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Trailer î Two-Way Street PDF by ✓ Lauren Barnholdt When people start liking people, that s when someone has the ability to get hurt I didn t hate it but I didn t love it either view spoiler Two Way Street is about Jordan and Courtney It s a cute little are they or aren t they together romance novel Their relationship starts off while they are in high school but it doesn t last long at all Then things get really awkward because they had this plan to drive together to Boston University because that s where they are both going for college Anyways it kind of becomes predictable other than Courtney finding out the real reason why Jordan broke up with her and they end up happily dating each other in the end.
You know what my one problem with this whole story was It took 3 days for them to magically fall back in love 3 days for Jordan to admit that he was in love with her in This book is just awesome I don t know why exactly but there is something so cute and angsty about Jordan and Courtney s story I couldn t stop grinning, laughing and had to finish this in one sitting.
I loved the way the story was told, both from Jordan and Courtney point of view, we get the whole situation and what exactly the dilemma is here, and I totally feel for Jordan, cause that was quite the dilemma To be honest, it didn t have to be that big of a deal, but I guess looking at it from that age, it would have been, so I found it to be very realistic.
I thought all the jealousy bits were super cute and the love story is very touching and sweet Lots of crude language from Jordan which I found hilarious, but I think what I liked the most was this was a believable romance with likable characters, with a great story to tell.
I m pleased to say that I am now This may be the first road trip anti romance novel I have read and although the entire thing was very juvenile, I enjoyed it Jordan and Courtney, fresh high school graduates have just recently broken up but their road trip to Boston University can no longer be cancelled You could just imagine the disaster to happen when you have to spend so many hours alone in a car with your ex I ll never be able to handle it Lol.
Although I wasn t the biggest fan of the writing, I thought the entire thing was funny, entertaining and silly, sometimes sweet The narrations alternating POVs of Jordan and Courtney and dialogues are engaging, the main characters seem real and the confidantes are hilarious Recommended if you re looking for a fun, light read P.
S Happy birthday to one of my dearest, most awesome GR friends, Alafiy What this book was filled with Annoying narrators Annoying best friends Annoying style of writing Annoying cliches Annoying parents Annoying stereotypes 2.
5 stars Maybe it s the onset of summer, or maybe it s just my perpetually itchy feet, but I find myself drawn to road trip books recently Having just finished and enjoyed Amy and Roger s Epic Detour, I went looking for another road romance read and came up with Two Way Street However, while there s certainly a road in it, I m not sure I d classify this as a roadtrip book I d probably classify it under books That Really Irritated Me And Yet I Couldn t Put Down Hmm It seems I don t have a shelf for that Perhaps I should make one The forced into a confined space with another person device has been used to various, though similar, effects in both fiction and film a truth serum confessional scenario, a set up for, er, resolving some unresolved sexual tension, or just giving a faltering relationship a final

I got exactly two pages into this before I decided to DNF it and that s about all you need to know.
Impulse buy from BookOutlet, and I didn t hate it, but I also didn t love it I was expecting a swoony second chance romance but that didn t really happen Also, the ending was nowhere near as resolved as I would have liked Full thoughts to come Review posted on The Eater of books blog Two Way Street by Lauren BarnholdtPublisher Simon PulsePublication Date June 26, 2007Rating 3 starsSource Purchased copySummary from Goodreads There are two sides to every breakup.
This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple But they clicked it worked They re even going to the same college, and driving cross country together for orientation.
Then Jordan dumps Courtney for a girl he met on the Internet.
It s too late to change plans, so the road trip is on Courtney s heartbroken, but figures she can tough it out for a few days La la l Because let s face it no matter how much you tell yourself you re over someone, your heart knows the truthWhen I first saw the synopsis of Two Way Street, I decided to read it right away as soon as I finished The Woman in Black A road trip with your exThat s sounds intriguing and fun to read I was giggling and excited when I saw this because I like love hate relationships, you know Anyway, I loved the book, and at first, I thought it will be a next favorite material for me But it wasn t, and that s why I gave this 3.
5 stars.
So the story starts when Courtney is headed off to college She ends up having to take the trip from Florida to a college in Boston with her ex boyfriend, Jordan They had a bad breakup he dumped her for a girl on Myspace and she is absolutely dreading it She is still in love with him, but tries to do everything in her power not to let him know that Proceed with the caution of spoilers, although I truly don t think you ll be missing anything with this book.
I m probably about to be taking what s supposed to be a light, entertaining read way too seriously Still melodrama suits the cover, the story, the characters and the writing of Two Way Street, and if the shoe fits This is the summary I imagine Barnholdt sent to publishers Keep in mind that I made this up all by my Little Self Courtney and Jordan were doing fine, fine, fine La la la, this is Courtney and Jordan doing fine They got along great, they never argued, they had perfect chemistry, were both going to the same college and were absolutely, positively head over heels with one another Cue dramatic music That is cue dramatic music until Jordan breaks up with Courtney for some random slut he met on MySpace Unfortunately, their p There Are Two Sides To Every BreakupThis Is Jordan And Courtney, Totally In Love Sure, They Were An Unlikely High School Couple But They Clicked It Worked They Re Even Going To The Same College, And Driving Cross Country Together For Orientation Then Jordan Dumps Courtney For A Girl He Met On The Internet It S Too Late To Change Plans, So The Road Trip Is On Courtney S Heartbroken, But Figures She Can Tough It Out For A Few Days La La La This Is Courtney Pretending Not To Care But In A Strange Twist, Jordan Cares A Lot Turns Out, He S Got A Secret Or Two That He S Not Telling Courtney And It Has Everything To Do With Why They Broke Up, Why They Can T Get Back Together, And How, In Spite Of It All, This Couple Is Destined For Each Other

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