession with money, both of which attributed to him not reaching what seemed to be his early potential The book offers a perceptive insight into, not only the complexities of the Royal Navy at the time, but also British parliamentary politics, given that Cochrane was, for a short time an MP and an outspoken advocate for reform In this and in some scientific and technical areas that he explored both during and after

David Cordingly

È Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander Ý Download by Í David Cordingly David Cordingly is an English naval historian who is considered one of the leading authorities on pirates He held the position of Keeper of Pictures and Head of Exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England for twelve years.David Cordingly organised several exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum, including Captain James Cook, Navigator and The Mutiny on the Bounty.