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[Jackie Ashenden] à Make You Mine [ivory-coast PDF] Read Online ↠´ Alex, a founding member of the Nine Circles club, has to go on a mission to find out what s going on with villains from the past and he needs his bodyguard, Katya, to play his lover to protect him during a high stakes poker game Then, romance happens.
The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between I love Jackie Ashenden s writing style She has beautiful prose, really knows how to get you into the character s frame of mind If I was rating strictly on her prose, this would rate five star easily The story This is the second book in the Nine Circles series, and each book has gotten me to the point where I m not sure what s really resolved The overarching storyline seems to dominate all, and the farther I go, the questions I have This entry had me wondering if th Jackie Ashenden writes with a singularly raw intensity that draws you into the story and doesn t let up until you heave a sigh of relief at the end and then promptly wish to start the story all over again.
In Make You Mine, the second of the Nine Circles series, there are two plots afoot the relationship between carefree playboy Alex and Katya his stoic Russian bodyguard, and the suspenseful continuation of the story arc begun in book 1 Mine To Take I don t think it s necessary to have read book 1 in order to enjoy this one the bits that are required to understand what is happening are explained well enough, and the romance is completely independent of the first story in the series.
Alex is on a mission of revenge to make up for an event that occurred when he was 16 one that changed the course of his life forever and resulted in his father s suicide a Alex St James Was Left With A Choice Pick Up The Dice And Find Where They Lead, Or Walk Away Choosing To See Where The Snake Eyes Go, Alex Plays In A Poker Game Run By The Devil Who Haunts His Past He Will Risk Everything To Find Answers That Is, Until His Alluring, Enigmatic Bodyguard, Katya, Becomes Someone He Cannot Risk Losing Katya Is Fiercely Conflicted Aching To Break Free From Alex To Track Down Her Former Lover, Katya Agrees To One Last Job To Protect Her Dangerously Sexy Boss As He Gambles His Future In Exchange For Clarity About His Past As The Stakes Are Raised, Katya S Loyalty Shifts From The Man She Loved To The Man She Swore To Protect But In Order To Get What She Wants, Katya Will Have To Go All In self note after meeting h H continues to sleep with women even having threesomes h is his bodyguard so she hears him having sex yuck they aren t together but this is something I don t want to read about I had a lot of fun reading this book Katya and Alex make a great team I enjoy reading about heroines that know how to hold their own and Katya certainly does Alex is hot and interesting and complicated Their chemistry is on point The writing is very good Definitely one to pick up I M IN LOVE.
SOOO in love with this book.
EVERYTHING IS PERFECT Los personajes principales, la relaci n entre ambos, los secundarios geniales aguante Eva y Zac y la trama.
Todo, TODO es genial Me encant que en este caso es ella la guardaespaldas y l el millonario porque siempre suele ser al rev s Me sorprendi que l fuera victima de violaci n, es la primera vez que leo un libro de romance donde el chico fue violado, y la autora lo manejo muy bien al tema, se puede sentir la culpa, la verg enza, todo el dolor que eso le genera a Alex y realmente no es placentero de leer Se me rompi el coraz n por l SOLO LEANLO.
Ahora me cago esperando hasta You Are Mine.
I m truly fed up with this shitSelf note Jackie Ashenden takes us back to the Nine Circle billionaires We get to know Alex St James, a wounded womanising gambler with a passion for revenge His body guard is the icy Katya, who watches his every move Katya is asked to play his lover to help him out and this starts their hot relationship.
As with every Ashenden novel, you get a lovely angsty hero who is dark and that little bit of a bad boy I love a broken man, whose pain is very real Jackie Ashenden writes them so very well She has a great writing style and effortlessly creates characters that draw you into the drama Both Alex and Katya had great chemistry and balanced each other nicely My only concern was that the story seemed to take a while to get going and I wasn t as connected with the characters as I wanted to be The first book in the series worked far better for me.

I loved it, I have a review that I need to post asap.
Self note wrote After meeting h, hero continues to sleep with other women h is his bodyguard, so she hears him have sex and sees all those one nighters The book opens with hero after his threesome, where he mentions that one of the girl is a screamer and other details he tells that to h Gross Of course h of this book is a virgin.
Yeah, after reading that, this book is not my cup of tea.

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[Jackie Ashenden] à Make You Mine [ivory-coast PDF] Read Online ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old Mild mannered fantasy SF pseudo literary writer by day, obsessive romance writer by night, she used to balance her writing with the serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart writing romanc