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☆ Half Past Human Ý Download by · T.J. Bass This book could only have been written by a doctor I m also a doctor, and I laughed for ages at the Ass at Tabulum joke, and the Howell Jolly body However, even I thought it was pretty niche.
This weird, brutal little book is the first of only two published by the late T.
J Bass Clearly sparked by the overpopulation fears of the sixties, it posits what might happen to humanity if population wasn t controlled By turns disturbing, funny, and, ultimately, surprisingly poignant, Half Past Human is a very good, nearly forgotten work Glad to see Gollancz had the wisdom to republish it and its sequel, Godwhale, as part of its Masterworks series.
A Novel Of Dystopian Future In The Tradition Of SOYLENT GREEN And HG Wells THE TIME MACHINE, With An Introduction By Ken MacLeod This Is The Second Printing, With Cover Artists The Brothers HildebrandtTinker Was A Good Citizen Of The Hive A Model Worker But When He Was Allowed Sexual Activation He Found Mu Ren Who, Like Him, Harboured Forbidden Genes And So Began The CataclysmBut In A World Where Half Wild Humans Are Hunted For Sport And Food Can Anyone Overthrow The Hive Greater By Far Than Its Stunted, Pink Blooded Citizens, The Hive Is Than Prepared To Rise And Crush Anyone Who Challenges Its Supremacy When I was 17 years old I went into a bookshop and randomly picked up The Godwhale by the same author It impressed me a lot but also left me feeling slightly baffled and uneasy It was full of things I hadn t encountered in SF before, things that seem familiar and even normal now, such as miniature computers embedded in objects and items of clothing The writing was mainly crisp and sharp but sometimes peculiar The focus on biology was also something very new to me and rather startling I understood the environmental focus but the way this was blended with cybernetics, extrapolated biology, psychology and politics was like a slap in the face, a slap I turned out to be grateful for Shame that T.
J Bass only ever wrote two Heavens but that was heavy going Good points Bass imagination of the future of mankind, with so many people crammed in they ve had basic human emotions bred out The author competently considers the psychology of the hive and delivers the shocking consequences of over population in a very underplayed way The ending was satisfying and enables the reader to envision how the story continues once the last page has been read Bad points Even with a degree in psychobiology, I frequently found myself having to dictionary.
com words and phrases The story is so peppered with biological and physiological references that it becomes wearing after a while Although a few candidates raise their head above the parapet, there is no real protagonist and it s hard to find anyone to root for Plus, women in the novel are little than walking uteruses uterii and are notable by their absence I have no qualms abo Few science fiction readers of a certain age have not read this dystopian novel The peculiarly ecological vision of Bass found expression in only two books The Godwhale is the other , and echoed contemporary fictions of future societies Orwell s 1984, for example, and Huxley s Brave New World in its view of human society as doomed to dark collapse under a weight of population and totalitarian control.
In a far future Earth, our distant descendants have been altered genetically to allow them to live in ultra crowded hives The genes that code for aggression when people are pressed too closely together turn out to be linked to the gene for five toes, so the Nebish people are four toed and complacent They fill their dark underground warrens in their billions, despite another genetic shift and social s that limit reproduction They are also cannibals Unappro With some of the most interesting artificial intelligence I ve ever come across, and despite an overdose of medical terminology, this is a worthy addition to the SF Masterworks list My only gripe is that since all the animals are long extinct, cannibalism is seen as the only way of surviving, adding fuel to the misconception that a plant based diet is not sufficient for us to be healthy, happy, and strong.
An incredibly dark and twisted view of the future Something very different about this one I can t quite say what it was, but I can say that I loved it.
Edit This is one of my all time favorite science fiction novels The sequel is not as good as the original piece It s also very under appreciated I highly recommend it.

There s a specific sort of book that I don t care for I am fine with being offended, or shocked, or grossed out, or shown terrible extremes, or being led into places I didn t care to go I imagine as readers, most of you are the same way, or at least you will be if you stay on the path of reading in a long and consistent enough fashion.
But than anything, what I can t stand is a book that s boring.
Half Past Human is a boring book.
Let s not pretend it doesn t have plenty of crazy, fun, weird shit filling it up, though And it really does.
As someone who really loves a tight narrative, and who kind of avoids that kind of meandering slicing life until there s a progression of character narratives, I am naturally predisposed against novels like this There are several instances of small narratives, but most of them don t go anywhere particularly interesting and nor do they ha Written as typing practice by an interning doctor in the early 70s talk about aw shucks , but that s what he told me , this is a detailed view of life thousands of years from now in a world of 3 trillion soft, domesticated people living in underground hives, the outcasts they hunt for sport, the robots who serve them, and the events that topple the whole order Stands up well 35 years later I read it once a year or so.

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