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↠´ Read ↠´ Unbeautifully Loved (Breathe Again, #1) by Emma Grayson ✓ Lexie Todd Has Held On To Three Simple Words To Make It Through Life S Challenges Life Goes OnThese Words Comforted Her Though Circumstances That Weren T Always Easy, But Importantly, It Offered Her The Promise Of Something SomedayLexie Knows What She Needs To Do After Dealing With Years Of Abuse At The Hands Of Her Son S Father Enlisting The Help Of Her Best Friend, They Go On The Run To Escape The Man Who Threatens To Destroy Her LifeThey Finally Find The Perfect Home In A Safe Town After Months Of Transience They Decide To Stay A While Suspicious And Guarded, Always Looking Over Her Shoulder, The Last Thing Lexie Wants Is To Become Involved With Someone NewDetective Lukas Gunn Is Lexie S Bossy, Persistent, And Extremely Hot NeighborAfter An Incident Leaves Her Vulnerable, Lukas Discovers That She S Haunted By Her Past His Goal Is To Protect Her While Making Lexie His, But She Keeps Lukas At A DistanceWhen History Repeats Itself, Will Lexie Be Able To Trust Those Around Her To Keep Her Safe Will Lukas Save Her From Her Past In Time Or Will The Only Love She Ever Knows Be Unbeautiful Warning This Book Contains The Following And Is Recommended For Ages And Up Sexual Content Abusive Subject Matter Attempted Rape Language 3.
5 Stars I enjoyed this book, Lexie s past broke my heart The characters were very well written and I felt a connection with everyone except Lukas, I would ve loved to get inside his head, he seemed like such an intense and open person He never hid his feelings from Lexie, she new he wanted her from the get go even if she didn t want to see it Lexie came off as a very independent and strong woman, which made sense if you look at her difficult past She frustrated me though when Lukas would tell her to do something because he was trying to protect her and she would immediately refuse only because she didn t like being told what to do I mean dammit Lexie he s trying to protect you he s not Dex Finn was too precious And Mollie is the most awesome friend a person could ask for All in all great story, very well developed characters, with some intense l Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole s Sizzling Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook Twitter SizzlingpagesOkay so where have I been this whole time this book has been out Oh my gosh, we at Sizzling Pages are like Alpha HOUND DOGS We have a nose for books with possessive don t touch what s mine Alphas Lukas Gunn so totally perfect This guys from the first encounter just took my heart He s strong, sexy, bossy and arrogant But most of all this guy is PROTECTIVE and he also LOYAL in the most amazing ways Lukas and Lex were a couple that I will not forgot anytime soon While she was afraid to give her heart again , Lukas wasn t afraid to take what was his There were some hot bam bam scenes in this loves story and let me tell you this author has a way with words But really what I have to have in my love stories is a couple We begin with Lexie, her son Finn and her best friend on the run from her extremely violent and drug addicted boyfriend Dex OK had to giggle a bit at Lex Dex They ve been running for months, moving from town to town but Mollie insists that they try and settle down and make a life for themselves and they arrive in Camden, determined to make a fresh start.
Despite always being in fear of Dex finding her, Lexie attempts to make a fresh start and gets a job in a local bar Fishers She once again finds herself at the mercy of a violent man only to be rescued by Lukas Gunn, her extremely hot neighbour who also happens to be a detective He s been admiring Lexie from afar ever since she came to town but, now he sees she is in danger, he s no longer going to keep his distance and gets up close and personal and very, VERY protective.
I did really enjoy This dress and those shoes are for me, no one else Peaches This is what you do to me He pushed into me again, So, only for me His voice was rough, like he was having a difficult time holding himself back.
Lukas is a one panty dropping hunky alpha male He s demanding, bossy, gorgeous, caveman, sexy and super alpha The way he growled sigh this man I would do anything and I mean anything just to have him I m into possessive heroes and I gotta say, Lukas is in my list Mollie Lexie s best friend is a type of friend that you would want in your life This girl moved from city to city to help and support Lexie She has this sassy thing in her that I so adore She s just awesome Honestly, all the characters are well written and very likeable, well except maybe Lexie 4 Lukas Loving Stars Sothis was a storyline that I have read before But I will say, this one was done pretty well With that being said, I did find a few things to be odd and not really make sense but they didn t really take away from the story too much.
We have Lexie, our heroine, who is on the run with her almost 5 year old son Finn and her best friend Mollie from her abusive ex boyfriend Dex For the last 8 months they have been moving from town to town to keep him from finding them.
Their latest stop being Camden, where Mollie has found them a nice house Mollie has a good feeling about Camden Things are going to be different here better for Lexie, Mollie and Finn Lexie gets a job at a local bar.
within the first week she is attacked while leaving work and almost raped She is saved by our hero, Lukas Lukas reminded me of a Kristen Ashley type hero He was alpha and 2.
5 stars It kind went like thisSad past Yawn Lots of hot guys Who s the hero supposed to be again Victimized again This chick has some serious bad luck Hot motorcycle riding hero Oh, and loins are all aquiver Insta love that never ever gets deeper Lots and lots of poor decision makings by our never learns from past mistakes heroine Should I be concerned about a stalker Hot sex this earns two stars One interesting twist in an otherwise predicable mystery And, a oh my god, she really didn t learn anything ending view spoiler another unplanned pregnancy Really hide spoiler This book was a waste of time and a huge disappointment for me.
Neither the writing nor the characters appealed to me It was boring, annoying, predictable and soulless I couldn t get into the story and I couldn t relate to the characters at all I didn t feel a thing about the said chemistry between the characters People kept saying how powerful the chemistry is between the characters but I never felt it You can t make me feel it just with the comments of the people around Really Was I supposed to say, Oh, all their friends feel the chemistry, so let me believe in it and feel it myself, as well Come on, that chemistry thing was like a joke to me.
The book really got on my nerves so proceed at your own risk because it will all be a rant First of all, we have a dumb heroine who is TSTL and her best friend is no wiser than her, despite her good intent Where do I begin We meet Lexi, who is on the run with her son and best friend Mollie, trying to escape an abusive ex After months of being on the run they find the perfect town to settle in Here she meets Lukas,who happens to be in the right place at the right time when she needs him Sounds like a good book, right I thought so, too The book had so much potential but just fell short It was like watching a Lifetime movie gone completely wrong The biggest thing I disliked was the heroine herself Lexi annoyed the hell out of me You know when you watch a movie and there s always that dumb character who goes outside knowing there s a killer nearby and you just want to yell, STAY INSIDE, IDIOT Or the opposite, don t go inside or what about when everyone know 4.
5 Stars This dress and those shoes are for me, no one else Peaches This is what you do to me He pushed into me again, So, only for me Lukas is one hot, demanding, take charge, persistent, gorgeous, caveman, panty melting alpha I LOVED him He was sweet and never gave up in his quest to not only have Lexi but her body, mind, soul and most of all, her heart He wanted it all from her and he was determined not to stop until he had it all Their chemistry was sizzling Wanna kiss you Lexie, he paused his eyes roaming over my face, but the look I m seeing on your face and with the night you ve just had, I won t, I ll wait Cause when I kiss you, I want you to be thinking of nothing other than what I m doing to you and when I m done, it will be all you can think of Lexi did not make things easy on Lukas at all She was on the run from her past and had every reason to give up on men and lo

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