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[ Read Online Geek Magnet ↠´ architecture PDF ] by Kieran Scott ß Mean Girls Meets High School Musical From The Author Of I Was A Non Blonde Cheerleader Everyone Loves KJ Miller, Especially The Geeks She S Pretty, Smart, And Super Nice To Everyone, Which Has Made Her The Geek Pied Piper Of Washington High If Only Cameron, The Star Of The Basketball Team, Would Follow Her Around And Worship Her The Way Her Dorky Entourage Does As The Stage Manager Of The Spring Musical, Grease, KJ Has To Deal With A Few Geeks, But She Also Gets To Hang Out With Tama, Queen Of The Popular Crowd And Star Of The Play Tama Has The Solution To All Of KJ S Problems Get Cruel After All, The Nice Girl Never Gets The Guy Can KJ Actually Pull Off A Transformation Into A Mean Girl Scott, Kieran 2008 Geek Magnet.
Okay, so I was dizzy with power Can you blame me It was the first day of rehearsals for the spring musical, Grease, at Washington High and I, KJ Miller, was the stage manager The woman in charge The first junior ever to be granted this most prestigious position.
KJ Miller How to describe KJ Well, there s the obvious She s a Geek Magnet She draws some geeky undesirables close to her Fred Glenn Andy Perhaps because of all the buzzing geeks near her, KJ is not quite as popular as she d like to be She s not in the outer rings of the social strata, but she s far from being in with the in crowd of beautiful people With great power comes great responsibility KJ now has some power at least when it comes to the drama folks And this new found power has brought someone new to KJ s life Tama, Tama Gold An I almost abandoned this book in the first couple chapters they re short, so that s not as long a statement as it might have been I m so glad that I didn t.
The introduction to KJ is than a little bit rocky We start with her becoming stage manager for the year s production of Grease at her High School More importantly, we see her gaggle of geeks that are involved with the production of the play in different capacities They re all various kinds of doggedly anxious to please her, and one is outright creepy This whole introduction, KJ is frustratingly nice which would be okay if it were actually kind, but it isn t She s that kind of nice that is a doormat with no other goal than to avoid even a hint of conflict This is very uncomfortable.
She s frustrating, is what I m saying And the geeks are varying shades o Geek Magnet was kind of funny, but I didn t really enjoy it too much If anything, it was just predictable and boring.
I had high hopes for this book Sad to say I was disappointed Geek Magnet suffers two major flaws 1 It s way too long which is saying something, considering I could only bring myself to read the first third of it 2 The author is obsessed with a certain part of the female anatomy This, I am sure, is absolutely hilarious to a great many teenagers For the rest of us, it gets really old really fast With a lot of mediocre books, I feel compelled to slog through to the end just to find out what happens No such compulsion here.
So Freaking Cute.
Honestly, this book was all kinds of predictable, cliche, and over the top cheesy It was the epitome of a feel good chick flick, middle grade coming to age kind of book But it was also so cute and sweet and made my insides swell with nostalgia and fluffy sweetness But unlike the quickly dissipating sweetness of cotton candy melting in your mouth at first with its sugary goodness, then disappearing into nothing, leaving you with a sinking emptiness and ultimately hunger this book left a perfectly pleasant impression at the end of it all I was than satisfied If I d read this when I was younger junior high or even high school, I probably would ve appreciated it Though I don t think my group of friends were considered nerds or geeks I had an inc This was basically a waste of my time Oh and to any and all teenagers who decide to read this book If someone makes you feel uncomfortable about your body, yes you do have every right to tell them off Tell them to stop, don t be nice about it, and tell an adult Please please don t be like this author and give a girl the impression that she has to apologize to a boy because she was mean for telling him to back off when he kept trying to touch her and make her feel uncomfortable Seriously That s what happened.
Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott, is a book about a girl who is followed by geeks all her life, and she just wants to get away from it all In the story, a girl, KJ Miller, has been followed by geeks her whole life When she meets drama star, Tama Gold, her life changes and she becomes a completely new person But what KJ doesn t know, is that Tama only befriended her to get the lead role in there school musical, GREASE Tama and KJ start to spend a lot of time together Her friends, Robbie and Stephanie, try to talk her out of going to party s with her, and being a jerk to all the geeks One night when her father gets in a car crash, KJ realizes that Robbie and Stephanie where right about Tama, she realizes that her true friends are the one s that stuck by her through everything On the night of the performance of GREASE Ta Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToo.
comgirl loved by geeks How can you not love a character that is loved by people who secretly drive her insane KJ Miller is a nice girl She s nice to everyone She doesn t have a mean bone in her body Until she meets Tama Gold And becomes friends with her The popular girl The girl who teaches her how to stand up for herself Or, basically, or less, teaches her how to be mean KJ finally gets the chance to go out with her wildly popular crush and realizes something But what exactly Is Tama really her friend And is her crush really her crush Geek Magnet is definitely the 2008 summer must read I adored KJ right from the first page There are serious issues in this book What I found appealing in the title of the book was Geek Magnet At first, this title caught my eye because the first thought that came to my mind was that the story would be about a girl who had trouble dealing with boys who liked her at school However, in the story, it talks about a girl named KJ Miller In the book, her motive is to ear the spot as the stage manager for the high school production of the play, Grease There are several other conflict that happens in the book, KJ s father is an alcoholism, she attracts nerds, and she has a crush on this popular jock named Cameron In the end, she has to deal with teenage problems such as if she really has feelings for Cameron or she just has a crush on him because everyone in the entire school knows who he is Also, I really liked the part about how KJ struggles with problems with self image I feel

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