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Trailer ë Twelve Voices from Greece and Rome PDF by í Christopher Pelling Twelve Voices from Greece and Rome Is A Book For All Readers Who Want To Know About The Literature That Underpins Western Civilization Chistopher Pelling And Maria Wyke Provide A Vibrant And Distinctive Introduction To Twelve Of The Greatest Authors From Ancient Greece And Rome, Writers Whose Voices Still Resonate Strongly Across The Centuries Homer, Sappho, Herodotus, Euripides, Thucydides, Plato, Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Horace, Juvenal, And TacitusTo What Vital Ideas Do These Authors Give Voice And Why Are We So Often Drawn To What They Say Even In Modern Times Twelve Voices Investigates These Tantalizing Questions, Showing How These Great Figures From Classical Antiquity Still Address Some Of Our Most Fundamental Concerns In The World Today Of War And Courage, Dictatorship And Democracy, Empire, Immigration, City Life, Art, Madness, Irrationality, And Religious Commitment , And Express Some Of Our Most Personal Sentiments About Family And Friendship, Desire And Separation, Grief And HappinessThese Twelve Classical Voices Can Sound Both Compellingly Familiar And Startlingly Alien To The Twenty First Century Reader Yet They Remain Suggestive And Inspiring, Despite Being Rooted In Their Own Times And Places, And Have Profoundly Affected The Lives Of Those Prepared To Listen To Them Right Up To The Present Day Twelve Voices is an excellent exploration of twelve writers of ancient Greece and Rome, writers I had varying degrees of familiarity with before opening this book I now wish to readSurely this is a sign of a well written, enjoyable text As the author states in his preface The bookmakes no claim to be a comprehensive guide to classical literature It is designed to be suggestive a palatable taster of what ancient literature and culture can do for us in the present day.
loc 33 Beginning with Homer, the author takes the reader through not only ancient texts but also their presence and influence inmodern times and the present day world as influences on literature, literary forms, behavior The chapter on Sappho was actually updated to include new findings an

Twelve Voices explores the works of twelve key ancient Greek and Latin writers Although written by academics, this book is anything but dry and very much in touch with the audience it wants to reach out to those who are curious about what these ancient authors have to offer the modern reader.
The book manages to provide each writer s background, the context in which the works were written and then relates it to the modern day, without being too wordy or patronising What emerges is that each writer has a very distinctive and interesting voice.
Relevant and sometimes very full extracts are used to highlight and reveal the moves made by each writer to bring their message home or express and idea or emotion The book also uses novel ways to bring new dimensions to each ancient writer s work, for example a modern opera singer describes how Very nice, although from Italian and lover of literature, I had already read all of these authors and their best works In addition, the Greek authorsthan once made me regret not having studied ancient greek at school, even though I was so bad in Latin,that perhaps it is better so Anthology with the best poetry and issues by the 12 best ancient authors, that have nothing to envy to those present.
Molto bello, anche se da italiana e amante della letteratura, avevo gi presenti tutti questi autori e le loro opere migliori Inoltre gli autori greci pi di una volta mi hanno fatto rimpiangere di non aver studiato greco antico a scuola, anche se considerato quanto ero scarsa in latino, forse stato meglio cos Antologia con i migliori brani e le tematiche pi belle affrontate da 12 autori antichi di capolavori, che non hanno niente da invidiare a quelli attuali.

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