↠´ Ein Meister aus Deutschland. Heidegger und seine Zeit ✓ Download by í Rüdiger Safranski

↠´ Ein Meister aus Deutschland. Heidegger und seine Zeit ✓ Download by í Rüdiger Safranski I must say I did not think I would like this book although I studied some of Heidegger s writings in college and always enjoyed what he had to say But biographies are tough they are often bogged down with too many details that make the book, at least for me, dull Safranski, however, while still painting a detailed portrait of Heidegger s life, keeps it interesting throughout the entire book He not only has an engaging style of writing but also an eye for what details the reader wants to know As one of the most prominent philosophers who ever lived, Heidegger s ideas were fascinating just as fascinating were his long stretches spent in solitude so he could ruminate in peace, and his private life, which included a wife, one child that was his, a second child by his wife who was not his and he knew and raised the boy anyway , his lovers and othe To decipher a book like Being and Time in a serious way means months of careful study and repeated readings It is every bit as fascinating as it is challenging, but it absolutely requires a certain level of dedication and commitment, as does all of Heidegger s writing So after all that work it can be discouraging to hear the inevitable question Wasn t Heidegger a Nazi Well, he was And that has to be explained And the explanation will never be satisfactory But Safranski comes as close as I think we will get to a resolution of Heidegger s genius with his reprehensible failures in the thirties.
There is a tacit assumption and judgment on the part of the critic that there is a nexus between Heidegger s philosophical endeavors and his political life After reading this biography I m led to believe that it is in fact a disjun One Of The Century S Greatest Philosophers, Without Whom There Would Be No Sartre, No Foucault, No Frankfurt School, Martin Heidegger Was Also A Man Of Great Failures And Flaws, A Faustus Who Made A Pact With The Devil Of His Time, Adolf Hitler The Story Of Heidegger S Life And Philosophy, A Quintessentially German Story In Which Good And Evil, Brilliance And Blindness Are Inextricably Entwined And The Passions And Disasters Of A Whole Century Come Into Play, Is Told In This Brilliant BiographyHeidegger Grew Up In Catholic Germany Where, For A Chance At Pursuing A Life Of Learning, He Pledged Himself To The Priesthood Soon He Turned Apostate And Sought A University Position, Which Set Him On The Path To Becoming The Star Of German Philosophy In The S RUdiger Safranski Chronicles Heidegger S Rise Along With The Thought He Honed On The Way, With Its Debt To Heraclitus, Plato, And Kant, And Its Tragic Susceptibility To The Conservatism That Emerged Out Of The Nightmare Of Germany S Loss In World War I A Chronicle Of Ideas And Of Personal Commitments And Betrayals, Safranski S Biography Combines Clear Accounts Of The Philosophy That Won Heidegger Eternal Renown With The Fascinating Details Of The Loves And Lapses That Tripped Up This Powerful IntellectualThe Best Intellectual Biography Of Heidegger Ever Written And A Best Seller In Germany, Martin Heidegger Between Good And Evil Does Not Shy Away From Full Coverage Of Heidegger S Shameful Transformation Into A Propagandist For The National Socialist Regime Nor Does It Allow This Aspect Of His Career To Obscure His Accomplishments Written By A Master Of Heidegger S Philosophy, The Book Is One Of The Best Introductions To The Thought And To The Life And Times Of The Greatest German Philosopher Of The Century Heidegger was a rare individual, not many had or have his intelligence, endurance and character In spite of all he went through he continued his way He was and is a much needed light in the darkness, a light that shone and still shines bright today This is the story of a genius like no other, about his thoughts, his sufferings and detours And yes, no human is perfect, except their critics 040815 for someone i had decided not to read on or by, i have read too much hd i have read 6 books by him, in collections, in essays, and then 21 books on him to some degree i have not read his masterwork being and time hereafter b t i had decided, several times, that his acts before, during, after world war two, his enthusiastic, insensible, confusion of philosophy with politics his greatest error , his unapologetic support for the rise of adolf hitler and the nazis shocked, horrified, rendered his thought into educated, eloquent, delusion and i did not want to read and then i have i have not changed my horror of his acts, i have perhaps changed my condemnation of his entire thought, for i have seen hd is a major, inescapable voice for much 20th century continental philosophy so i would really like to understand him i would like to find tha Heidegger was born, he was a Nazi, he died John Haugeland s ironic formulation is an allusion to a famous statement of Heidegger during a lecture on Aristotle Regarding the personality of a philosopher, our only interest is that he was born at a certain time, that he worked and that he died It is also a neat summary of what many people, including many philosophers, will tell you is everything that any decent person needs to know about Heidegger It of course raises the question which plagues any philosophical biography, that is why does it exist We want our philosophers to be role models and sages They should have no lusts, no moral imperfections, no interests outside of philosophy, no personality Their biographies sh A wonderful book for anyone fascinated with the deepest ideas and how they can be lived An honest, balanced, book about Heidegger s life of philosophy It is also book about thinking, what it really is, and how it infuses culture with new possibilities for authenticity true Being in the world This is a book about Heidegger s time, about what happened in Germany between the wars and how this great thinker became a Nazi We also begin to understand how he handled his short love affair with National Socialism for the rest of his life Many other great thinkers and poets are discussed Ideas are compared and great insight is provided into Heidegger s effect on others lovers and detractors You will also understand how philosophic thinking changed after WWII.
Heidegger and his ideas Good biography of one of the greatest philosophers of all time It describes quite well human existence, its possibilities and limitations its Da sein.

A tour de force For those who have encountered Heidegger through Being and Time and his later formal works on technology, the man can seem to alternate between abstract diffuseness and collapsing particularity Safranski gives us instead something that perhaps Heidegger himself would appreciate the story of a grounded life, an historical existence, a sense that Heidegger was really there.
Wow Just wow Safranski is an amazing writer, compassionate, clear, witty, and not only did he open up Heidegger s thinking to me, he opened up Thinking, with a Capital T Or maybe he made me remember it All I know is I would have kept on reading him for ages Not only food for thought but food for the spirit, food for the soul.

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↠´ Ein Meister aus Deutschland. Heidegger und seine Zeit ✓ Download by í Rüdiger Safranski R diger Safranski is a German literary scientist and author He has been a professor of philosophy and the humanities at the Free University of Berlin since 2012.