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[ Read Online Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship Ò social-work PDF ] by Robert Kurson ✓ This book ultimately frustrated me I really enjoyed the chronicle of searching for the ship, the story of Bannister and the backstory of both the men at the center of the story But what has stuck in my mind since finishing are the things that were frankly unnecessary to the story or seemed shoe horned in.
There are several times that the author and men make rather objectifying statements about women, which may have been said, but really didn t need to be included in the book It only added to the men s unlikability, which when coupled with arrogance, tempers and entitlement ultimately made me unsympathetic toward them and their quest I started rooting for someone else to find the ship before them.
It s also clear that these men, the author included, care nothing about the Domin I fell in love with Kurson s Shadow Divers, so when this came up I just has to grab it These divers are amazing men, the amount of time and money this takes is astronomical and this plays havoc on lives and relationships.
In this book they are looking for a pirate s ship, the Golden Fleece of John Bannister Bannister is the only pirate that actually beat the Royal Navy There is so much to, this book, a history of piracy, the leasing pirates of the time and how they fought and the treasures they stole Some of the descriptions of what they did to captains and crews of the ships that fought back were quite graphic but relatively short An incredible time for piracy One thing I found most interesting is that there was a true democracy on these pirate ships, way before democracy was even a thought elsewhere.
Th A Thrilling New Adventure Of Danger And Deep Sea Diving, Historic Mystery And Suspense, By The Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Shadow Divers Finding And Identifying A Pirate Ship Is The Hardest Thing To Do Under The Sea But Two Men John Chatterton And John Mattera Are Willing To Risk Everything To Find The Golden Fleece, The Ship Of The Infamous Pirate Joseph Bannister At Large During The Golden Age Of Piracy In The Seventeenth Century, Bannister S Exploits Would Have Been Notorious Than Blackbeard S, Daring Than Kidd S, But His Story, And His Ship, Have Been Lost To Time If Chatterton And Mattera Succeed, They Will Make History It Will Be Just The Second Time Ever That A Pirate Ship Has Been Discovered And Positively Identified Soon, However, They Realize That Cutting Edge Technology And A Willingness To Lose Everything Aren T Enough To Track Down Bannister S Ship They Must Travel The Globe In Search Of Historic Documents And Accounts Of The Great Pirate S Exploits, Face Down Dangerous Rivals, Battle The Tides Of Nations And Governments And Experts But It S Only When They Learn To Think And Act Like Pirates Like Bannister That They Become Able To Go Where No Pirate Hunters Have Gone Before Fast Paced And Filled With Suspense, Fascinating Characters, History, And Adventure, Pirate Hunters Is An Unputdownable Story That Goes Deep To Discover Truths And Souls Long Believed LostAdvance Praise For Pirate Hunters A Great Thriller Full Of Tough Guys And Long Odds And It S All True Lee Child Action And Adventure On Land And Sea You Can T Ask For But Robert Kurson Raises The Ante In Pirate Hunters With An Array Of Mystery And A Fleet Of Colorful Characters Spanning Four Centuries This Is A Great Summer read Michael Connelly Pirate Hunters Is A Fantastic Book, An Utterly Engrossing And Satisfying read It Tells The Story Of The Hunt For The Rare Wreck Of A Pirate Ship, Which Had Been Captained By One Of The Most Remarkable Pirates In History This Is A Real Life Treasure Island, Complete With Swashbuckling, Half Crazy Treasure Hunters And Vivid Caribbean Settings A Story For The Ages Douglas Preston A Terrific read I Was Pulled In From Page One Kurson Brings Us Face To Face With Some Of The Most Swashbuckling Pirates Ever To Sail The Caribbean, Even As He Takes Us Underwater On A High Tech Quest To Discover The Relics They Left Behind Daniel James Brown There S Nothing In The World Like Buried Treasure And People Hungry And Obsessed Enough To Risk Their Lives For It Pirate Hunters Isn T Just A Good Story It S A True One Searching For The Souls Of Its Explorers, It Takes You To The Far Tip Of The Plank And Plunges You Deep To The Bottom Of The Ocean Brad Meltzer Pirate Hunters Is A Gripping Account Of Two Courageous Divers Quest To Uncover The Shipwrecked Vessel Of Joseph Bannister, One Of History S Most Infamous Pirates Robert Kurson Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat In This High Stakes Journey Around The Globe That Ultimately Teaches These Explorers About Much Than An Old Ship Sen John McCain Kurson S Own Enthusiasm, Combined With His Copious Research And An Eye For Detail, Makes For One Of The Most Mind Blowing Pirate Stories Of Recent Memory Publishers Weekly I m DNF ing this at 60% It s just too much back story on the men looking for the ship and not enough about The Golden Compass I wanted treasure and they only touched on that in the beginning Also this isn t good on audio because this book needs pictures The narrator Ray Porter is good Don t take my word for it Lots of people loved this book.
