Trailer ò An Uncollected Death (The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries Book #1) PDF by ↠´ Meg Wolfe

Trailer ò An Uncollected Death (The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries Book #1) PDF by ↠´ Meg Wolfe This is a bit of an oddity More of a book about a woman downsizing and decluttering her life and making new friends than an actual mystery, which I suspect is not unrelated to the fact that the author writes a blog called The Minimalist Woman and wants to show her belief in action Yes, there are bodies, but she isn t front and centre investigating like in most cozies That said, it s is written in a way that s surprisingly engaging, with an interesting treasure hunt element and decent characters It ll be interesting to see what the next book is like, now the main character has become minimalist woman.
A very interesting book dealing with three mysteries of human behavior one involving murders committed over a valuable hidden book one dealing with how we become so involved with our possessions and what happens when we have to let them go and one dealing with the questions of how to regroup and find yourself after financial ruin.
Good characters and wonderful descriptions of people, places and things make this book an enjoyable read.
Broke, Friendless, And Career In Freefall Can A Murder Get Her Life Back On Track Things Appear To Be Looking Up For Charlotte When She Is Offered A New Editing Job Finding Her New Boss Battered And Left For Dead On Her First Day, However, Was Most Definitely Not In The Job Description She Turns Amateur Sleuth In An Attempt To Continue With Her Editing Assigment But Complications Set In From The Start The Notebooks That She Needs Are Well Hidden And The Only Clues To Their Whereabouts Are Extremely Cryptic To Add To Charlotte S Problems, She Is Not The Only One With An Interest In The Notebooks The Town S Criminal Element Will Stop At Nothing, Up To And Including Murder, To Get Their Hands On The Prize Charlotte Anthony is suffering from an empty nest and being suddenly downsized from her magazine editing job She falls into a job editing the notebooks of a mysterious author from the 1950 s, Olivia Bernadin, who also happens to be the sister of Charlotte s daughter s piano teacher.
Charlotte finds Olivia battered and left for dead her first day on the job She continues working with Olivia s sister, Helene, to find the notebooks and write the book, but Olivia is something of a hoarder with a penchant for puzzles, making Charlotte s job much harder Things are complicated by the arrival of Olivia s ne er do well son and the suspicious characters he associates with The police are looking at Charlotte as a potential suspect in the murder, because of her money problems and recent arrival in Olivia s life I was intrigued by the back story of Charlo Fun read but too much detail description of simple things Liked the characters and the mystery part of the book May read her next in series to see if she gets better.
Completely worth reading While the main character got close to being too much for me she and I are about the same age, but she seems to value things that I don t care for , the author did a good job of keeping the character balanced and moving forward The story itself was interesting, and the other characters were appealing I look forward to reading the next book in the series to see where the main character goes from where this book left off.
Set in Indiana, Charlotte Anthony is looking at having to downsize from her lake side house to a small apartment in nearby Elm Grove Her daughter is off in Paris continuing her education She s recently become unemployed since the magazine she s edited for has had to close down Luckily, her friend Helene has a sister who needs an editor for a semi autobiographical work Unfortunately, Charlotte finds her new employer Olivia dead on the first day with plenty of questions to be answered.
It took some effort to get into this book I liked that Charlotte was going through this major shift in her life She had become comfortable and then her stability is gone and she has to pare down her life Yet the paring down part was mostly long lists of th 2.
5 3 I liked this book, I kept reading it, I finished it, and I wasn t quite sure why Probably the motivation was the plot line involving books notebooks and the secrets they hold The characters are likable, the setting interesting, and even though the plot line of the house estate sale, apartment fix up, and move in has a totally unrealistic timeline and fairy tale ease to it, I still enjoyed watching Charlotte s new life unfold The mystery surrounding Olivia s death and property are like propulsion for Charlotte s personal quest than the main story A quiet read for when you have a glass of wine in hand and are feeling like enjoying a pleasant, undemanding book.

I really enjoyed this book I had read the second in the series first, so reading the first book was a little bit like catching up I love how the author kept the title referenced throughout the book, adding a bit to its meaning with each new reveal of the plot A great read and one that I will put on the short list of books to read again something I rarely do as I remember what I read in detail I think this is a book that will share something new each time it is read.
A most excellent 5 star read I love a mystery with a middle aged woman and no blood, guts or gore

Meg Wolfe

Trailer ò An Uncollected Death (The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries Book #1) PDF by ↠´ Meg Wolfe Meg Wolfe is the author of the Charlotte Anthony mystery series, and a long time blogger and essayist She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.After starting out in life as a writer, Meg experienced illuminating detours in garden design, cooking, and art before coming full circle back to writing She lives in Valparaiso, Indiana, with her husband, artist and photographer Steve Johns