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È Blue Man Ð Download by Ð Tova Dian Dean This was such a good read Loved this book and am hoping for a sequel.
Blue Man was a good enough read on a snowy day I was unable to see a point to the story, however I didn t dislike the book, it just seemed to start in a story vein and then jump to something else before elaborating on the previous idea The book was short and, in my opinion, would have been better had it followed up on the story lines it left dangling with no conclusion.
I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads.

Blue Man by Tova Dian Dean is my seventy first book that I have received and read from Goodreads It is different and very intriguing Julian, is a movie star and is very adventurous and takes a trip by kayak down rivers in Mexico During this trip his skin turns blue He has to learn to live with it He is treated like an outcast During this time frame, he becames very despondent.
Months pass and to make money, he donates sperm to a sperm bank Julian receives a call that the Japanese wants him to come to Japan to do commercials Julian becomes very popular in Japan Julian finds out he was a daughter who s name is Sky A short time period later he finds that his sperm has been used alot, and over the years he has lots of kids.
I don t want to give away everything in the story In the end th I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and at first didn t think it would be my cup of tea The main character, Julian, is a movie star and adventurer and takes a trip by kayak During this trip his skin turns blue His condition gains him notoriety and he eventually ends up fathering blue children I don t want to give anything else away, but I did end up enjoying this book and feel the author s writing style is very easy to read She does a great job of telling a meaningful story.
I was lucky to have won this through a Goodreads giveaway I enjoyed this much than I thought I would I had a hard time getting into the early pages of the book, but I did grow to like it as I continued I love the outdoors, and this book was about an adventurer Who turns blue Hhmmm And has blue kids Give it a try I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads GiveawayI was very impressed with this book It was a great read I thought the story was very unique The story follows Julian whom during a kayaking trip turns blue He then has to learn to live this way The story was very thought provoking Definitely a must read in my book This book tells the story of Julian, a young, adventurous actor, who turned into a Blue Man during a kayaking trip and had to learn to live a new life The storyline is curious and intriguing, but the writing appears to be quite flat and lacks literary beauty Nevertheless, it s a fun story to read.
Julian,a movie star and an adventurer,traveled down rivers in Mexico in a Kayaka His skin began to turn blue He was treated like an outcast He traveled to the Southwest seeking answers to his condition He was soon very popular, traveling to Japan to do TV ads He donated his sperm to the sperm bank,he needed the money He now has a daughter with blue skin Her name is Sky Aftr a time ter were blue skinned children.
This story emphisizes love , friendship, accepting others ,even if they are different, and yourself keeping family close I won this book through Goodreads first reads.
Julian Lunden, A Rather Famous, Adventure Loving Young Actor Who At The Start Of His Epic Kayaking Trip Down The Rivers And Waterfalls Of South America And Mexico Had Looked To Find A Sense Of Renewal It Was A Great Dark Adventure That He Would Use To Promote His Image As A Thrill Seeker, And Provided A Reasonable End To A Love Affair In Which A Minor Starlet Was Hinting She Might Be Carrying Julian S Child He Didn T Believe It He D Felt Infertile His Entire LifeSomething Happens During This Trip That Will Change Julian S Life Forever, He Turns Blue From That Moment On, His Life Begins To Spiral Through A Series Of Events That Will Sometimes Sustain Julian, And Sometimes Nearly Kill Him This was a great read It really makes you think about discrimination and segregation and how it affects people differently.
This book has a very unique storyline Thank you for the opportunity to win this on Good read First reads giveaway I highly recommend this book.

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È Blue Man Ð Download by Ð Tova Dian Dean I think there are a few factors that have shaped me as a writer I write for myself I love it, it is as satisfying as reading to me Growing up, I was never really encouraged or discouraged from expressing myself creatively so I don t expect to work creatively for the approval of others My mother loved to read so there were always used books in the house I read a lot My mother also loved museu