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[Ernesto Che Guevara] æ Diarios de motocicleta: notas de viaje por América Latina [noir PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û The Young Che Guevara S Lively And Highly Entertaining Travel Diary, Now A Popular Movie And A New York Times Bestseller This New, Expanded Edition Features Exclusive, Unpublished Photos Taken By The Year Old Ernesto On His Journey Across A Continent, And A Tender Preface By Aleida Guevara, Offering An Insightful Perspective On The Man And The IconFeatures Of This Edition Include A Preface By Che Guevara S Daughter AleidaIntroduction By Cintio Vintier, Well Known Latin American PoetPhotos Maps From The original JourneyPostcript Che S Personal Reflections On His Formative Years A Child Of My Environment Published In Association With The Che Guevara Studies Center, Havana Diarios de motocicleta The motorcycle diaries a journey around south America, 1995, Ernesto Che Guevara 1928 1967 The Motorcycle Diaries Spanish Diarios de motocicleta is a 2004 biopic about the journey and written memoir of the 23 year old Ernesto Guevara, who would several years later become internationally known as the iconic Marxist guerrilla commander and revolutionary Che Guevara 2005 1385 160 9647961332 1383 1386 20.
These Diary notes provide us with an ernest and fetching account of a young Che, a middle class kid, not yet embarked on the violent and heroic road that stretched past these early trails Not particularly educational or insightful, but yet strangely moving The carefree bikers turn into compassionate observers of humanity along the course of this journey, thus fulfilling the purpose of the journey, at least in retrospect The passion and the compassion shines through the entire text and a youthful hope enlivens it, and that is part of its lasting appeal As the following passage makes clear, how much of this book is observation and how much is later interpretation is hard to judge All we can be sure is that this is how Che saw the journey as he looked back on it In nine months of a man s life he can think a l Che Guevara was a doctor, a revolutionary, extremely hot, and the subject of the most t shirts worn by people who do not understand them ever.
Here s the young Che Guevara s chronicle of motorcycle crashes nine in one day, great job on his busted ass motorcycle over busted ass roads, until the thing entirely breaks, and then he becomes a revolutionary you know what I like is mapsYou could break Guevara s life into three phases Phase 2 is where he s a crucial player in the Cuban revolution with Fidel Castro Phase 3 is when he quits his cushy job in the new Cuban government to go back to the jungle and lead another revolution, this one in Bolivia, because this is the one guy in the world who, like, every time he says We should have a revolution, he immediately d I wanted to read this book so badly, mainly because I wanted to read about Che He is such a popular icon and you see so many people wearing t shirts with his image on them etc I knew very little about him and that was the main reason for picking up this book I would say I read from Wikipedia, than from the book I would open Wikipedia to read about the cities mentioned in the book I also read stuff about Fiedel Castro and few people mentioned in the book Apart from Che s personal life, this book was interesting to read in many aspects Machu Picchu, which is now one of the wonders of the world, has been explained very well by Che in the book He also speaks about Inca empire, its decline and Spanish invasion What really impressed me in the book were his thoughts about everything 1 Owner made a person carry This is not a story of incredible heroism, or merely the narrative of a cynic at least I do not mean it to be It is a glimpse of two lives that ran parallel for a time, with similar hopes and convergent dreamsAt times I mourn the inadequacy of the written word and how poor of an approximation it is of lived experiences And yet reading transports you to places and into minds you could never have known otherwise, in any other way As I closed this book with a sigh and put it aside, I felt strangely elated at having not only seen a little of that mysterious continent, which we call South America, but understood it, in its tragedy and promise My fascination with the continent partly stems from the fact that I, too, come from a place having a colonial past, and understand how important culture is, especially when it dies and you are left with only a few architectural ruins to 1952 7 7500.
Sometimes my job sees me heading off to the worst kind of places chemical works and sewage plants being two prime examples , however sometimes the gods just smile down and I find myself being sent somewhere really good Really good, like where Well, I ll tell you I ve been sent to work in a library for five days WHOO HOOOOOOOOO The local liberry to quote Richard Derus has been closed for a big refurbishment which partially involves whole scale demolition of parts of the building Want to demolish a historic building Whoyagonnacall The archaeologists, that s who So all these books are being given away, chucked out, pulped or sold on to make way for an e liberry Ye Gods And I found this in the recycle bin astonishing what I rarely pick up non fiction And whenever I do, it s usually a hit or miss, I either like it or hate it I have this idea that most of the non fiction I have read, especially memoirs, are books that didn t sit well with me However, I decided to give the genre another chance, and after reading this book, I am glad that I did.
So what is this book about This is the diary of the Argentine doctor and revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara, known by his nickname of Che, as he traveled around South America with his friend Alberto Granado, using a motorcycle The travel was done in 1951 52, leaving from Argentina, crossing the Andes to the other side in Chile, then heading up to Peru, Colombia and Venezuela Along the way, Che experienced several facets of life in South America that later on shaped his revolutionary outlook in life.
As I was reading this, I can I began dressing slowly, a task which wasn t very difficult because the difference between our night wear and day wear consisted, generally, of shoes Two buddies take a break from their medical studies to tour their home country of Argentina, then Chile, Peru, Columbia, and Venezuela What gives this fun, youthful adventure a different twist in addition to the fact their destination is a leper colony is that one of the buddies is Che Guevera, the guy who would go on to fight with Castro in the Cuban Revolution, and then to take up other fights in the Congo and then in Bolivia, where at age 39 he was captured and killed and then became an icon.
Most of the book is about how they found ways to get from one place to ano

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[Ernesto Che Guevara] æ Diarios de motocicleta: notas de viaje por América Latina [noir PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û pamyatnik.pro Fidel Castro, joined their movement, and travelled to Cuba with the intention of overthrowing the U.S backed Batista regime Guevara soon rose to prominence among the insurgents, was promoted to second in command, and played a pivotal role in the successful two year guerrilla campaign that topled the Cuban government.After serving in a number of key roles in the new government, Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to foment revolution abroad, first unsuccessfully in Congo Kinshasa and later in Bolivia, where he was captured by CIA assisted Bolivian forces and executed.Guevara remains both a revered and reviled historical figure, polarized in the collective imagination in a multitude of biographies, memoirs, essays, documentaries, songs, and films Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, while an Alberto Korda photograph of him entitled Guerrillero Heroico, was declared the most famous photograph in the world by the Maryland Institute of Art.