Å Release (Iris Series, #1) µ Download by ¶ Rebecca Lynn

Å Release (Iris Series, #1) µ Download by ¶ Rebecca Lynn Release begins with Ryann, and Jeremy first seeing each other when Ryann has car trouble in the rain on her way an art show Her whole world is fixing to change by just glancing at Jeremy through a window.
Once she finally arrives at the art gallery she sees Jeremy again This time though the attraction is undeniable, and Jeremy is bound and determined to have her These two continue to dance around it because Ryann is scared, but Jeremy is very relentless and doesn t give up on her But other problems arise that try to keep them apart Jeremy and Ryann had a sweet passionate relationship It was a very nice romance, and it made the book enjoyable I really did like Release The writing was good, and I enjoyed all of the characters Most of the side characters I hope to see get their own story like Ryann s best friend for instance The only thing that I knew I was going to love this story who could resist an alpha all the way, but with a heart, and Ryann, she is smart beautiful and not winey at all knew what she wanted and went for it I will read the next book in the series because the writing was great, smooth, didn t bore me, kept me wantingand that s how it should be An Updated Version OfReleaseas Of MayCan Be Found OnRelease,the Standalone Debut Novel By Rebecca Lynn, Is BookOf The New Iris Series And The Perfect Blend Of Steamy Erotica And Sweet RomanceTwo And Half Years After The Death Of Her Husband, Twenty Seven Year Old Ryann Thornton Is Finally Ready To Embrace Life Again Goal Oriented, Driven, And Beautiful, She Has A New Career, A New Home, And If She Can Work Through Her Doubts And Insecurities, Possibly A New Love Jeremy McCallister Is Dominant, Gorgeous, And Talented He S A Notorious Ladies Man And One Of New York City S Most Eligible Bachelors When He Sees Ryann Thornton Standing In The Rain, He Has To Have Her, And When He Goes After Something, He Gets It However, He Ll Have To Work Hard To Convince Ryann They Re Compatible Both In And Out Of The Bedroom When Ryann Discovers Her New Career Poses A Conflict In Her Relationship With Jeremy, She Uses It As An Excuse To Run Scared Will Jeremy Be Able To Persuade Her To Take A Risk, Or Will Circumstances Beyond Their Control Stand In The Way Of Their Happiness Mature Readers Only I really liked this book I love when a romance story is merged with some mystery, suspense surprises this book had that all It also includes developing story lines for other characters background on various main characters that give you a richer story better visual of the characters, surroundings etc which gets you very excited on what s to come felt like I was watching a very engaging movie as I read this book I loved the twists, the way the various characters weaved together, that the main characters had to work through some issues before committing fully to the relationship the bit of crime suspense that was thrown in was a great twist.
There were a few typos throughout that need to be corrected but other than that I recommend this r 3.
5 Stars Cute story, easy read May even be tempted to try bk 2.
This was a steamy erotic and sensually hot read Jeremy blew me away with his erotic innuendos I hate books where the characters are into sexual liaisons after the first few pages This book had you sweating and stewing will they or won t they , Ryann is not a yes woman and stands up to Jeremy.
Shit is it so bad to not want to have finished the book.

When she lost her husband, she thought she had lost the love of her life Ryann Thornton could have lost herself being a young widow, but instead she fought through the pain and loneliness and made a new beginning for herself Now ready to leave her past behind and begin a new journey as an intern for art institute where she could possibly find a job as a teacher, leaving her life as a English teacher in the past Her journey is not quite as smooth as she thought when she meets Jeremy McAllister Jeremy is the most stunning man she has ever met and he makes his interest known in such a way that it scares Ryann Ryann has only been with one man, her late husband, and Jeremy is nothing like him Teetering between his being a ladies man and finding out he is tied to her new job, Ryann is quickly treading away from Jeremy Jeremy knows what he wants and it is Ryann, he plans to wi Fanning myself throughout this book This is one hot and steamy read The chemistry between Ryann and Jeremy was off the richter I would have liked the plot to have had a littleumph but overall a great read I m hoping the next book will be Michaels story, OMG, he was delish So I finished this book about two days ago and wasn t sure on how to rate and review it, so I gave myself some time to think on it Release is a debut novel by two authors Rebecca Lynn for a debut novel I give them 3 Iris s This book was a freebie.
The book starts off with the following although Shakespeare implies that Romeo has feelings for Rosaline, it s soon becomes obvious to the reader that Juliet surpasses Rosaline in his heart and becomes Romeo s one true love What is missing in the relationship with Rosaline, is seen a hundred times over in this relationship with Juliet, a relationship of passion and urgency Throughout the whole play, Shakespeare creates this sense of urgency around his protagonists so much, that the reader almost expects the tragic ending If only Romeo would ve waited, just a couple ofminutes longer But he couldn t H

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Å Release (Iris Series, #1) µ Download by ¶ Rebecca Lynn Rebecca Lynn is the pen name of two friends who have known each other since their college days Well read in the romance and erotica genres, they decided to put their heads together and enter the world of writing Rebecca and Lynn collaborate on plot and characterization, but it is Rebecca who focuses on penning the novels while Lynn works on production and marketing of their books.Rebecca holds d