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✓ Tagged  Download by â Joseph M. Chiron So, having bombed out with Richard Laymon I decided not to be discouraged from finding something hard hitting but well written I ve bought this one, it s on my Kindle and ready to go The reviews have been awesome But I ve been burnt by good reviews before We ll see I ll update.
Dear Lord Am I condemned to start every review with a exclamation of disbelief at how, yet again, I ve been fooled into reading such utter garbage Five stars How could anyone give this book 5 stars Are they confused by the rating system Can they actually read I guess I ve been spoilt by starting reading zombie books with the brilliant World War Z It doesn t come much better than that not the abortion of a movie But seriously, this book This book is terrible It reads like a cheap mercenary action book from my teenage years Repetitive, unimaginative No central character and both plot and character development is weak Normally I would not write such a harsh review but there are too many good books out there and I hope I can keep at least one person from squandering their valuable time on it The positive reviews from seemingly intelligent people are mind numbing.
This author should be brought up on federal charges for fraud This book is a piece of shit.
Wow, where do I begin on this disaster of a read This is officially thee worst I have ever, EVER read in my life I ve tried to find info on the author, for example, his age because I cannot believe a grown adult would or could even manage to spew out such utter sh te like it I could just about laugh towards the end at how badly written it was I wish I could give it no stars but no joy My all time favourite lines They were dead before they hit the ground They were dead after they hit the ground Dead, dead, dead Every character in this f ckwit of a read is so insulting to human kind Sven, who sounds like an upturned mop with zero skills other than getting high Candy, a dancer turned madam running a brothel because apparently sex is currency now A l Not in the realm of the Ex Heroes series, very disjointed tagging was introduced at the beginning, then ignored until the end and used as a plot device My opinion in one word Meh.
I started this book with high hopes, but the awful dialog, clumsy character development, and poor editing were just too distracting I m honestly baffled that it has so many five star reviews.
Tagged As In The Universal Tagging Program No One May Buy Or Sell Without The New Chip Implanted Beneath The Skin They Own The Night These Zombies Are A New Breed And Fast Hair Like Women Teeth Like Lions And Sharp Claws They Hunt In Overwhelmingly Large Packs Like A Plague Of Locusts The Government And Military Are Overrun, Retreating Underground And Leaving The Populace To Fend For Themselves Lucky For Sven And His Cannabis Growing Crew They Find Shelter In A Nuclear Power Plant The Lights Keep Them At Bay At Least For A While But How Long Will It Last In The Lawless Environment They Survive By Their Own Code Until The Government And Military Return To Establish A New World Order Fast, Deadly Zombies And End Times Biblical Prophecy Meet In This Compelling New Look At The Apocalypse I can t even A shit pile of shit Im not sure why this was rated so high, I have read many zombie type books, and this just wasnt that good The idea that the light kept them away was fun, there were plenty of ideas for that, but the author didn t go very far The main problem I had was that for the first half of the book, I had no idea who was who It was very confusing until around the middle of the book If I had known who was who, im sure it might have been a better book, but it wasn t that great It was a okay book, not the best, not the worst But, an okay book.

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