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5 Most of you reading this know I m a Robicheaux fan girl but my reception to this one was a bit toned down I ve been wanting to read it so I could watch the film version with Tommy Lee Jones Of course movies leave out a lot but in this case that worked for me because less was I liked it better than the book Hard to say if TLJ had something to do with that Levon Helm as General John Bell Hood was excellent also, as was Buddy Guy playing Sam Hogman Patin my dance pheromones kicked in immediately The film, soundtrack, and audio book are all currently available on Hoopla so I ll be putting my dance shoes on later and checking out of the music Because I finally figured out how to mirror my laptop on to our TV husband watched with me and liked it just as much.
So was the book to blame or me I ve been in a slumpy mood lately and The best Dave Robicheaux so far Almost too much of a good thing Too much of Dave s brooding and too much sensory overload in the prose But too much of good thing is still a lot of a good thing The plot is bit of a procedural but the mystery is good, the villain heinous and the magical realism supernatural elements push this into what it is, a meditation of the south and its history of violence Civil war, civil rights era lynchings, and the squalid presence of Angola prison Great character names in this one Julie Babyfeets Balboni, Cholo Manelli, Doobie Patout, Bootsie, Cherry Leblanc, Dewitt Prejean, Twinky Herbert Lemoyne, Poteet, Alafair, Sam Hogman Patin etc Both a celebration of southern life and a look at its underbelly of sleaze and violence.

we had welcomed him back, winking our eyes at his presence and pretending he was not what or who he was The 6th, and maybe the best, in the Dave Robicheaux series thus far Dave is returning from the scene of a particularly gruesome murder of a young prostitute when he pulls over a drunk driver and a series of events are set in motion The driver, Elrod Sykes, is in New Iberia to star in a Civil War movie He tells Dave about a skeleton he saw in the Atchafalaya Swamp while filming The same location where, in 1957, Robicheaux witnessed the killing of a chained black man by two white men Soon the body of another young woman is found in a barrel Haunted by the past and confronting the present day apparent serial killing of young prostitutes Dave partners with FBI agent Rosie Gomez Dave, Dave, Dave Your moral compass seems to move constantly depending on the circumstances The inner demons never go away either so you re in a constant battle with yourself Maybe easing up on yourself would help Perhaps, but probably not And how would you do that anyway A psychiatrist couch That s not going to happen Thank god for Alafair and Bootsie who help you keep the hands on the moral compass in the green area and out of the red and yellow although sometimes they can t even help you You can only help yourself and it s a constant battle, we know And if not for these colorful and crooked old classmates of yours, your life would be less eventful but then I could not enjoy the adventure you take me on each reading when I can t turn th The best written Robicheaux so far, and that is a huge compliment in itself as the series is known for its silky prose Burke insists on clawing and pounding at the glass ceiling like it is the coffin in which he has been buried alive till it is shattered and he can set the bar higher still The writing is mesmerizing, picture it as a pristine lake in the midst of a forest fire, it details a decrepit world filled with corruption, mayhem and despair but still retains an innate beauty Many authors try to give the setting a vibrant personality of its own George Pelecanos comes to mind, he describes Washington DC in minuscule detail in each of his novels , some succeed but very few do it like Burke He describes L This is my favorite James Lee Burke novel and the first I ever read His use of language in this book was wonderful and he never really replicated that in any of his other books This was made into a very poor movie starring Tommy Lee Jones it s another example of how films can t capture the language and nuance of the written word Highly recommended.
James Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux novels are never typical crime novels First, there s Robicheaux, a disgraced, former NOPD Homicide lieutenant turned sheriff s detective in Iberia Parish Robicheaux is a good man with a chequered past a Vietnam veteran and recovering alcoholic who carries traces of post traumatic stress disorder and an unspecified, but lingering, guilt from the eruption of his parents marriage, his father s death and his mother s violent murder at the hands of corrupt, NOPD detectives His background is working class,backwoods, Louisiana Cajun He s Catholic He runs a bait shop and bayou cafe when he s not detecting He has problems with authority, is single minded in his pursuit of wrongdoers, corporate pollut 1.
5 stars I didn t like it.
Stereotypes and tropes galore, I could not wait to leave the southern Louisiana town full of hatred, vitriol, racisim, bigotry, sexism, and where ignorance in general just runs amuck There was no enjoyment to be found spending literary time in a shoddy place full of weak, despicable people Not even the paranormal ghost story element could save this one for me, which is normally a fictional favorite for me If it had not been a selection for a local book club, it would have been DNF d early on, easily and without regret I never became invested in any of the characters and found almost every character to be dislikeable To be fair, this was the first book for me in this series, so maybe those that have read the others will have of an at Best books, In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead By James Lee Burke This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead, Essay By James Lee Burke Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You A convoluted, almost hallucinogenic tale involving a drug lord, movie making in the Louisiana swamps and a Confederate army officer who appears to our hero at odd times or does he

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[ Pdf In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead ↠´ young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by James Lee Burke Î pamyatnik.pro Dave Robicheaux series He has twice received the Edgar Award for Best Novel, for