✓ Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation ê Download by é William Ury

✓ Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation ê Download by é William Ury Solid foundation for negotiating.
Don t get emotional, don t get caught up in their defensiveness, work with them, make the pie bigger, bridge the gap between the two parties interests, let them save face and be proud of the solutionQuotes Effective negotiators do not just divvy up a fixed pie They first explore how to expand the pie A contest of wills thus quickly becomes a conflict of egos BATNA is the key to negotiating power Your power depends less on whether you are bigger, stronger,senior, or richer than the other person than on how good your BATNA is If you have a viable alternative, they you have leverage in the negotiation The better your BATNA, thepower you have The secret of disarming is surprise To disarm the other side, you need to do the opposite of what they expect If they are stonewalling, they expect you to a William Ury, co founder of Harvard s program on Negotiation is just as good a writer as he is an academic His experience lies not only within the confines of teaching but has been involved in a number of roles as an advisor, negotiator ranging from corporate mergers to wildcat strikes in a Kentucky coal mine to ethnic wars in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.
In his book Getting Past No Negotiating in Difficult Situations , William writes about how to negotiate with a customer client person who is unwilling to budge from his stance and proving difficult to negotiate with This book will be useful for people from all professions since everyone negotiates on a daily basis involuntarily, from a mother convincing her child to eat vegetables to a salesperson trying to close a major sale.
This book deals with this by breaki This book is way better than the first in the series Getting to Yes I like Ury s prose and his advices are concrete and helpful, it s no wonder this book is considered a negotiation primer Key takeaway Obstacles to cooperative negotiation o your emotional reaction don t strike back, don t give in, don t break off to fight this it s important to recognize the OP s tactic stone wall, attack, trick go around, deflect, expose , know your hot buttons, and take time to reflecto their emotion understand the OP s perspective even paraphrase what they say to demonstrate your understanding, ask them to correct any of your misunderstanding , crate an atmosphere of agreement by using the word yes prefereably use yes, and instead of yes, but , acknowledge their authority competence, make I statements and not you statementso their position don t reject, reframe ask the OP open ended why Why

despite most of what is being said in this book kinda feeling obvious, just reading it and organizing ones thoughts is extremely helpful in fact, just today i finished this book on the train home today i used techniques described in here possibly unknowingly to get 3 adversely positioned colleagues to change their stance on the issue in question by 180 suffice to say i was baffled and quite proud of myself, because not only did i overcome my innate tendency to overreaction the balcony thing really helped me form my arguments today, even tho i did let an exquisite jibe at my adversary through as satisfying as that was, it may have been somewhat unprofessional, even though all the participants took me a lotseriousl This was an excellent book on the highlights of making progress in difficult negotiations As I don t need in depth knowledge, this overview was perfect for improving my skills without going deep into a topic I don t need that much information about.
Take a May term class, they said Get the most out of your tuition, they said.
A good for people who want to understand why people do the random things after sitting on the negotiation table Every tactic has been summarised pretty well but the most important thing is to remember that all your negotiation should be based on principle All this is easy to read and understand but actually perfection will only come, once you start observing these negotiations and start implementing the tactics.
We All Want To Get To Yes, But What Happens When The Other Person Keeps Saying No How Can You Negotiate Successfully With A Stubborn Boss, An Irate Customer, Or A Deceitful Coworker In Getting Past No, William Ury Of Harvard Law School S Program On Negotiation Offers A Proven Breakthrough Strategy For Turning Adversaries Into Negotiating Partners You Ll Learn How To Stay In Control Under Pressure Defuse Anger And Hostility Find Out What The Other Side Really Wants Counter Dirty Tricks Use Power To Bring The Other Side Back To The Table Reach Agreements That Satisfies Both Sides NeedsGetting Past No Is The State Of The Art Book On Negotiation For The Twenty First Century It Will Help You Deal With Tough Times, Tough People, And Tough Negotiations You Don T Have To Get Mad Or Get Even Instead, You Can Get What You Want Lots of useful information, and I absolutely believe this process works I ve even begun incorporating it into my negotiations at work with some success The reason for the 3 star rating is because while the principles may be timeless, the examples used to illustrate them are very dated, and I just got tired of reading about the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis when I m guessing there may have been one or two successful negotiations in the last 40 years that would prove equally illustrative and muchcurrent Favorite quotes The purpose of negotiation is not always to reach agreement For agreement is only a means to an end, and that end is to satisfy your interests The purpose of negotiation is to explore whether you can satisfy your interests better through an agreement than you could by pursuing your Best Alternative to a Negotiated A Concise, practical book on negotiating Best selling author William Ury has the topic of negotiation down cold Reading this classic book originally released in 1991 is a pleasure and the reasons it became a bestseller are obvious It is clear, concise and eminently readable This book has such wide appeal that getAbstract recommends it to all businesspeople and to anyone who ever needs to negotiate about anything from cops bargaining with hostage takers to consumers pushing for the best car prices read this book and become a better negotiator.

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✓ Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation ê Download by é William Ury The Power of a Positive No How to Say No Still Get to Yes 2007 and co author with