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Ú Steelheart Î Download by Ú Brandon Sanderson What if Superman was evil In fact, what if all superpowered beings were evil and that s the premise of this book.
So If for unknown reasons there were suddenly people granted superpowers, and for unknown reasons they all turned into bad guys, and they all for unknown reasons had secret strange weaknesses that made no sense then who would fight them Enter the Reckoners A bunch of humans who ferret out the weakness and then kill the Epic Epic is what these powered people are referred to as, btw.
Basically, these Reckoners are just the Great Value version of Batman.
Alright, so society has been destroyed by the Epics, and there s no point and in most cases, no way for the puny humans to fight back David lives in this city used to be Chicago that s run by one of the most powerful Epics out there, Steelheart, and he dreams o This is the first of Brendon Sanderson s books I have read I really enjoyed it From what I read on the synopsis of this and his other books his style tends to be post apocalyptic world This one looks like a Superman gone bad theme This interested me to read this from a fantasy writer s point of view rather than a comic writes point of view The way Steelheart is described to look exactly like Superman does in the comics and cartoons, except with a black cloke instead of the Red one.
An event called the Calamity happened, casing normal people to gain super powers These people are called Epics As with the old adage of power corrupting The Epics quickly establish themselves above normal people Thepowerful the Epic s ability the higher they are in the Well that was disappointing.
I ve heard such great things about all of Brandon Sanderson s books and he s an author I ve been meaning to read for what seems like forever So I decided to pick up his recent young adult work instead of committing to a series with several releases already well, all I can say is that I hope this isn t representative of all his books because Steelheart really disappointed me In my opinion, there is nothing you can get from this book that you can t get from better books about superheroes and supervillains like Vicious and Gone Unless, of course, you are specifically looking for cliched characters, predictable twists and tiresome descriptions of weaponry It was just very meh San This book is so good I cried in this book because of something sad and then it wasn t sad because of reasons but I m not sure because ofI cried because of the REVELATIONS, REVELATIONS, REVELATIONS They were so freaking awesome that I can t evennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I ve seen Steelheart bleed.
And I will see him bleed again Yes, we all know that line Those that have read the book This is what David thinks when 10 years ago his father was killed by Steelheart Now David is 18 and he s looking to join The Reckoners I loved everyone one of those Reckoners too They are just ordinary people that won t stand for how the Epics have taken over the world They are evil beings that have damn near destroyed everything and the Reckoners are here to take them out A lot of the world has been totally destroyed by some Epics but Steelhe I ve seen Steelheart bleed.
I always love when a book begins with a solid first sentence And this novel was a good example of that PUSHED TO THE NEXT STEP OF EVOLUTION This is my first book by Brandon Sanderson and now I realize why he is so popular and well rated by a lot of readers and reviewers Certainly he has a great style and entertaining style that you aren t never bored of what is happening I am aware that this novel is from a genre kinda new to him since this is a super hero book while he has been writingin the genres of epic fantasy However, I wanted to try this author on this particular novel since I am huge fan of super heroes and since this was a prose novel in that genre, well, I supposed that it was a good way to know if I d like this author Well, the test

Actual Rating 4.
5 StarsSo I m going to start out by saying the only reason I docked half a star is because I felt the pacing of this story was a little uneven It was not detrimental, but the most interesting portion of the plot unfolded quickly right at the end of the book it was just a little off balance from the rest of the story.
Otherwise, this is one hell of a book After the world is visited by Calamity, average humans are randomly gifted supernatural powers These humans are called Epics, and they are not the heroes everyone hoped they would be.
Following a tragic incident, the last ten years of David s life has revolved around researching the strengths weaknesses of these extraordinary people When he discovers an opportunity to join an anti Epic rebel group, David sees his chance for revenge is clo Kindle deal for a limited time for 1.
99 01Nov18 at 3rd read with by favorite buddy reading group Buddies books BaublesWhy should you read this series in a nut shell David is the most Adorkable yes it is a real word character I ve ever read There are EVIL superheroes EVIL SUPERHEROES Lots of different kinds of action happening Motorcycle chases, car crashes, one on on fightingetc A really good twist actually about 3 but they were all awesome and I only semi guessed a smidgen of one of them BAD METAPHORS.
look they are so bad they are good Like great or at least super funny.
2nd read Buddy read Reread TODAY Dec 8 2014 with my fellow Sandersonitus Sufferers Athena Shardbearer , Armina, Gavin, Kat Stark, Evengy, Desinka, Alexa, Shandra, Annette, Nicholas, Carole, Ashley, Eon, Kristen, Danae and we also hijacked oOSarahOo Last Minute.
On the Reckoners Group read Thread Ori This book insanity This will prove my living under a rock, but I had not heard of this author before I went to Book Expo and got told all about his awesome status, and let me tell you, the praise is not unwarranted Steelheart does not hold back it s an edge of your seat read with an intensity that requires you to put the book down regularly just so you can take a breather There are book beginnings then there are Sanderson beginnings the prologue is all it took to make me fall in love with this book Already, my heart was pounding, I was left gasping, and my knuckles were white from clutching the book Sanderson s writing brought me thoroughly and completely in David s world a very dark, merciless world and in it I stayed until the last page was turned My advice to you buckle up, because it s a wild, turbulent ride In David s world, the Epics humans with extraordinary powers have Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.
5 starsI m probably going to make Sandersonite heads everywhere explode when I say this, but Steelheart might be my new favorite Sanderson book does NOT duck does NOT run Is it the most beautifully complicated of his works No.
Is it the plot twistiest Nope.
Is it the most direct and concise, sans anything that could be construed as meandering YAS.
I love Sanderson Unabashedly But as someone who s spent a cumulative ten years with my husband, I can state with authority that love does not mean blind to flaws sorrynotsorryAnd this was just FUN Which was exactly what I needed after my last several books I m looking at you, Morning Star.
Meet David David is an orphan who s father was killed in front of him by an Epic humans who began to manifest superhero like powers after Calamity appeared in the sky no, we don t know what C Ten Years Ago, Calamity Came It Was A Burst In The Sky That Gave Ordinary Men And Women Extraordinary Powers The Awed Public Started Calling Them Epics But Epics Are No Friend Of Man With Incredible Gifts Came The Desire To Rule And To Rule Man You Must Crush His WillNobody Fights The Epicsnobody But The Reckoners A Shadowy Group Of Ordinary Humans, They Spend Their Lives Studying Epics, Finding Their Weaknesses, And Then Assassinating ThemAnd David Wants In He Wants Steelheart The Epic Who Is Said To Be Invincible The Epic Who Killed David S Father For Years, Like The Reckoners, David S Been Studying, And Planning And He Has Something They Need Not An Object, But An ExperienceHe S Seen Steelheart Bleed And He Wants Revenge

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Ú Steelheart Î Download by Ú Brandon Sanderson The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and