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[ Read Online Nefarious Twit ↠´ coptic-language PDF ] by Tony McMillen ☆ I never write reviews, but a mutual friend of mine and Mr McMillen s suggested I buy, read, and review this book, so here it goes The writing style of this book definitely isn t one I enjoy, but I won t let that affect my rating The author narrates the entire book, reminding readers what has already been read, and telling them what will happen next I personally prefer to get lost in a book, and focus on the story, instead of continuously being reminded that the author wants me to read it a certain way and is making sure I m paying attention It s not my style, but I respect it and I m sure it s very helpful to a number of readers There were an alarmingly high number of grammatical errors in this book Hopefully this was exclusive to the ebook version, as I haven t checked a pr read 2 28 14 3 9 143 Stars Recommended to readers who can forgive a cool story its rough writingPages 298Publisher Branch Hand booksReleased Dec 2013Debut novels are tricky little things Especially when you read reviews where said debut is described as if so and so super famous author and so and so super famous author had a baby and that baby ended up on an acid trip and wrote a book Cause you know I mean, c mon, you KNOW it s not gonna compare to those super famous author peoples They ve been honing their skills for years They ve had a shit ton of practice and some pretty hard core editors tearing their shit up And if you read the first book or two that they published, you ll see that back then, even THEY weren t so great Not back then Not when compared to what they can write NOW So can we all agree to stop promoting every new debut author by claiming that they are on par with litera Nefarious Twit is a road novel driven by our Wandering not Jew on a mission to find and kill his famous author father who abandoned the family two decades ago the symbolic scapegoat for all their problems since Weighing him down are his dim, violence prone half brother and a manic pixie dream girl in need of adventure The brother provides much of the story s tension, with his unpredictability and endless messes to clean up First novels are so often about the writing process itself, but Twit handles it thematically, the father s shadow always cast long and the son s head teeming with words but nowhere to put them, even being the source of his sexual dysfunction and disappointment fear over resolution in general Many readers will enjoy its fantasy elements of pharmacological psychedelia, alternative geography, and mythmaking The plot itself is grounded in the real, thankfully Some of An excellent debut novel from the mind of an immensely imaginative author The book deals with relatable concepts like family, loyalty, forgiveness, and the desire to occasionally escape the pressures of everyday reality Tie all that together with personality rich characters, a series of unfortunate and uncontrollable events and you end up with a truly captivating story However it doesn t stop there the book leaves breadcrumb clues compelling the reader to read between the lines and look beyond the immediate story The book does deal with a plethora of dark topics both of the augmented reality variety as well as some all too real and traumatic experiences I would advise those who are easily offended or faint of heart to proceed with caution As a person who seldom enjoys reading books I was so intrigued with the story and cha I m going to be biased when talking about this book because I know the guy who wrote it and I enjoy his writing immensely It s usually like if Chuck Klosterman and Palahniuk had a baby who then went on an acid trip with Hunter S Thompson David Lee Roth is probably in there somewhere too.
That being said, I m going to try to be as unbiased as I can be about Mr McMillen s debut novel.
Nefarious Twit is a very good start to what could be a long, illustrious career The writing could be rough sometimes, but the ideas are so original and the story is filled with tons of remarkable imagery You feel sometimes as if you re on some kind of Vitrillum drug trip, although I suppose that s kind of the point at times I still commend McMillen just on the ideas alone.