I loved this book, The mixture of underwater archeology, the historical background of the pirate ship and pirate themselves added a lot to the narrative I m a sucker for anything historical specially having to do with the golden age of Piracy which happens to be right smack in the middle of the Imperialistic age, which is always interesting to read about from a historian point of view The only reason that I didn t give this book 5 stars is because I don t think everybody would appreciate the dense amount of background into the archaeologists themselves, in some parts it worked but in others it just felt like filler, like the author wanted to achieve a certain number of pages and felt the need to include background information that didn t have nothing to do with t My sincere thanks to Random House and Netgalley for allowing access to the e galley of Pirate Hunters Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship to be published June 16, 2015.
Demonstrating the same meticulous research, detail and respect as he did in Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson has once again written a winner that is bound to resonate with readers In Pirate Hunters, Kurson follows the adventuresome quest divers, the two John s, Chatterton and Mattera as they search for the lost ship, The Golden Fleece, once captained by buccaneer Joseph Bannister Pirate Hunters is truly a swashbuckling read and treasure found Kurson s Shadow Divers is an all time favorite of mine Pirate Hunters promised some of the same elements that drew me to that story It fills my need for edge of the seat adventure, vicarious experiences and the thril Pirate Hunters is than just the search for the lost treasure ship of a great buccaneer, it s history, biography, and psychology rolled into one page turning tale Ostensibly, this is the story of two treasure hunters, John Mattera and John Chatterton, who descend upon the Dominican Republic in search of the pirate Joseph Bannister s ship, the Golden Fleece In a battle against two British war ships, the Golden Fleece went down in 1687, where it has rested in peace ever since Author Robert Kurson uses the natural story lines built by hunters racing other hunters for one of the most elusive of prizes, a genuine pirate wreck records for pirate ships were not kept by pirates and their sympathizers, making finds all the challenging.
In addition to the history propelled by the mystery, the false starts necessary to reach an actual strike, and the underwater and above descriptions bui

This was a really enjoyable and quick read It s part biography part history It tells the story on how a team of divers discovered the wreck of the Golden Fleece, using a combination of research and technology, and the struggles they faced along the way.
The Golden Fleece is the ship that belonged to Joseph Bannister, infamous English Gentleman turned pirate So we get a few different stories in this book The story of how the wreck was found, the stories behind the men who found it, and the history behind the wreck and the pirate himself.
I listened to the audio version, and as always Porter s narration was excellent and very engaging The book was well written and well paced The parts about the Golden Fleece and the history were broken up by chapters about the divers, John Chatterton and John Mattera Matte This book spent a lot of time treading water Pirate Hunters is the story of three men trying to find the wreck of a 17th century pirate ship in the Dominican Republic Joseph Bannister was an Englishman who turned to piracy, and the Royal Navy was sent to capture him Bannister s ship, the Golden Fleece, sank in 1686 after a ferocious battle It wasn t seen again until 2009, when our pirate hunters found it after months of searching.
This book was described as an adventure story, which is why I was keen to read it However, there were too many pages on the background of the three pirate hunters John Chatterton, John Mattera, and Tracy Bowden There were lengthy profiles on each man, but I didn t think their personal stories needed such glossy attention There was also too much time spent on the bickering between the men, and on all I stumbled on this book while I was trying to find a book on the Amber RoomThe Amber Room is a world famous chamber decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg originally constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, the Amber Room disappeared during World War II and was recreated in 2003 Before the room was lost, it was considered an Eighth Wonder of the World ,I didn t have any expectations before reading Pirate Hunters Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Shipbut a goodread s friend Diane S had given it a 4 star rating so thought it was worth downloading on audio and giving it a try The book revolves around John Chatterton and John Mattera treasure hunters seeking the whereabouts of the Golden F

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[ Read Online Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship Ò social-work PDF ] by Robert Kurson ✓ pamyatnik.pro Robert Kurson is an American author, best known for his bestselling book, Shadow Divers, the true story of two Americans who discover a sunken World War II German U boat and for Crashing Through, the story of an entrepreneur who regains his eyesight after a lifetime of blindness.Kurson began his career as an attorney, graduating from Harvard Law School and practicing real estate law His profe