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ð Read ☆ Tempus Unbound by Janet E. Morris ☆ Seeking His Adoptive Sister The Fiery, Wizard Slaying Cime Tempus Is Recruited By A Man Of St Century Earth To Do Battle Against The Demonic Allegro And His Hordes The Battlefield Is St Century New York City The Prize Is No Less Than The Fate Of Humanity Itself Tempus, a sword swinging avatar of a storm god, is transported into a battle against time traveling demons in modern New York City Not as cheesy as it sounds Tempus is a character from the Thieve s World series, so he does have a fleshed out persona Near the beginning there is a bit of iron chariots boom sticks technology clash but the character is smart enough so it is quickly transport weapon same old same old Theinteresting clash is between values as Tempus modern allies are repulsed and attracted to his moral code.
New York, New York, Tempus cuts right through the very heart of itTempus the Black Lord of Time, Commander of the Sacred Band, Avatar of Enlil the storm god enters Lemuria on New Year s Eve, not quite sure why his deity has seen fit to place him there.
Once inside, he becomes a guest of Chiara the Evening Star and is invited to a sumptuous feast where he is greeted by a number of other visitors who, as it transpires, are from different epochs of earth s history Mingled in amongst them is none other than A kelon of Meridian, Lord of Dreams and entelechy of the Seventh Sphere onetime husband of Tempus sister, Cime.
While the majority of the group believes they are there to determine the fate of billions in the present and future by undoing mistakes manipulating events in the past, Tempus suspects events are being staged, for Cime had disappeared from the land of dreams, along with her

This particular Tempus Sacred Band book is a little different for a start, it s all from Tempus point of view, and we have only Tempus himself, Cime and Askelon from the former books Don t let this put you off, there s a host of worthies not least Mano the mercenary from the future and bad guys to rival anyone in Sanctuary.
Called to Lemuria, a strange citadel between the worlds, and times it s a chance to right wrongs if only you can work out WHICH wrongs Tempus is lonely, alone save for his petulant and truculent god Who is who, and who needs whom That s one of the questions asked as Tempus fights an old enemy in a new and unfamiliar world The future is dark, and war will out Strife is all and king of all And so it was in his own time, and in this possible future We see our hero struggle with technology he can barely imagine and his friends see power and courage they can barely compre Tempus Unbound is part of the fantasy series about the Sacred Band of Stepsons, an elite army modeled on the fourth century B.
E Sacred Band of Thebes This story centers on Tempus the Black, and the role he plays as Avatar of Enlil, the Storm God It was interesting to see the vulnerable side of Tempus, this supreme commander and war hero, as he went about Enlil s bidding, until, they had brought all things into balance, within and without, and good and evil could be viewed as ebb tides and storm tides.
When it was all told, Tempus is pleased to find himself finally free to go and come as he pleases, and it pleases him greatly if he could find his Sacred Band, and bring them to a better place than anyplace but heaven These things he could now do because the world was his oyster, as he and Enlil, Lord Storm, god of war, and a part of himself had come to a truce.

Janet E. Morris

ð Read ☆ Tempus Unbound by Janet E. Morris ☆ pamyatnik.pro Janet Ellen Morris born May 25, 1946 is a United States author She began writing in 1976 and has since published than 20 novels, many co authored with David Drake or her husband Chris Morris She has contributed short fiction to the shared universe fantasy series Thieves World, and edited the Bangsian fantasy series Heroes in Hell Most of her work has been in the fantasy and science ficti