The reason I give it 4 5 stars is because I always find it difficult to rate anything 5 5 Giving a

A debut novel of great scope and wit Author Tony McMillen explores family, loyalty, and trust through the lens of Terry Gilliam or David Foster Wallace What is the point of revenge Are some promises better left unkept Where do we draw the line between supporting a family member who has problems and enabling and perpetuating those problems Most events in everyday life don t have clear boundaries of beginning or end in the same way, the events in McMillen s Nefarious Twit seem to fade in and fade out Rick Lime s world comes crashing down on him, time and time again The story begins just after the suicide of Rick s mother Something has snapped in him He and his much younger half brother, Lou, set out on a road trip to locate, confront, and murder Rick s father Rick and Lou hate themselves Rick sees his father in himself, and detests the similarity Lou sees himself for what he is Another reviewer stated that people sensitive to violence should probably pass this book by I found that I m one of those people but only in the cruelly violent passages did I feel like I wanted to close my eyes which made for difficult reading I loved the narrative voice throughout the story By the end, I felt like he was my pal, giving me instructions on how to navigate the next chapter, and he was always right Loved that I also loved the drug addled mind bending scenes, while at the same time being disgusted by the drug use So this was a different book for me Very very well written So many interesting concepts in this story the drug aka black coffin , the Darjmanians, the invisible friends vs psychosis it would be excellent bookclub discussion if my bookclub were open to this type of reading It was an interesting journey This book was phenomenal Mcmillen is able to vividly depict what I can only describe as a gut wrenching horror, not because you have monsters or mal intended villains, excessive amounts of gore, or fright inducing moments but because there is so much grief and messed up yet unnervingly realistic imagery and allegories I think my one hesitation would be that the story touches a lot on what I inferred to be mental illness though written in a style in which you can either believe that or I suppose that there is a horror fantasy subplot I know that mental illness used as plot device can come across as insensitive and damaging, so it s worth mentioning to those who would prefer not to read tales that include such topics.
Overall, there was just so much Disclaimer I read a pre release copy of this book and provided editorial comments for Mr McMillen I m also providing him a promotional blurb but only because I think this book deserves it.
So say I A twisted road trip featuring deranged characters narrated with razor sharp wit, Nefarious Twit manages to pack one hell of an emotional wallop And P.
S killer illustrations.
Illustrations including the cover were created by Tony himself Bravo.
Madness Murder Children S Literature Nefarious Twit, The Ferociously Clever Debut From Author Tony McMillen After His Mother Commits Suicide, Rick Lime Decides To Finally Find His Father, The Legendary Children S Book Author Known As Nefarious Twit The Same Nefarious Twit Who Disappeared From The Public Eye Years Ago Abandoning Rick And Rick S Mother At The Height Of His Fame After Releasing One Final Controversial Children S Book Rick Lime Has Decided To Find His Father So That He Can Murder Him Along For The Ride Is Rick S Violent But Fiercely Loyal Half Brother Lou Both Of Them Are Addicted To A Strange Drug Called Vitrillum And As They Set Out For Misguided Vengeance Their Drug Soaked Journey Begins To Resemble One Of Nefarious Twit S Children Stories Reality And Twit S Stories Seem To Converge As The Brothers Follow The Path Of The Dark Ladder, The Ominous Symbol From Twit S Most Popular books, Which Appears To Be Leading Them Right To The Author Featuring Full Page Illustrations Nefarious Twit Is A Bent, Psychedelic Odyssey Through The Darker Parts Of North America There Are Stop Offs Involving Blissful, Stoned Children On Psychotropic Drugs Administered By Their Mothers, The Joys Of Erectile Dysfunction, And The Prevailing Myth Of The Wandering Jew Bleakly Funny, Beautifully Sad, And Profoundly Strange, Nefarious Twit Is A Stylish And Defiant Debut Novel About How The Things We Leave Unfinished May End Up Being The Things That Finish Us Like Shel Silverstein By Way Of William S Burroughs

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[ Read Online Nefarious Twit ↠´ coptic-language PDF ] by Tony McMillen ☆ pamyatnik.pro Tony McMillen is the author of the recently released heavy metal horror novel An Augmented Fourth as well as the novel Nefarious Twit.He is also the writer of the comic book Oblivion Suite He grew up mostly in Tucson, Arizona but now lives outside Boston If you wanna party with him find him on Facebook If you are David Lee Roth time displaced from 1984, don t worry, he ll find you.