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[Judith E. Glaser] Æ Conversational Intelligence [central-african-republic PDF] Read Online µ This is a good book for the business shelf, and can help in other areas of life, of course.
Glaser s guide to building up C IQ is relevant to all types of relationships The text is full of examples, and new approaches to unpacking conversational structures The book could be used for a C IQ audit for anyone in a leadership position For those working in education, the book is a great working model for dealing with the incessant changes in policy, curriculum, tech integration, staffing and.
The Key To Success In Life And Business Is To Become A Master At Conversational Intelligence It S Not About How Smart You Are, But How Open You Are To Learn New And Effective Powerful Conversational Rituals That Prime The Brain For Trust, Partnership, And Mutual Success Conversational Intelligence Translates The Wealth Of New Insights Coming Out Of Neuroscience From Across The Globe, And Brings The Science Down To Earth So People Can Understand And Apply It In Their Everyday Lives Author Judith Glaser Presents A Framework For Knowing What Kind Of Conversations Trigger The Lower, Primitive Brain And What Activates Higher Level Intelligences Such As Trust, Integrity, Empathy, And Good Judgment Conversational Intelligence Makes Complex Scientific Material Simple To Understand And Apply Through A Wealth Of Easy To Use Tools, Examples, Conversational Rituals, And Practices For All Levels Of An Organization Great read It changed my way of thinking when it comes to people in general I always wondered why with certain people I get into an endless cycle of talking I tell them what I think, they tell me what they think, but we never get anywhere We know what the other person says and we are explaining what we meant again because we don t think the other person has a clue This book helps move the infinite conversations over difficult subjects to an easier conversation reaching a place of resolution.
Core ideas are good and important The book could have been called inclusive leadership though I felt that really a lot of text passages were repetitive and this is mostly why I cannot give than 2 stars It bored me sometimes so so much although I definitely consider the main framework of 3 levels of conversations as helpful.
Interesting elements but not enough on the neuroscience, and fairly repetitive.
The book is repetitive and low value it should have been an article or a blog piece With suggestions such as welcoming people to the inner circle and trying to trust others , the title of the book should have been A guide to driving your career into the wall The author tries to sound scientific by connecting her writing to neuroscience, and while some points are valid, this book lacks depth, critical thinking and even proper referencing of previous studies.

This book gave practical ways to transform an organization s culture to one of trust, joy, and excellence It shows you how to use conversation to bring out people s best traits and how to co create rather than tell sell yell.
Meh The neuroscience underneath conversations may be an intriguing what but it is not a particularly compelling why Don t get me wrong, its important to understand how the amygdala is activated in difficult conversations and how that impacts an interaction but is that all we are as people Just a bag of chemicals with electric impulses firing and giving instructions Or are there things that influence our human experience beyond just the brain My view of reality is that we are than just body creatures We are body and spirit creatures So while the first bit of the book was intriguing it ultimately failed to deliver a transformative punch to my life potentially because of this deficient anthropology and narrow construct of reality.
Conversational Intelligence is a life changer I highly recommend the book for all leaders no matter where you are in your organization The book can help leaders become better leaders by learning about communication and bringing people with you to create a better a circle of trust through meaningful relationships The book should be part of every company s culture to help leaders elevate their conversations with the people they lead The book has great ideas that can help people move from I Centric culture to WE Centric culture Judith Glaser has dedicated her life to writing this book She writes it from her heart and life changing experiences of coaching corporate executives The book has shaped and opened a new journey with my leadership path to create a mastermind group focusing on building better relationships at w

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[Judith E. Glaser] Æ Conversational Intelligence [central-african-republic PDF] Read Online µ pamyatnik.pro Judith E Glaser is the CEO of Benchmark Communications and the chairman of The Creating WE Institute She consults with CEOs and their teams on elevating levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation Judith has served as an Adjunct Professor at Wharton and a visiting guest speaker at Harvard, Kellogg, Loyola, University of Chicago, NYU, IIT, University of Stellenbosch, Elisalat Academy, Tsi