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↠´ Close Liaisons ↠´ Download by ï Anna Zaires In The Near Future, The Krinar Make The Rules An Ancient, Highly Advanced Race From Another Galaxy, They Are Beautiful, Powerful, And Immortal And Driven By Dark DesiresA Student At NYU, Mia Stalis Has Her Whole Life Planned Outuntil One Close Encounter Changes Everything Drawn Against Her Will To The Dangerous Alien Determined To Possess Her, Mia Finds Herself Thrust Into A World Of Explosive Passion And Deadly Intrigue And If She Is To Escape His Addictive Embrace, She Will Have To Make An Impossible Choicewhile The Fate Of Earth Hangs In The Balance Stupidest.
There isn t anything remotely charming or sexy about this book You have an ALIEN male protagonist who is controlling, emotionally abusive brutish You have a HUMAN female protagonist who s just flat out stupid Why are 90% of the female protagonists portrayed as helpless, innocent virgins This novel takes the notion of the defenseless female virgin WAY TOO FAR She can never adapt to her alien lover s enormous size, in one scene, she actually requires medical attention for a vaginal injury Erotic I think not It bears similarities to the very popular series Fifty Shades of Grey, except for the fact that this novel s characters are Fifty Shades More Unlikeable Oh yeah, onething IN THIS NOVEL, ALIENS THRIVE OFF OF DRINKING HUMAN BLOOD Twilight, much 1 5 stars This is a cute Alien Human love story i ve been around long enough to understand that when you find a good thing you hold on to it, you don t throw it away on a whim Aww i fell in love with him when he said it D Although this is another Alien hunk meets Earth girl romance, the events take place in Earth and particularly in New York No Deep Space here There is an Earth Invasion you seeKorum and Moira meet 5 years after the first time one of the Aliens introduced himself to US president Korum is ecstatic to meet her at the park, while Mia wants to run away and scream Basically this is how their story rolls Korum is pushy, territorial, bossy, cruel and a jerk sometimes, but Mia is his and she needs to understand this Mia is scared to death, virginal, defensive and a crybaby sometimes who has no clue what this hot alien wants from her Their passion will be over the top Mia will be pampered, looked after, fed properly Korum keeps cooking these tasty, healthy salads and sandwiches just for her and she will be HIS.
She has no other choice actually She will become his sex toy and DNF at 21%I have just bought this book for free onand only managed to read 21%After this blunt statement from the Hero, I felt sick to my stomachAll right, he said softly Have it your way Go to your little room, and tell your roommate all about it Have yourself a good cry about what a little slut you are, coming like that from a kiss right out in the hallway That was after she refused his advances and instead honoring her wishes he accused her of being a slut For what for refusing to have sex worth him For nearly being raped What a joke The premise of this book sounds so terrifying and this happens just after 21% so I can imagine what is going to happen after I am not taking part in this romantically justifying abuse This is not the way a decent guy would talk to a woman There is nothing decent about this guy Freebie Thank you Anna Zaires and Kindle Yaaaayyyy 3.
5 StarsA great surprise, a book I really enjoyed Everyone who knows me family,friends , knows I m a sucker for everything sci fi It all started years ago, when I stayed past my bedtime one night with my father to watch Star Trek and I ended up with a huge childhood crushthat I reluctantly admit I may not have get over with Go figure All of you, my GR buddies, know I m a sucker for a HOT romance and a hero that go after what he wants Anna Zaires managed to combine these two, and write a book that pushed all my buttons in a very good wayWhat is all the fuss about We are 5 years in the future In these years an alien race has made itself known to humanity.
They call themselves Krinar They didn t come to eradicate us and plunder our planet They are an ancient and dying race of nearly I loved the Twist Me series by Anna Zaires, so I thought I d check out some of her other works I am so glad that I did I ve found another series that has captured my interest in this first book of The Krinar Chronicles Usually, paranormal isn t my go to sub genre in romance However, every once in a while I find one that is compelling and unique Close Liasons was one of those rare finds.
In many ways, I wanted to hate the main characters Korum, the sexy alien invader, was high handed, manipulative and controlling On the other hand, Mia was wishy washy, naive and often portrayed as weak Usually, that would be enough to completely turn me off Yet in spite of, or maybe because of, all this, I could not get enough of these two Sometimes, it ju This was one of the first alien type stories I ve ever read and Anna has spoiled me for other paranormal books of this type Like No alien so far has ever been able to compare to Korum Lol.
I mean, the only books I ve read that were genre similar to this that were able to maybe stand beside this series was Evangeline Anderson s Brides of the Kindred book series Thank you, Anna, for introducing me to Mia and Korum They were my very first paranormal love Combination of Twilight 2000 year old bloodsucker with 50 Shades controlling rich dude and a submissive inane heroine lacking intelligence, backbone and basic logic Oh also she s a POOR ME whinger Heroine have you ever read the account of a woman suffering domestic abuse Well there you go.
Hero glaring irregularities.
1 I m not sure if the author has secret Gulf Arab sheikh fantasies but she s played them out here The heroes and all K men appear to be black haired, bronze skinned, tall and authoritarian Either that or she s got a fetish for the Taliban.
2 Typical characteristics of a silly Neanderthal Cave man possessive, believes in female ownership and inequality, and judicial killings but is meant to be 2k years old from a mature older race Than surely they d be enlightened progressives Using armed warfare would equate to being primitive In fact considering their small population K s a I love SF mixed with hot romance, alian invasion, alpha males, some darkness of the soul, tortured not literally hero heroine and all that stuff, so when I so this blurb I thought this would be a perfect book for me A dark and edgy romanceThere s NOTHING dark and edgy in this book Or, better, if you re 15 years old, maybe you ll find something edgy here wink Since I was expecting someting dark and edgy, I was also expecting an adult herione But Mia was young, young, young I should have read better the blurb So, she s young and she reacts like a very young girl should That s described very well Her reactions are what a really young and naive girl would do.
But that s why I don t like reading YA NA books I just get all annoyed with that kind

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