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Ü Read ì The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch Ö I was first introduced to Mr Pausch while watching the Oprah show in the fall My father in law was in the hospital at the time, fighting melanoma that had metastacized to his lungs Simply stated, I stopped folding clothes and cried so hard during that show Soon after, the emails began to circulate with links to The Last Lecture on utube and I watched every link I got and cried even I read all the internet articles and was touched every time When I saw the book was coming out, I jumped on board and knew I had to read it I never knew how emotional this book would be for me The day August 15, 2007 Randy Pausch got the devistating news that his cancer had spread and there was nothing the doctors could do any, is the same No doubt Randy Pausch was a nice guy But this book is smarmy, self indulgent crap which is ok given the circumstances under which he gave this lecture But it is not worth reading.
This is typical 1980 s individualistic, unreflective advise on how to succeed in life Alas, Professor Pausch does not realize that he was born white, male, middle income, in exactly the time in the 20th century where he could avoid confronting WWI, WWII, the depression, Korea, Vietnam, urban riots of the 1960 s, the civil right movement,and the women s movement because he was too young And he got to miss all of the problems of Bush 1 and Bush 2 in the middle east because he was too old and affluent.
So he has the privilege and lack of social awareness to totally ignore the entire social context that provided and constructed his wonderful, if unfortunately short, life T A Lot Of Professors Give Talks Titled The Last Lecture Professors Are Asked To Consider Their Demise And To Ruminate On What Matters Most To Them What Wisdom Would We Impart To The World If We Knew It Was Our Last Chance If We Had To Vanish Tomorrow, What Would We Want As Our Legacy When Randy Pausch, A Computer Science Professor At Carnegie Mellon, Was Asked To Give Such A Lecture, He Didn T Have To Imagine It As His Last, Since He Had Recently Been Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer But The Lecture He Gave, Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams , Wasn T About Dying It Was About The Importance Of Overcoming Obstacles, Of Enabling The Dreams Of Others, Of Seizing Every Moment Because Time Is All You Have And You May Find One Day That You Have Less Than You Think It Was A Summation Of Everything Randy Had Come To Believe It Was About LivingIn This Book, Randy Pausch Has Combined The Humour, Inspiration, And Intelligence That Made His Lecture Such A Phenomenon And Given It An Indelible Form It Is A Book That Will Be Shared For Generations To Come While this man has a 5 star attitude, I can only give the book two yeah, everyone is raving about this guy Five star attitude the author gets diagnosed with terminal cancer He refers to this as an engineering problem understated and true has 3 6 months to live, tops Has 3 small children ages 6 and under who will never know him he was scheduled to give a last lecture , ya know, how to live your life as if you were dying irony and he writes it in such a way that it s a celebration of his life his children will know who he was and what he believed in a story of how life can throw brick walls in your way and you have a choice, to stop or go around them play the cards you get dealt instead of bitching about themI applaud the great attitude he takes to enjoy the time he has left and focus on what matters But is this earth shattering Is any of this a surprise The Last Lecture is Randy Pausch s last hurrah a final note to the world and his family about how to live, love and let go It is beautiful.
I think that we re all here for a reason and have stories to tell How fortunate for us all that Randy had the time and ability to tell his particular story.
I recommend this book for fans of memoirs, computer engineering and heart felt narratives I listened to the audiobook and it was excellent.
Then, once I finished the book, I looked up Randy s actual last lecture on YouTube Bring your kleenexes, friends.
This is a father s love letter to his family It is beyond beautiful.
The Last Lecture, literally, for a professor with a terminal illness Taken from a speech that he wanted to impart to his students, family, friends, really everyone as he came to grips with his condition.
This is about as emotionally charged and spiritually powerful as you may expect, the author is exploring territory that we all face, but he was at the edge of existence when he put this together Randy Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had months to live, from this perspective he shares with us what is most important read it, discuss it, share it.
I think this was one of those books where knowing the criticisms before starting it ultimately upped my enjoyment factor Randy Pausch, the author, was one of those people who became wildly popular in 2008 thanks to the internet He was a popular professor at Carnegie Mellon and was invited to give a last lecture , a tradition of sorts where a professor is urged to give a specially prepared lecture as though it were the last s he were to ever give And so they are encouraged to break down all the knowledge learned in their lives and during their careers into one hour long presentation and say, this is the best of what I know, here you go But for Randy Pausch, his Last Lecture became somewhat of a sensation because shortly before he was scheduled to give his presentation, he learned that

My review of this book will not be popular, but I must be honest I m halfway through this book, and although I appreciate a positive voice, it s really not that interesting or helpful If I could sum up this book in three words, they would be yay for me The author tells us how great his childhood was, then that he accomplished all his childhood dreams, got the girl of his dreamsetc etc etc It s really not a book how to better your own life, as much as it him telling us how great his life has been Yes I realize it was born from a lecture, but maybe every life, achievement, and event in this world doesn t necessarily need a book to be made about them.
Having said all negative stuff, Mr Pausch sounds like a good guy.
what wisdom would you impart to the world if you knew it was your last chance if you were gone tomorrow, what would you want to be your legacy carnegie mellon university is known for its last lecture series, in which professors are invited to give a talk where they consider their demise and ruminate on what matters most to them, essentially answering those very questions randy pausch was one of those professors and this book was his last lecture.
i have found it rather difficult to critique a dying mans thoughts and words to his wife and children because of the nature of this book, i cant review this how i normally would with a novel so i am only left with the option of sharing how i felt after i closed the final page i will admit, i have never given much thought about dying but regretfully, i have never given much thought about living in most aspects, i

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Ü Read ì The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch Ö pamyatnik.pro I am flattered and embarassed by all the recent attention to my Last Lecture I am told that, including abridged versions, over six million people have viewed the lecture online The lecture really was for my kids, but if others are finding value in it, that is wonderful But rest assured I m hardly unique Send your kids to Carnegie Mellon and the other professors here will teach them valuable