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Download Epub Format í Viscount of Vice (Covent Garden Cubs, #0.5) PDF by Ü Shana Galen Shana always gives us a good tale.
Henry Flynn carries guilt like other men carry confidence With no wish to believe himself deserving of anyone or anything grand, he does his best to drown his sorrows in drink and live up to the name of Viscount of Vice The darling Emma Talbot believes him to be one of the best men, if he d ever take a moment to notice her When Henry is finally reunited with his long lost brother, Matthew, his guilt over his brother s state threatens to pull him even deeper into a state of deserving nothing good in his life Emma is determined to help him see the error of that thinking, and save him from himself.
We first met Flynn in the Jewels of the Ton series and Emma is the sister of the Duke of Ravenscroft from SAPPHIRES ARE AN EARL S BEST FRIEND Emma has been in love with Flynn for years but always felt like she went completely unnoticed by th Review posted on Got Fiction book blogIt s nice to start the New Year off with a good book When Flynn was a boy, he and his little brother were playing hide and seek He looks up to find him, and his brother is missing.
Fast forward to adulthood, and Flynn has spent his entire life blaming himself for the loss of his brother His family was devastated from this, and he s believed his brother was dead all these years So he builds up the reputation of being the Viscount of Vice And he revels in it.
But Emma knows better She knows he s a good man, and although she doesn t know the specifics, she knows that he s not to blame Now that she s 18, Emma is ready to go after Flynn.
Normally an 18 year old heroine bugs me They are barely adults at 18, she s in her first Season, I mean I was pretty naive at 18 And I know it s accurate, but still, 18 is still a teenager That b This Sparkling Novella Introduces Award Winning Author Shana Galen S Brand New Series, Covent Garden Cubs Galen Mixes London S Glittering Ballrooms With The Gritty Underworld In Her Exciting New Regency Romance SeriesWhispers And Secrets Are No Match For LoveHenry Flynn, The New Lord Chesham, Still Blames Himself For The Disappearance Of His Younger Brother When They Were Children That Incident Destroyed His Family, And Now He S On A Path Of Self Destruction That No One Can InterruptLady Emma Talbot Can T Stand Watching The Man She Secretly Loves Destroy Himself Little By Little She S Determined To Show Him That No One Holds Him Culpable, Before It S Too Late But Emma Doesn T Know What Really Happened To Flynn On That Fateful Day Long Ago, So What Chance Does She Have Of Saving Him From Himself Thank you to SOURCEbooks CASABLANCA and Netgalley for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
I m just going to say it this cover needs to go Whoo It feels so good to get that off my covered chest Now let s talk pages Viscount of Vice kicks off Shana Galen s newest series, Covent Garden Cubs Bow Street Runner Brook Derring is the common thread within the first two books This story and the next one begins with a startling discovery, and things take off from there.
Viscount of Vice focuses on Henry and Emma, a dashing rogue and a na ve young miss who have been secretly yearning for each other since their first meeting Except Emma isn t as quite as na ve as Henry thought, and her boldness takes him by surpri Received an ARC of Viscount of Vice This book was a different direction for me I haven t read a book by this author before Shana Galen was a pleasant surprise She combined just the right amount of romance with a little bit of mystery This book took me on an exciting journey I could not put it down Henry and Emma s story knocked me off my feet Enjoyable read I have found a new author to enjoy.
The Viscount of Vice isthe the first novel in Shana Galen s new Covent Garden cubs series The novella is a fast paced regency romp filled with adventure and passion He was going to hell Shame, Flynn thought , dangling from a third floor window of a town house in exclusive Grosvernor Square.
Moisture gathered on his fingers, and his hand slipped He could not hold on much longer Perhaps his death was for the best.
Still, it seemed harsh even for one such as Beelzebub to claim him when he was hanging naked from a window of one of the most prestigious addresses in Mayfair.
Flynn A woman s voice hissed His name was Henry Flynn, and he was the new Lord Chesham, but everyone called him Flynn when he wasn t called something far less complimentary.
Who could resist a story which opens with the hero dangling naked off a balc 2.
5 Cliches left, right and center stars A hero secretly in love with his best friends sister goes and earns himself the sobriquet The Viscount of Vice A sex scene when our protagonists are held prisoner by the bad guy.
you get the picture If you are an HR veteran, you can have fun guessing what was going to happen as the plot unfolds

Reviewer rating 4.
5 StarsI received an ARC from Net Galley for an honest review Since I have been a fan of Shana Galen s for several years, I looked forward to reading Viscount of Vice with great anticipation Again, as always, Ms Galen did not disappoint me I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful tale of attraction, amidst mayhem and chaos This great story has a bit of everything as this author s books tend to have, laughter, high adventure and plenty of passion.
As a reader, I greatly appreciate the fact that I can always count on Shana Galen to deliver a book consistent with her usual style Now I do not mean her stories are predictable in the least, just that I know what type of book it will be, in the sense that it will involve intrigue and danger with a fulfilling ending.
Flynn, as all his friends call him, even though he has recently become Viscount Chesham, is 3 Meh StarsI don t usually read novellas, but the books in the series are so long I wanted a fast treat This book didn t read like the others There wasn t character development and the insta attraction was well very instant I thought because of this it would be smutty, but it wasn t So disappointing, view spoiler the Heroine was a virgin and she remained a virgin people hide spoiler Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen Covenant Gardens Book O I recently read the first book in this new Covenant Gardens series by Shana Galen, so reading this novella was really amazing because it provides some background on Sir Brook s adventures I love every word Shana Galen puts on a page and this book was no exception Sometimes novella s are like an appetizer They are exciting and delicious, but you still want your main course This novella was like a full course meal When I finished the book I didn t feel like anything was missing The plot was well developed, there was adventure and mystery and a very well explored romance.
Emma has longed for the Viscount of Vice, Flynn since she first met him as a sixteen year old girl He was out of her league then, but since turning eighteen and h

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