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[ Pdf A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World Ä journaling PDF ] by Tony Horwitz ✓ Tony Horwitz makes a rather startling confession in his introduction to A Voyage Long and Strange After viewing the famous rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts, he writes I scanned the data stored in my own brain about America s family of Europeans In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue John Smith and Jamestown the Mayflower Compact Pilgrims in funny hats Of the Indians who met the English, I of course knew Pocahontas, Squanto, and Hiawatha As far as dates, I d mislaid an entire century, the one separating Columbus s sail in 1492 from Jamestown s founding in 16 0 something Maybe nothing happened in the period between Still, it was disturbing not to know Expensively educated at a private school and university now an even shocking admission a history major, no less I d matriculated to middle age with a third grader s grasp of earl I found this book to be very enjoyable I read this book as extra credit for one of my classes but liked it nonetheless I really love learning about history but some academic history books can be very dry and boring to read so I like history books like this where it was written for a broad audience There was a lot of stuff in this book I didn t know but also lots and lots of facts that I did know This is probably partially because I m in an American history class right now but some things that the author discovered where he was like this is so cool I had no idea this happened I already knew about it and it was less exciting I would say definitely pick up this book if you are interested in learning about who the earliest settlers of America were, where the went, what they did, and how they affected the native peoples Very informative and I pretty interesting read.
First, I d really rate this a 3.
5 star book, and perhaps even a four star I admit a bias about Tony Horwitz s writing, which perhaps reflects on my unrealistic expectations of a travel writer than on Tony Horwitz, or perhaps a rush to judgment on my part The jury is still out, and I will work my way through Horwitz s oeuvre to reach a nuanced conclusion Let me say, for now, that based on my previous reading of Horwitz Confederates in the Attic , I found his writing style bland and felt he lacked the zing of Sarah Vowel, another historical travel writer, or the curmudgeonly wit of a Paul Theroux In A Voyage Long and Strange, Horwitz uses the pretext of his realization that he doesn t know much about the various

This was an impulse buy I was at the Smithsonian, the Native American, American Indian, museum, and this was in the bookstore And since I get like 20% off because I m a supporter and the cover was interesting, and the start sounded good And I had a really nice lunch So I figured what the hell And it was one of those times where it worked out Go figure Horowitz travels to discover the discovery of America at least discovery by white folks, but he s honest about that part of it Some of what he covers, a reader of history will now, but his writing makes up for the lapses Part travelogue, the book also covers people s reactions to history or to a changing view of history While the focus is largely on the land that makes the US, other parts of the Americas do get the spotlight shown on them Additionally, the book is not simply the repeating of facts, but also a study of how f Every school kid is taught that Columbus discovered America in 1492 and that the Pilgrims stepped onto a rock in 1620, but what happened in between To shed light on the American Dark Ages, Tony Horwitz follows the trails, literally by car, blazed by the Vikings, Spanish, French and English explorers and exploiters He is a very entertaining writer with a touch of sarcasm that is used to debunk the myths we were taught in school.
I liked how he hit the road and dug up folks along the sixteenth century explorers routes to add a human touch to what has always been just the rote history of our youth He particularly went out of his way, often way out, to connect with those people who could tell the story of those who were exploited, dispossessed and just plain murdered by direct and indirect means.
I am puzz A Voyage Long and Strange Rediscovering the New World gets 4 Stars, not for being enjoyable but for being a good read Horwitz is on a mission to destroy founding myths and rub your nose in the sometimes cruel facts He succeeds The focus of the book is from Columbus to the 1620 landing of the Pilgrims Much of the book is therefore about the Spanish, some French, a couple Portuguese and then the English at the end of the story When someone bemoans the terrible impact of the Europeans on Native Americans, I m pretty sure the image is meant to call up the white man However, the author spends the first 2 3rds of the book primarily on the Spanish impact Living in New Mexico, it is instructive to learn about what happened here, representative of so I couldn t resist this book after traversing Tony Horwitz wonderful opus, Confederates in the Attic Told in much the same way, i.
, interspersing dollops of grim and sometimes ridiculous historical events with interviews of current residents of the historical venues Sometimes the current goings on are at least as crazy as the historical ones But Horwitz easy manner and ability to paint the historical picture with a jaundiced if non judgemental eye serves the story well Certainly the reader will have no illusions about the clay feet of the various historical figures as well as those today who try to mold the truth to fit their own agenda A worthwhile read.
On A Chance Visit To Plymouth Rock, Tony Horwitz Realizes He S Mislaid Than A Century Of American History, From Columbus S Sail In To Jamestown S Founding In Oh Something Did Nothing Happen In Between Determined To Find Out, He Embarks On A Journey Of Rediscovery, Following In The Footsteps Of The Many Europeans Who Preceded The Pilgrims To AmericaAn Irresistible Blend Of History, Myth, And Misadventure, A Voyage Long And Strange Captures The Wonder And Drama Of First Contact Vikings, Conquistadors, French Voyageurs These And Many Others Roamed An Unknown Continent In Quest Of Grapes, Gold, Converts, Even A Cure For Syphilis Though Most Failed, Their Remarkable Exploits Left An Enduring Mark On The Land And People Encountered By Late Arriving English SettlersTracing This Legacy With His Own Epic Trek From Florida S Fountain Of Youth To Plymouth S Sacred Rock, From Desert Pueblos To Subarctic Sweat Lodges, Tony Horwitz Explores The Revealing Gap Between What We Enshrine And What We Forget Displaying His Trademark Talent For Humor, Narrative, And Historical Insight, A Voyage Long And Strange Allows Us To Rediscover The New World For Ourselves Tony Horwtiz s style really appeals to me I like his gung ho approach of reporting It totally worked in Confederates in the Attic and in Blue Latitudes I heard about this book before its release in 2007 I was visiting the Jamestown settlement in Virginia and overheard a conversation about how Horwitz had been there doing some research for his new book I knew he was living in Virginia at the time, so it didn t come as a big surprise, and the timing was right, since Jamestown celebrated its 400th anniverary in 2007 When this book hit the market, I immediately added it to the queue and picked it up at the bookstore a few weeks later The premise of the book is a little jab at the American education system the misinformation and the general laziness of historica In this work Horwitz fills in the gaping chasm of knowledge we have regarding the exploration of North America by Europeans Columbus first landing on his first of four voyages WAS incredibly important So were excursions by the Erikson family, de Leon, da Vaca, Coronado, de Soto and a host of others Any person with a shred of interest in American history MUST read this book Like all Horwitz work, it is carefully researched and winningly told He employs his customary method of telling first an historical narrative and then of his own travels through the same territory He shares his insights into human nature with wry and gentle humor He teaches history with passion I think I would love to share a couple of beers with Tony Horwitz in any of the hundreds of places he has

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[ Pdf A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World Ä journaling PDF ] by Tony Horwitz ✓ pamyatnik.pro Date of Birth 1958Tony Horwitz is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author whose books include Blue Latitudes, Confederates In The Attic and Baghdad Without A Map His most recent work, published in May 2019, is Spying on the South, which follows Frederick Law Olmsted s travels from the Potomac to the Rio Grande as an undercover correspondent in the 1850s Tony has also been president of