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[ Pdf Life Before Legend ↠´ womens-studies PDF ] by Marie Lu à I FINISHED THE LEGEND TRILOGY AND NOW I FINISHED THIS NOVELLA CALLED Life Before Legend AND IT WAS SHORT BUT GREAT read TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DAY AND JUNE NOW, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER CHAMPION, LIFE AFTER CHAMPION PERHAPS Keep at it, Junebug someday, you ll shake the Republic to its very core You ll be absolutely unforgettable I know it This is my favourite book series ever and i haven t read anything from this world for 4 years and it was good to see Day and June again Plot This little novella story takes place 3 years before the events of the main series and we see June and Day in a totally different light It was really good to see these characters in a different situation then what it was like in the main series, all the moments from the book came flooding back to me once i started this one June June is just starting her time at Drake after being given a scholarship to the university and becoming the youngest student One thing that i loved from this series is how different June was to what she was portrayed to everyone else, She was smart, witty and a lot of the time got on peoples bad sides with how Find Out About June And Day In This Never Before Seen Glimpse Into Their Daily Lives Before They Met In Marie Lu S New York Times Bestselling LEGEND SeriesAs Twelve Year Olds Struggling To Survive In Two Very Different Worlds Within The Republic S Stronghold, June Was Starting Her First Day Of School At Drake University As The Youngest Cadet Ever Admitted, And Day Was Fighting For Food On The Streets Of The Lake SectorFE BEFORE LEGEND Contains Two original Stories Written By Marie Lu That Give Readers A Sneak Peek Into The Lives Of Their Favorite Characters In A Thrilling New Context I have had this addition to the Legend trilogy on my list since reading and immensely enjoying the series late last year I must say that I was a little disappointedLife Before Legendis a collection of two short stories set a few years prior to the events taking place in the main trilogy One story is from the perspective of Day, and one from June It didn t add much to my knowledge and love of the series and I can t say I found the plot hugely intriguing in either tale It was, however, interesting to be given a broader insight into characters in differing positions in the social hierarchy, and to see how the events played out in this dystopian world have affected them.
This is a short novella giving a glimpse on one of the memorable days of Day and June before the Legend Day recounting the memory of his first kiss and of June at her first day at the University The stories on this novella show us that Day misses the company of a family and of June s respect and love for her brother Metias I love reading these short novellas because they giving a glimpse on some important events of the lives of the characters in the books.
5 stars spoilersMeh I kind of thought the whole novella was pointless and unnecessary the story added nothing to the series I didn t learn anything new from twelve year old Day or June I already knew June was a loner and had no friends, I already knew she was admitted into university at age twelve, I already knew that the only important person in her life was her brother and I already knew she was full of herself And I already knew Day was a flirt, I already knew girls loved him because he was just that bloody good looking, I already knew he hated the republic and I already knew he lived a hard life on the streets.
June was a decent enough character in Legend, but she came across as largely unlikeable in this Was I meant to feel sorry for her when she got bullied on her first day at uni I didn t She conveyed very little emotion, which made it It s kinda hard to write a review of this because this has like 2 chapters one from Day s perspective and one from June s So if you are a huge Legend fan, I recommend you to read this one too It s interesting and really quick to read 4 stars from me.

It has 2 episodes One from Day s perspective and one from June s For fan of this trilogy it is enjoyable The fun thing about prequels are that every character of the series you know will be ALIVE I really like reading back stories, prequels, short story companions they give us glimpses of what the characters life had been before the storm finally hits Or in other words, what used to be their normal life.
Life Before Legend tells us two different episodes of Day s and June s lives At some point they happened simultaneously, one event resulting from another.
Episode one is about Day and his first kiss, yeahOhh I m starting to adapt his dialectWe were able to meet some of the people that had been part of Day s life, if only for briefly His story pinched my heart for how many times Day had lost everything he once had family, shelter, freedom.
In this episode we saw how there were still people willing to take him in, to feed him He could be part of a family once again People who would care for him, look after him You 4 The republic hasn t seen the last of you sBest to be alone out here I m a floating soul, a phantom I belong nowhereI love this I love this series so much, I can t believe that I m just now getting around to reading the novellas If the other two are half as good as this one I ve been missing out I almost forgot just how much I love Day and June because it s been forever ago since I read these books with amazing characters, and I desperately need to do a reread soonWhen you ve been poor all your life, you never really think it could be any other wayUgh I felt so many FEELS This prequel novella is two short stories The first of which was Day s and the second June s and both take place back when they were both 12 years old Day s tells the story of his first kiss and June s her first at a Drake University The backstories

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