Í Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 · Download by ☆ Nathaniel Philbrick

Í Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 · Download by ☆ Nathaniel Philbrick The age of Western exploration of the world was not just about exploration, but so about imperialism, as this book attests The so called US Exploring Expedition from 1838 1842 was not just about exploring and charting most of the Pacific Ocean, as well as part of Antarctica, but also about the murder of Fijians, a precursor to its subjugation of the Native American peoples in the 19th century, its invasion and colonization of the Philippines in the early 20th, and its debacles in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 21st.
Nathaniel Philbrick writes intrinsic insightful, depth of minutia factual, and psychologically framed to perfection non fiction It s incredible And for the time frames, numbers of key characters, epic in scope missions and goals Well, for the seas of the Earth especially those tales he s a 6 on a 5 star scale.
Never believing he could surpass his record of the Essex this Sea of Glory which finely details the 1838 1842 explorations of the U.
S Ex Ex equals or does just that.
This book was dense and the beginning was super slow I almost didn t stick with a slow read But I did And was it worth the time and attention Not only in the new material of historical value this has taught me, but also into a window of eyes for the Navy and U.
S government of that era No need to revise the onus or the blame or the perceptions of any of 100 s of characters In This New York Times Notable Book And Bestseller, The National Book Award Winning Author Of In The Heart Of The Sea Writes About One Of The World S Most Ambitious Voyages Of Discovery The US Exploring Expedition Of That Included Six Sailing Vessels And A Crew Of Hundreds Who Set Out To Map The Pacific Ocean I never heard of this expedition, which over four years charted large swaths of Antarctica, hundreds of Pacific Islands, the U.
S Pacific Northwest, and collected sufficient thousands of new ethnographic and biological specimens to initiate the founding of the Smithsonian Insitution I was glad to be enlightened and to be charmed again by Philbrick s skill in synthesizing so much historical fact into a narrative that reads like a novel The tale blends an epic of scientific discovery on the order of Captain Cook with a personal story of an overbearing leader on the order of Captain Bligh.
Lieutenant Charles Wilkes was placed in charge of the squadron of six sailing vessels and about 200 men due to his political connections, skills in navigation, and track record in founding the National Observatory His organizational competence unfortunately could not make up for hi This is an absolutely fascinating account of the first international voyage of discovery sponsored by the U.
, the U.
S Ex Ex the United States South Seas Exploring Expedition, in full , which became the last group of sailing ships not under steampower to circumnavigate the globe, in 1838 1842 They discovered Antarctica, and made an enormous number of highly accurate surveys of the South Pacific their maps of Tarawa were the only available in the U.
S when the invasion of that island was planned in 1945 The expedition s officers corps, all young midshipmen and lieutenants, would go on to produce seven admirals.
Unfortunately they were commanded by a man not suited to the job he was given, who had a nervous breakdown at the end of the first leg of the voyage, and turned into the reincarnation of Captain Bligh The fellow officers who had been his friends turned into his Nathaniel Philbrick gets a WriterWorking prize for the best epigram ever to frame a book for this quote from Shakespeare s Henry VIII I have ventured this many summers in a sea of glory but far beyond my depth Sea of Glory is the story of Charles Wilkes and the voyage of the great American Exploring Expedition of 1838 42 It was America s first great effort to stake a place in the annals of world science and exploration It gave this country a share in the discovery of Antarctica as a continent It led to the founding of the Smithsonian It should have been as famous and legendary as Lewis and Clark s trek over mountain and plain Yet, few of us have ever heard of it Why The determined and perseverant man who led the expedition and was responsible for achieving so many of its objectives was a vain, overbearing, insecure shipwreck of a human being Every slight perceived or actual Synopsis The US Exploring Expedition the Ex.
Ex as it is referred to throughout the book was at the time one of the most extensive projects undertaken by the United States However, it went largely uncelebrated at its conclusion for many reasons changes in politics in Washington DC the drive west by settlers for gold land changes in the purpose and scope of the Navy itself but largely because of one man, Charles Wilkes, the leader of the expedition.
Wilkes was somewhat arrogant, craved the limelight, and had a tempestuous temper Worst of all, he was totally insecure, especially around those who were highly competent He was not a natural seaman, and had no feel for the rhythms of sea voyages and when others competent than himself would point things out to hi

I really love and appreciate non fiction that brings history vividly to life Using plenty of original source material personal journals, ship s logs, government records etc , Nathaniel Philbrick s rigorously researched story of the United States Exploring Expedition a scientific surveying mission conducted from 1838 to 1842 puts the reader right on board with the crew.
Reading this book, you can t help but feel the excitement, suffering, astonishment and frustration of the men who embarked on this truly remarkable task The word epic gets thrown around a lot these days, but here it fits It s amazing and disappointing that this project does not rank right up there with the Lewis and Clark expedition in the public consciousness This is one of those extraordinary stories of human accompli When I was in college, I became very good friends with a German guy from Stuttgart named Tobias He was six foot eight, spoke perfect English, and had been a model We made for an odd sight on campus, since I am not six foot eight and am not a Euro model I did, however, speak passable English After graduation, and before Tobias set out on his life as a globe trotting international banker, I took him up to Minnesota to visit my folks Along the way, I kept seeing signs along the highway marking the trail of Lewis Clark s Corps of Discovery Like every European, Tobias was certain he knew everything about America So I decided to quiz him ME Hey, Tobias Do you know who Lewis Clark are TOBIAS Superman and his girlfriend.
I m pretty sure he was joking Everyone knows Lewis Cla I have read a few of Philbrick s books and have enjoyed all of them As a New Englander it is not surprising that his nautical histories are especially engaging Last Summer at a local book fair I ran across this book at a very attractive price and made the purchase It has been sitting on my TBR shelf for several months and I thought it was about time to open it I think this is the best Philbrick book that I have read Not only is it a good history it is a history with some suspense and reads like a good fiction The book opens at the beginning of the court martial of the leader of an American Naval expedition in the late 1830 s The story immediately leaves this court martial to trace the life of this accused leader, Charles Wilkes, that will ultimately lead to his present situation and the need to defend himself During the Ja

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Í Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 · Download by ☆ Nathaniel Philbrick Philbrick was Brown s first Intercollegiate All American sailor in 1978 that year he won the Sunfish North Americans in Barrington, RI today he and his wife Melissa sail their Beetle Cat Clio and their Tiffany Jane 34 Marie J in the waters surrounding Nantucket Island.After grad school, Philbrick worked for four years at Sailing World magazine was a freelancer for a number of years, during