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[ Read Online Marine for Hire (Front and Center, #1) ä motorcycling PDF ] by Tawna Fenske Ñ THREE AND A HALF MARINE STYLE STARS.
Tawna Fenske is yet another fabulous Brazen author to look out for and I can gladly admit that I m already impatiently waiting for book two of this series Marine for hire was everything a brazen fix should be cute, lighthearted and laugh out loud funny I can t resist a romance novel that gives me a lovely dose of the warm and fuzzies and happily this book delivered, here are the rest of my thoughts What s it all about Ex marine and all round rugged male, Sam Kercher has been approached by his fellow solider and best friend to take up a challenge that may just be out of Sam s usual comfort zone With a favour to return and nothing else to loose Sam is about to become a nanny to baby boy twins for a week 4 He look s like the sort of guy who d be very attentive to your orgasm Stars Marine for Hire is one of those books that you pick up and don t put down again until you have finished it There isn t a thing about this book that I didn t like Sam and Sheri were both likeable, strong characters with well developed, but not overly dramatic backgrounds The secondary characters Mac Sheri s brother and Sam s friend , and Kelli Sheri s best friend also figured quite a bit in the story and really added value to it as well It s Sam actually, but we can go with Mr Beefcake is that s comfortable I loved the addition of the twins Jeffrey and Jackson into the mix, let s face it babies always will add the Ahh factor The writing style was light, engaging and entertainingly blunt.
Tawna Fenske has encapsulated perfectly what I would term as normal 3.
5 Sweet Sexy Fun STARS Marine for Hire was a sweet, fun and sexy read for me The steam level could have been a bit steamier but I did love Sam and Sheridan Sheri together Sam Kercher is Sheridan s brother Mac s best friend and one sexy Marine Mac is calling in a favor and Sam finds himself agreeing to watch over Sheridan for a couple of weeks while Mac is unable to But it just isn t Sheridan, it is her twin boys Jackson and Jeffrey too Though a bit rattled with this whole proposition, Sam agrees to be their nanny Sheridan is definitely unsure about agreeing to Sam being their nanny She has just come out of a less then perfect marriage to Lieutenant Limpdick aka Jonathan Price, her ex husband Who just happens to be a military man too Sheri has a lot going on in her life She has just moved to Kauai, she is staring a new job and she is determined to take care of her boys But she Review posted at Swept Away By Romance3 stars Marine For Hire was exactly the type of book that I was in the mood for today, and I m so glad I took the time to read it Sweet, sexy, and funny, with a little bit of suspense, Marine For Hire was an ideal way to spend a few hours escaping from reality.
This book may be my ideal fantasy A huge hunk of a marine comes to help out his friend s sister who s a recently divorced mother of twin baby boys This amazingly attractive man is extremely physically fit, amazing in the kitchen, fabulous in bed, and comfortable and competent with babies There were many things that I enjoyed about this book, but the humor was what impressed me the most This book has MANY laugh out loud moments and priceless dialogue that kept me smiling and flipping pages as quickly as I could I also liked all the characters Even the horrible ex husb I enjoyed this book.
not as much as I thought I would but I think it was me and not the book since I ve been in a book funk I think I ll reread at some point.
to be fair.
It was a cute, sexy story I tend to love books with children in them I love seeing the nurturing protective side of a herohe s all the heroic for it, in my opinion I think I was a bit disappointed that the kids felt like a side note to the story We didn t get much interaction with them, just scenes in which they were a part of or allusions to trouble they caused I thought that it was a bit odd that the mother couldn t tell the twins apart I mean, is that really a problem Even for identical twins, I think a mom would know I could be wrong though This was definitely a predictable bookno bones about it, it s obvious the way every detail was going to play out So that was kind of meh The ex husband was a total prick, which made it easy to hate him The romance literally seeped from the pages almost instantly, and it got too pervasive at times Even for those newly in love She Thought She D Sworn Off Military Men For Good Sam Kercher Is Every Inch A Wickedly Hot Marine Tall Sexy Lethal When His Best Friends Call In A Favor, Sam Is Forced To Face An Entirely New Line Of Duty Playing Nanny For Their Newly Divorced Sister And Her Squirming Seven Month Old Twin Boys If Sam Can Dissemble An M In His Sleep, Diaper Duty Should Be A Cakewalkright Unfortunately, Operation Nanny Isn T Quite That Simple Sheridan Has Sworn Off Overbearing Military Men, So Sam Must Protect Her From Her Dirtbag Ex Without Revealing Just How Much He Has In Common With Her Brothers Or That He S Been Ordered Not To Touch Her Ever Problem Is, Sheri S One Hell Of A Gorgeous Woman, And Sam Wants Herbad Protect The Girl Care For The Babies Hide His Identity And Keep His Handsoff But Even The Most Disciplined Marine Has Weaknessesand Sheridan Is One Sam Might Not Be Able To Resist Not my cuppa It started great, and I chuckled several times, because it is funny Truly funny, which is rare And the babies are both adorable and credible This author has talent The plot A Marine goes undercover as a nanny manny to keep his buddy s sister safe, and help her with the twin toddlers When her ex husband poses a threat, he s on it Written in 3rd person POV, the perspective shifts naturally from the Hero to the Heroine The book is primarily set in Hawaii Kauia.
However, the sex felt poorly timed It came on much too soon Insufficient emotional relational development I didn t buy into Sheri coming onto Sam so suddenly and so strong After knowing him for one day Bam She s pulling him into a full on half naked kiss in the hallway, and the next day dragging him into the shower with her I am also not a fan of female mast Overall rating 4 Manny stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler 3.
5 StarsCute Fun Sweet.
Let s meet Sam Sheri, shall we Sheridon aka Sheri is a recently divorced single mother of 7 month old twins She dumped her cheating, rigid ass, marine ex husband when he was caught cheating with a stripper She is brave She is stubborn She is self deprecating She s not winning mother of the year But most importantly she is done with military men, or maybe all men especially lying, cheating liars Sam is a marine who owes a lot to Sheri s brother, Mac But he is also infatuated with Sheri He only met her once in college, but it was a lasting impression He is brave He is stubborn He does not put up with self depreciation He is pretty sure that lying to Sheri about who or what he is, is the worst idea ever but when Mac insists, what s a guy to do Pretend he is a nanny um, I mean manny These two are so adorable So friggin funny And 100% sweet sexy

Tawna Fenske

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