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[ Pdf Where the Rainbow Fell Down ↠´ gender PDF ] by Lynette Robinson ↠´ Lynette Robinson has written a remarkable, powerful book Her memoir, Where the Rainbow Fell Down is so compelling that when nature called, I couldn t rush back quickly enough to resume reading it.
Robinson gives fascinating details of life in New Zealand as well as the details and facts of her own extremely difficult struggle to become, against all odds, a truly great human being aware and caring for others Mother of five children, marriage to two husbands one including rape and the other marriage to an ex priest is only the half of it I hope she will tell what has happened sincehers is a life I want to know about.
If you enjoy honest, from the heart, thought provoking, gut wrenching memoir s that stay with you and change you in some way, this is a must read.
Lynette invites you to come along on her journey from religious abuse, spousal abuse knowing in her soul there must be a better way It is her indomitable spirit that drives her to show herself and the world that we can survive and become whatever it is we dream of Lynette refuses to succumb to being a victim of circumstances and her courage and insight illuminates this memoir It is a story that every man and woman can relate to on some level Lynette s story transcends ethnic, geographical and socio economic boundaries Her story is a timeless classic to be embraced and shared by all Beautifully written and captivating right to the end.
There is so much to this honest and well written memoir Lynette Robinson is a courageous little girl who suffered great tragedy in her life, and had she not been so spirited, she would have ended up another sad statistic Coerced into a miserable marriage as a teenager, she acted on advice she was given by her G.
P and began educating herself This led to her meeting and falling in love with a Catholic priest Father Brian.
Brian s story is equally fascinating Easily coerced into the priesthood he never found himself even with God on his side That is until he found Lynette This book had me both sobbing, belly laughing with a variety of emotion in between It also gave me some deep insights and a lot of faith in the resilience of the human spirit This would make a great movie or TV drama I actually preferred it to Angela s Ashes because I related to the history that the author clev Where the Rainbow Fell Down is an honest, sometimes harrowing account of the author s life growing up in mid twentieth century New Zealand a setting which is strengthened by the references to well known historical events woven throughout the narrative.
Although the book is set in a time I never experienced myself, Lynette brings it alive in an entertaining, humorous manner even when the subject is far from a laughing matter.
I m not a huge fan of memoirs in general but I immediately found this one captivating and couldn t put it down in fact I ve just finished it for the second time.
Lynette s story is told without judgement or self pity, and it left me with the realisation that no matter how bleak life can seem at times, if we make the best of our situations and never give up hope, then we too can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Destiny is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved William Jennings BryanWhere the Rainbow Fell Down by Lynette Robinson chronicles the lives of two New Zealanders their fates are prescribed by circumstance, family and individuals, with expectations, agendas and demands external to the inner most needs of the author and her soul mate.
The path to their mutual destiny is bound inextricably with the choices made, and resolutions pursued, at times at conflict with the values and perceptions of others, each grows in the realization of what gives the true meaning in their lives, and shares the emotional journey with the reader in ways that leave echoes in the mind, long after the final sentence is readWhat makes it really compelling is tha

Lynette Robinson s memoir, Where the Rainbow Fell Down, is a thoroughly engaging read, especially the first half which brings into sharp relief the experience of childhood in 1950s New Zealand the silences, the things that weren t mentioned, and must not be mentioned.
Robinson came from a particularly dysfunctional family but in many ways it echoes the general societal outlook of that age and is therefore a valuable insight into the building blocks of today s culture She writes with the guileless voice of the child that she was throughout this section of the book and this lends great charm to the work, making it both accessible and immediate I simply couldn t put it down.
The latter half of the book takes us through a forced marriage and the inevitable lessons of early adulthood Again, children of the 50s will recognise m I loved this book as it represented not only Lyn s tale but the idiosynracies of the times It alerted me to the hypocricy of the church, the treatment of women before any significant womens movement was in place and the loneliness many victims of the above were forced to endure It is testament to Lyns character coupled with her ability to realise her predicament that make this book so compelling.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is very well written and I lost myself in Lynettes story She gave me a great insight into the Catholic church, both from a childs and an adults perspective It certainly made me think and I definitely recommend this book What does it take for a young girl, raised in constant fear of a Catholic God who was meaner than Father Christmas to shout, I hate god and love the devil, with the full awareness that saying these words might be my last act on this earth The answer becomes apparent early on in Lynette Robinson s memoir, Where the Rainbow Fell Down It takes a questioning mind, tenacity, and tremendous courage These dominant character traits become both her life raft, and the jagged boulders she crashes against in an ocean of authoritative oppression.
Lynette doesn t attempt to portray herself as fearless, yet she faces her fears unflinchingly and rises above the suffering brought on by a family embroiled in addiction, mental illness and both verbal and physical abuse She endures a painful childhood as an unwitting pawn in a horrible game of manipulation between her two mentall Raised In A Catholic Family With A Disturbed Mother, A Volatile Father And An Abusive Stepfather, Lynette Robinson Left Home At Feeling Unwanted And Unloved At She Is Coerced Into Marriage To An Older ManYears Of Marital Unhappiness Follow As She Simultaneously Begins A Career As A Marriage Counsellor She Then Finds Unexpected Love With The Local Catholic PriestHis Story Is Told Young And Naive He Is Easily Coerced Into The Priesthood However, His Love For Lynette Then Sets Him On A Collision Course With The Catholic ChurchSet Against A Harsh Backdrop Of Th Century New Zealand, This Book Shows How Lives Can Be Radically Directed By Others And How In Spite Of Tragedy And Losses, We Can Recreate Our Lives Through Making Our Own Choices

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