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[Katie Lee O'Guinn] Ý Werewolf Revenge (Taming the Wolf, #3) [lovecraftian PDF] Read Online ☆ Ava Has Escaped From Paskell, But When She Meets Her New Little Brother Finn, Their Connection Is Unbreakable So When He S Taken By An Unknown Kidnapper, She Has A Choice Stay Safe, Or Go Home Being A Werewolf Has Some Advantages, But Nothing Can Protect Her Heart From Seeing Cyrus Again Will Revenge Destroy Her Family, Or Bring Her Back Full Circle I liked this one even better than 1 and 2 Talk about intense I am grateful that this isn t a movie Much easier to control my own pictures of the violence and the constant attacks than to have some other graphics in my head I am finally liking the main Hero It has taking all three books for me to approve of him being with Ava Ha The ending was definitely better than in book two I must admit I am scared to start the next one, but also have to find out what happens.
This one was great It picks up about a year and a half after the last book ends, which was nice The last book had a lot of drama and Ava really went through the ringer I was glad she was able to escape and take the time to really heal She is in hiding in Ireland and finally happy again She s at a good place and ready to reconnect with her dad and meet her new little brother Nothing is ever easy when it comes to the town of Paskell and soon Ava finds herself hurrying back to the one place she doesn t want to go.
I love lost love stories, they are one of my favorite plots so I loved seeing Ava and Cyrus reunited While I thought Cyrus made a poor decision in the last book, I could understand why he did it He had really been through a lot and I think he was just pushed over the edge It was nice to see how much he suffered having Ava out of his life for almost two years 4.
5 starsBook 3, Werewolf Revenge starts us out months later with Ava still trying to heal and find herself again after her devastating loss She is trying to loose herself in a new lifebut finds that she is just discovering herself all over again After a terrible tragedy once again hits her family and hometown, Ava is forced to go to the last place she swore she d ever be.
and has to see the last person she ever wanted to see again.
This is once again a book full of twists, turns, terrifying creatures, and adventure I am loving this series and I m completely addicted I m also much happier at the end of this one then I was at the end of book 2 I am a bit nervous for what s to come though.
Contains violence and scary themes.
Clean romance I love this series It is an adrenaline rush The story is full of twists and new ways to look at the wolf lifestyle The chemistry good and clean I enjoyed this one than the second one It is a fast paced series with loads of scary excitement and romantic twists I love the characters and can t wait to see where things go from here Such a great author I will read anything she writes.
I kinda skipped the second book thinking that this was the final book but I guess there s another one after this and I like how this one ended, it leaves the reader with a few certain thoughts You can tell Cyrus still has it for his girl and you can tell that as hard as she tries Ava is trying to move on even if she might be faking it for her own sanity we re just dating right now Cyrus Most relationships, normal relationships take time to mature I m happy with the way things are right now and so is Rory And that s all that matters And Cyrus, not to be rude, but it s really none of your business Cyrus is on a damn mission and let me tell you what that boy is going for the damn gold, I know you didn t But touching you again, kissing you again has been the best thing that s happened to me in two years He s possessive I think so in this book the This was beating a dead horse for me Can t these two just get married already I have no interest in reading the next one because guess what They are still being thwarted in marrying The writing is fine and even funny in parts but I really am not into the macho female roles Just too many frustrations for me to enjoy, yet I am sure this is my problem and not most peoples.
Can we please get a new cover for these books Ga Anyway Loved this story but I did feel like Ava was weaker then she was in the last one But I liked how it ended Love and ForgivenessAnother beautiful addition I m not liking Cyrus too much but still love Ava Such a great story with honor, family, love and forgiveness Now let s see what s next

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